Something’s out of place……..


~by Kenneth Justice

My grandfather is an avid horse fanatic. He was born and raised in the hills of ย  the Appalachians and has told me countless times, “I could ride a horse before I could ever walk”

…..although, with his charming Southern Twang it sounds more like, “I cood rid’ a harse fore I could ever walk down yarn street or pull up mine britches”

My grandfather has told me countless times that you can take an animal out of the wild but you can’t take the wild out of the animal……..and the older I get the more I realize how much truth is captured in that well known colloquialism.

Some things in life are just out of place;

–> Bengal Tigers should not be house pets (If only Siegfried & Roy had known this)

–> Pastors and Priests should not get secret massages off of Craig’s List (Sorry Mr. Ted Haggard)

–> Toddlers should not play ‘learn how to walk’ next to a freeway


–> If you’re a grumpy person you should not talk to me until I’ve had my first morning cup of coffee

I bring this up because recently I have had to deal with a particular person who is out-of-place……and because this person is out-of-place they have been ruining a lot of people’s lives.

Do you know the type?

–The woman who works in customer service at the Post Office and has dealt with one too many cranky customers

–The man who wanted to be a police officer but has been relegated to working as a parking meter attendant

–The barista at Starbucks who hates coffee

–The vegan chef who works at Ruth Chris Steakhouse

Lot’s of people are out-of-place and when you and I run into them they make our lives a living nightmare.

You can paint a pig’s toenails, cover it’s snout and mouth with rouge and lipstick and put pearl’s around its neck…….but its still a pig

I don’t mean to bash pigs…..but no matter how you dress them up they still look out of place on Sunday morning during Mass

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time you’ve hopefully formed a picture of myself that involves the idea that Kenneth is a pretty laid-back individual….

Although I do not smoke pot, my idea of a good time is to sit back on the porch, turn on some Bob Marley, and enjoy the evening summer breeze…..

When I have to deal with people who are meddlesome, gossips, slanderers, and the like……it makes me feel like I’m reliving my childhood years when I grew up with the crazier side of Evangelical Christianity; the kind who preferred gossip over meaningful conversation and honesty.

Life can be trying at times….

People can be really difficult…..

But there is a light at the end-of-the-tunnel and we can see it if we squint our eyes really tight… is there……its just hard to see at times.

I can smell the aroma of my next cup of coffee brewing,


P.S. [to the marijuana users in my audience; I am not against pot, I actually lean towards legalization, I’m just not into it personally]

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  1. Happy Father’s Day Kenneth. Teach your children well.

  2. yessir!!!

  3. wonderfully straightens things up to start my day, thanks!

  4. Sometimes I feel out-of-place simply because I’m stuck in the waiting place…but unlike the typical out-of-place person, I know when to bite my tongue. Great post to start my day off right!

  5. And you can add to that list please: the trained but injured Navy Seal, making glasses for a living instead :/ pfu

  6. Happy Father’s Day, Culture Monk ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. being out of place wouldn’t be all that horrible IF they would just make lemonade out of the lemons they were handed darn it lol and quit being so grumpy. no but really, those people, who go out of their way to make others miserable because they’re miserable, are probably among the worst. it drives me nuts. anyway – happy father’s day kenneth! hope it’s filled lots of coffee and a lack of out of sorts people! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. I your listening to some Marley and relaxing today. I’ve never gotten the whole gossip thing, I mean if someone would gossip about others, they would gossip about you, and I believe in Karma! Happy Father’s Day Kenneth!

  9. I am most definitely out of place but happily so. Stiill, I KNOW I piss people off, despite best efforts, mainly because I ‘respectfully decline’ too much. Funnily enough I’d even have to ‘RD’ weed these days … it being illegal here (don’t get me started on the double standard of alcahol), and my being here being a privilege and all. I do however have fond enough memories to really appreciate your adding a note so as to not offend stokers but not for the crazier Christian militants. LOVE your way of thinking lol.

    • Wildinvirginia,

      you’re ahead of the game; at least you know you are pissing people off! Self-awareness is such a major hurdle in life that so many people never master ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh yes … pissing people off is a genetic trait I inherited! I am brutally aware of my faults … it’s not like people don’t tell you, it’s more about whether you choose to hear, reflect and decide. Decide whether the brave messenger has a point, if you can or want to change it or if, in my current situ, you decide to take a shunning rather than sell your morals and belief down the river. I keep a lot of my more liberal hippy/offensively prescriptive (you choose) views on homosexuality, gay marriage, freedom of religion, evolution, diversity etc to myself in these parts SO LONG AS I’m not in the midst of preaching or badmouthing. Then I feel I need to state my stance. Not to persuade, simply to be able to look myself in the face. Not an especially useful tool when fashioning Bible belts I’ve found lol.

      But yes, I am a firm believer that every so often you have to stand up and be counted. If the response you receive or the impact you have is negative or harmful, it might be time for a change. Did I mention I’m moving lol?

      A great social experiment would be if each of us, when next meeting that person we’re all talking about here, posed a simple question, as neutrally as possible – “Do you ever think you’re completely out of place?” And then report back. Leaving aside the quizzical looks and being blatantly ignored, I wonder what those seemingly unhappy souls would say? I’d lay money on it half of them would deny being unhappy or grumpy if challenged but it’d be interesting to hear the reasons why people are trapped where they don’t want to be and what’s keeping them there. Money? Probably. Depressing thought.

      Oh … hijacking blogs …. seems to be another flaw. Why do you have to post such interesting and open-ended blogs? Your obvious flaw man, is that you’re just too Damned on the pulse lol

  10. Very true, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The one thing that really ticks me off about grumpy people are the ones in cars, you know the type. You’re trying to get out into the traffic, it’s come to a slow crawl and there it is, a space. There are fifty cars still to come and you go to move into this space and mister grumpy of the sour disposition, the one who’s been weaned on a pickle looks at you, humphs and drives right up so you can’t get in.

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