Chill out already! Change is okay!



~by Kenneth Justice

Change, Change, Change…..

Some people love change,

A LOT of people HATE change

A new house, new job, new friends, new scenery, new clients…..

Every element of our lives is connected to change at some point and how we deal with change says a lot about who we are as people.

Alcoholics and other addicts are among those who struggle the most with change. Having worked in county jails, rehab clinics and other levels of human service I have seen firsthand the havoc addicts wreak upon their lives and the lives of those around them when they cannot handle change.

Addicts tend to lose control of their emotions when change begins to take place around them……because they have never had a firm grip on their emotions in the first place…….

Addicts who realize they are still struggling….are among the most successful at moving forward in life.

Addicts who believe they have recovered when they really haven’t……are among the least successful in moving forward in life.

I have had relatives and friends who haven’t had a drink in decades……yet still struggle with the very same things they struggled with when they were drinking two bottles of Jack every night……….

However, change can be difficult even for those of us who are not addicts

I’ve noticed a trend among bloggers; many men and women who begin blogging do so out of a desire to see change in their lives

–) some bloggers want to change their careers and become full time writers

–) some bloggers want to use blogging as a way to seek emotional growth

–) some bloggers want to make new friends and new acquaintances

So, whatever the reasons people blog; many people do so to enjoy some element of change to their everyday life

Change can and is good!

I am always amazed at the people who struggle with change…..

because if we are going to be honest with ourselves; a lot of people need their lives to change!

and it is right there that we find the irony; the people who need their lives to change the most are usually the people who are the most resistant to change!

I have been exploring exciting new opportunities for myself because I enjoy change……

I embrace change….because I think change is a good thing.

I don’t want to act like a bratty child my entire life.

I want to continue growing in my emotional and intellectual faculties and in order to do so; I must experience change.

BUT, some things don’t have to change, like my morning cup of coffee.

This morning I am brewing Sumatra and I see that I’ve come to the end of my current cup and am in need of another,




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  1. I hear you. I’ve cut and pasted something from one of my poems:

    A great resurgence of self-awareness takes hold.
    Will we fear we have not disengaged from more
    Clandestine ephemera than we have to date?
    But it comes and goes so quickly, like the ballet
    Dancer seed pods of dandelions on the wind.
    So too. fashions of beliefs come and go with such
    Resplendent frequency that sometimes standing
    Still would be a novelty—change is not always growth.
    But growth is always change.

    Have a good cup or two. >KB

  2. Spoke right to my heart. I’m making big changes and fighting myself all the way. “Even” after 14 years sober that knee-jerk resistance just seems to be resident in the marrow. But every time I fight through the discomfort (I interpret it as agony, but it’s really just discomfort!), it pays off in spades. So here’s to change…and a full cup of Sumatra!

  3. You are so right about those who need to change most being so resistant to change. It is a major cause of problems in interpersonal relationships.

  4. They say change is as good as a holiday,I think I`ll take the holiday as I`ve seen enough change here and most has been bad..

  5. Funny thing about this post is I love change. I thrive on change and growth. I am an alcoholic who still struggles. I always will. My emotions are my best friend and my worst enemy. When I am good I am very good when I am bad…..God only knows….

    Here is the other side of that coin. My 27 year old son has Autism/Asperger’s. He is one who cannot handle change at all. Meltdowns occur if he is not prepared for something that is as simple as his hours changing at work from 6am-9am to 8:30am-11:30am. So this is my world of both side of the coin of change…pun?

  6. the blade of grass bends and the mighty oak is felled in the storm of change… My reason for blogging…To share my writing with the world… To leave a footprint on the earth…

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog Kenneth – enjoying your take on things here. The Sumatra side of life is good too – ahh coffee.

  8. Change is scary. You don’t know what to do or how to deal with it. You don’t know what’s to come or whether this change will make life easier or harder. That’s why I feel people fear change. It is the unknown that fears us most. Then theres the fact that it really all comes down to you and what you do, your decisions and no ones else. ‘Change’ pushes us out of our comfort zone and into the unknown. This is a great post! I enjoy reading all your writing, its very thought provoking. 🙂

  9. This was sublime, “I embrace change….because I think change is a good thing. I don’t want to act like a bratty child my entire life.” I enjoy change, I really do, but what gets me is anticipating change; the more I start to think about it, instead of just do it, I get nervous and I worry. But after I actually change something, I’m always happier that I did. Good post, now it’s time to pour myself a cup of coffee and get ready for the day.

  10. I think I’m the exact opposite. I might be addicted to change. I get bored quickly I think.

    I got some “High Voltage” coffee at the AMPM this morning.

  11. The aging process has become one of the most feared and discriminated against, type of change in our society. I was reading a blog of a 27 year old woman making it sound as if if no woman over 40 could ever be at all attractive.Her dread of “losing” what she thinks she has over men is apparent. Then I read a 43 year old man talk on and on about the wisdom of a 85 year old man but refer to woman under 30 as”betters”.. Ho Hum fear of death. Can you imagine the insanity of trying to stop your own aging by projecting negative attitudes towards older humans. I have friends of all ages. The change of life nearing an end will be a celebration.I have lived well.

    • so right on! i know myself i do have an age complex but not like what you described with that young woman – mostly that i’ve wasted my life so far and trying to fix it now feels too late – but that’s another story. my point – i totally agree. people are ridiculous when it comes to age and it’s too bad because it really is a good thing to get older. people are far too vain these days and lose sight of what’s important. great insight!

    • Camille,

      wow! Excellent example….dude my heart goes out to that 27 year old….I know women like that and its a tough way to view life because we are not going to be young forever.

  12. so again you plugged into another aspect of my life lol its not natural just so you know. i started my blog in hopes of becoming a better writer and to increase my knowledge of sort of maintaining a “site” and hopefully enhance my skills so that i may become even more valuable in my field. it’s a slow process though and right now im a bit frustrated with the whole thing but it’s okay. change isn’t designed to be easy. you’re so on the mark again with who needs change but doesn’t and who changes but doesn’t necessarily need to, etc. anyway – another great post! also – just thought i’d say – i love how you end every post with talk about coffee. i don’t like it myself but just shows your personality which i think is great – just fyi.

    • Jen,

      one of these days we are going to sit down in real life and I am going to order you some kind of latte and you’re going to love it!!!!


      as to frustration and all….dude if you only knew what has been going on for the last two months in my life! HOLY COW! I can relate to feeling frustrated……but there is a light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

  13. This is especially timely for me, as I get ready to leave my steady full-time job, move cities, and attempt to begin freelancing. I’m excited but scared at the same time. 🙂

  14. change is good for the soul. I have experienced it first hand

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