Are you really ready for where its going?

what now

by Kenneth Justice

~Things are changing fast and depending what part of the world you are living in you are seeing a culture creep up around you that looks less and less like the one you grew up in.

Yesterday YouTube announced the introduction of pay channels, apparently YouTube had been observing how much the public liked the new Facebook add-on’s which allow users to pay money in order to make their status updates more visible to friends (please note the sarcasm in my tone)

See if this surprises you;

10 years ago YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Huffington Post, and TMZ did not exist.

It was less than 10 years ago (2007 actually) when we in Western Societies began texting each other on our cellphones more often than we call each other.

This morning Huffington Post introduced its new Huff Post Japan, its first move into Asia.

These Internet sites have not only revolutionized the Net; they have changed the world around us.

1) YouTube has changed the way we share videos

2) Facebook has changed the way we connect

3) Twitter has shortened our sentences down to 140 characters

4) Huffington Post forced Newspapers around the globe to start giving away their articles for free on the Internet

5) TMZ changed every element of how we view celebrities and disseminate information.

So I have a simple question; Are you really ready for where its going?

The World is changing

The Culture is changing

Its not slowly changing….its literally changing overnight.

When we go to sleep tonight, on any given night, we often wake up to Headlines that in the past, would have caught us off guard.

But now we are used to it; terrorist attacks, bombings, Pinterest, YouTube pay channels, Economic Crisis in Greece….very little surprises us anymore…..

The world we are creating and the culture being created around us will soon look less and less like the one we knew as children.

While that may be good in some ways… can also be very bad.

I’ve been reading a book this past week titled, “The Twilight of American Culture

I’m not sure what I think of the book yet. I finished it, but I usually take a few weeks to ruminate over what I read before I come to a conclusion or an opinion.

However, consider for a moment the opening paragraph from the introduction,

“When a population becomes distracted by trivia, when cultural life is redefined as a perpetual round of entertainments, when a serious public conversation becomes a form of baby-talk, when, in short, a people become an audience and their public business a vaudeville act, then a nation finds itself at risk: culture-death is a clear possibility”

How’s that for intense???

I read the sentence, “…a people become an audience” and I couldn’t help but think the way we use Facebook & Twitter to tell our ‘audience’ what we had for dinner the night before or the type of shoes we are considering purchasing……

I will be honest…..

I’m not sure what all of this means….

I’m not sure where we are going….

I’m not even sure if I’m ready myself…..

I only know that I am definitely ready for another cup of coffee…


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  1. Korea is a microcosm of this crazy fast change. Korea 60 years ago was nearly a third-world country. It’s CRAZY!

  2. As you say, it’s both good and bad. The MSM focuses on the negatives of course. I was on YouTube last night, very rare for me, and the commercials they now have make me crazy. 1.5 minute long commercials in front of a video I want to see? Click off. The internet is becoming The Matrix of our world.

    • John,

      exactly, its always funny when I go to play a video on YouTube that is probably only 50 or so seconds in length but I have to watch a 60 second commercial!

  3. This post has created an internal wont for coffee. I know that I’m, unfortunately, part of the generation that is speeding everything up in regards to how much we depend on technology. As much as technology is fantastically awesome, I think the key is in using it in a more purposeful way.

  4. i can only hope that my editor is correct – that all that we’re experiencing with technology right now is about the growing pains and that eventually once we’re acclimated to it that new social norms, what’s acceptable behavior and what isn’t will be created or catch up with the technology. right now the technology is just going so fast we don’t know how to handle it. even laws haven’t been updated to deal even with internet predators or juveniles who are dumb enough to “sext,” which by definition makes themselves not only a victim but also the perpetrator… odd but true. privacy issues, etc., can’t fully be dealt with because the law hasn’t been updated to cope and that’s one thing i really feel needs to be addressed sooner than later because i feel that will help the rest of us figure out what’s okay and not okay. right now it’s a bit of a free for all.

    • Jen,

      If we could sit down with the editors of the New York Times and Washington Post 25 years ago and told them there would come a day where the average newspaper had to offer up their articles for free…I think they wouldn’t of believed us…..

      Even though the Drudge Report is the number one most visited news source on the Internet….I really believe its the Huffington Post that is changing the face of news journalism.

      Arianna Huffington was able to afford not making a profit in the beginning whereas The Times, the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal…they’ve had to earn money every quarter or they would have gone under….

