Lost in the shadows….friendships gone

Isn’t it funny how as children we were so fascinated by shadows yet as adults we hardly pay them any attention?

It’s the same thing with friendships. We go through a season of life so close to someone and before we know it that “friend” is no longer a part of our life.

–not because we argued, or squabbled, but because we merely grew apart.

They took on new interests and new friends and just like our fascination with shadows as children, our fascination with that friendship has disappeared.

Photo by Kenneth Justice – All Rights Reserved (2013)

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  1. You are right but I do try to hold on to my shadows and my friends!

    • Ever since I majored in Psychology during college I’ve always been fascinated with comparisons and correlations. I think my mind is geared to learn more effectively when I look for patterns and correlations in life.

  2. The idea never take anything or anyone for granted. Things change, people die.

  3. Yes thats true to some extent that our friends sometimes get lost before we are concerned about their importance in our life, but not entirely. There is a saying of a writer in our country, if human dies he/she gets extinct but if lives, he/she changes. So, may be for a time being it seem to us that our friendship is broken and there is nothing as remains in our relationship. But, trust me, if a person was your true friend and was hooked with your soul, then whatever happens or wherever you go the attraction and will remain the same. And even after 50 years of separation you will feel at home beneath the person’s warm embrace.
    May be this is not true for all relations but if it doesn’t work for any relaitonship then I think it is not a relationship at all.
    Because to me, a friend–
    is A person who will love you
    Will support you and stand by you in every situation
    Will share your joys and sorrows
    Will be with you forever, will keep you in mind no matter what happens

  4. It’s fun to play with our own shadows and even with our own children. Shadow story intrigues my son 😉

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