      As more Websites like Huff Post become the dominant source of news for the average person I fear the old way of doing Newspapers might slowly come to an end…..I still can’t believe that its been more than 7 years since I last purchased a newspaper that I held in my hands…its so weird!!!

    • well small newspapers haven’t totally been impacted yet mostly because small town news can’t be found anywhere else and major corporations haven’t cared enough about small towns to find a way to monopolize that – it may happen yet but who knows how exactly that will happen; it is an ever-changing medium that’s for sure; this blog, my youtube channel that i haven’t totally utilized yet are all part of my scheme to get me more ready for that as i do need those skills

    • just so you know i nominated you for the versatile blogger award. in case you haven’t noticed i follow your blog fairly religiously now haha (puns mildly intended 😉 ) really like what you write about and how observant you are.

  5. Hi, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can find more about the award at the following site.

  6. This morning I woke up to seeing and hearing about missing women being found and a little girl who had never known any different experienced true freedom as her mom and fellow captives were freed from the clutches of evil men who had kidnapped and enslaved them for years….THAT caught me off guard and surprised me! Hope is out there waiting for us to take it in hand instead of our cellphones and tablets and laptops.
    You said it before, maybe we should notice the little things around us a bit better. Pehaps more can be done that way to slow the onset of cultrual death.

    • Hazel,

      wow that story is pretty remarkable….I was glued to NPR this morning listening to all of the information they had available……

      there is a part of me that would love to be in a room with that evil dude; give me a lead pipe and five minutes with that b*****d….he deserves it….what he did to those three young women is absolutely awful.

  7. Hey wait a minute, didn’t I just “like” this blog by sliding my finger across the screen of some new fangled thingy? :}

  8. “Public business a vaudeville act”, The House, the Senate and the Executive Branch are the Headliners!

  9. I can admit in the last year I’ve lost my self in the art of texting to the point whenever I had a guest over my house or anyone called me. I didn’t know how to speak to them face to face or over the phone……..Sad I Know

    • Anoonymous,

      Texting seems to often be replacing conversations and I wonder what impact that is going to have on Western Culture 20 years into the future.

    • my younger cousins have no idea what a dail tone is and they text while sitting next to each other. So I’m sure in 20 years people won’t even know how to speak and for the first time since man populated earth it’ll be in complete silence.

  10. Yes the decline of Civilization ! Been happening for quite some now , it just seemed to have speeded up ! Conclusion : the Idoitocarcy .. It’s a movie , and sadly an accurate prediction of the future ! Check it if you haven’t already ! Enjoyed reading your blog .. Get a freshed pressed button … I would have pushed it 🙂

  11. Wow, too heavy to read after just waking up. Now I really need coffee. Absolutely true though.

  12. So true, amazing though it all maybe. Somehow I think we talk more on wordpress than we do in human day to day life

  13. I need to get that book …

  14. Hard to keep up the changes 😦

  15. Now try Dallas Willard “The Divine Conspiracy”. Only vaguely similar but still…
    He did a video series “Listening to God” which was the best theological video series I have ever seen. Maybe not your cup of tea – er, coffee – but I am pretty cynical about “Christian” things and I was – some word that means my attention was captured and my thinking was changed, without being corny.
    I think another word for the changes we see around us is “unraveling”. I have been reading a lot in Isaiah recently and a repeated theme is “the earth will wear out like a garment” and “the moth will eat them up like wool”. I don’t know….

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    Culture shock…

  17. It’s moving fast and dragging us along with it…like being caught in a riptide…we cling to our electronic devices and hope for the best…a safe landing, perhaps…or, at the very least, a branch to hang onto. Unless we can build a dam out of twigs, faster than the blink of an eye, there’s no stopping the river and the survivors will have to live with whatever remains when and if, they get to shore.

  18. I very much agree with your stance on this subject. The public is so worried about which celebrity got dumped, which ball player got traded, which celebrity is having a baby, who’s in, who’s out, yada yada yada…. we have completely dismissed that everyday education in America is being swept under the rug!!!!! I’m passionate about math and science however, I didn’t want to invest in teaching because I felt the government won’t even invest in education. People are all up in arms about people taking their guns…. if you guys didn’t notice…. go try to buy ammo…. its not there. Do they ever stop and wonder do things really have to be this expensive? Is there maybe another reason gas, food, commodities are ridiculously over priced. NOPE, they want to obsess about Kim Kardashian’s figure. Really? All I have to say on the topic is I won’t be surprised when things get worse.

  19. You want to see mass destruction? Want to see the world come to its knees? Shut everything off.

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