A little consolation……

consoling you


by Kenneth Justice

~A good friend of mine was recently fired after many years on the job……

although I wouldn’t say my friend ‘loved’ their job; it was their sole source of income and my friend’s life has been completely rocked upside down because of the situation.

What can you say to a friend when something like that happens?

There is little consolation in the face of massive misery.

When I worked in the jail and the rehab clinic much of my time was spent trying to console clients who were at the very bottom of the pile when it came to misery. You can’t sink much farther beyond incarceration.

The years I spent working in the human service field taught me that it is beyond difficult trying to console people who feel like their lives have come completely undone. Most of the time, the best you can do is offer them a shoulder to cry on……

Oddly enough……that is what this blog is about; a little consolation

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a psychologist with the skills of B.F. Skinner to realize that a large majority of  people in Western Culture are unhappy….

Our way of life here in the West is pretty strange when you think about it; there is so much to distract us from the things that matter most.

Piled on top of the discontent the average individual experiences in relation to their vocation and relationships is the massive level of disconnect people feel in relation to their religious community.

It often seems that so much of our life is spent trying to fill the void we feel from a lack of satisfaction in our relationships, vocation, marriages, religion, and more.

And so I began the experiment of writing a blog……trying to capture the pulse of what people are feeling;

–> the discontent of their vocations

–> the loneliness of not having a significant other

–> the anger of having to deal with religious hypocrisy

–> the disconnect in our relationships

–> the general dissatisfaction toward our individualistic way-of-life here in the West

Of course…..there are the joy’s in life we experience as well…..

unfortunately, with 50% of Western Society hooked on Med’s and 90% discontent with their vocation…….much of our feelings are void of joy at times.

But, there are little joys in life and we shouldn’t ignore them.

For me it is listening to Bob Marley music……I’ve been watching a 5-part documentary for the past week about Ziggy Marley and two of the other sons and I’ve really been enjoying it…..

For my friend who was fired, a little consolation came in the form of a newspaper story two weeks ago; the manager who fired my friend (unjustly I might add) was recently arrested and charged with multiple counts of embezzlement; the manager is going to go to jail for having stolen a couple hundred thousand dollars from the company.

Some call it Karma

Others quote Proverbs; “You reap what you sow”

In the end….whether this life or the next we will find consolation…..

And whenever I feel at a loss toward all the injustice and suffering in the world it is at that moment my faith in God kicks in and I have to trust there is a greater meaning to our lives that we don’t necessarily see at the moment.

We can’t all stand atop mountains every moment of our lives. But when we are in the valley we must remember what it felt like up at the top and be mindful of the beauty and inspiration that swept across us as we stood looking down….

Another cup of coffee calls me,



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15 replies

  1. Thanks especially for that last paragraph. I am feeling like I may move one space forward and then 3 spaces backwards. I am tiring of the feeling that I won’t find a comfortable place again. That mountain view reminds me that I have felt that discouraged before but there was inspiration on the summit.

  2. I think for me if I can cope and still have laughter at the end of the day its been a good day.

  3. Interestingly enough, this is a subject I’ve been thinking about for the past week. Great, great post Kenneth. Alot of food for thought. Listening to Bob Marley is fun and calming; I have alot of his songs on a playlist on my phone called “Feel good music” 😉

  4. A couple of thoughts come to mind:
    One, of course, it’s hard to console someone in that position, and offering positivity isn’t always helpful, but still, I do.
    My sister was at an awful job. She complained about it all the time until one day she had it and quit. I thought that was the best thing to have happened. She never would have found the time to pursue the many other things she wanted to do while still working there. She’s of retirement age anyway, and should be happy doing what she wants.

    Another thought that comes to mind is simply echoing what your last paragraph stated, but I say, “Ride the waves.” Up and down…. up and down. When I am down, I remember that I shall be up again, and just hang in there. If I start flailing and struggling every time I am down, then I am at risk of drowning. Instead, I just hang in there and save my energy.

    Thanks for your insightful observations.

    • Rhan,

      I’m a little jealous of your sister; i’m still a few years away from retirement and man I sure wish I could!

      “Ride the waves” absolutely man!

  5. i suppose the consolation needs to be, exactly what you’re getting at, that life goes on and it will get better. my dad is always telling me to “learn the lesson,” which to be honest annoyed the tar outta me for a long time but he’s right. learn the lesson, take from the situation what you must/need to and move forward. those “valleys” don’t determine how the rest of our lives will go unless we let them.

  6. This is a great post about life.

  7. Everything you wrote is so important. Great words for anyone to learn about life from

  8. Sometimes consolation can take the form of a simple acknowledgement of what the person is experiencing.

  9. “We can’t all stand atop mountains every moment of our lives. But when we are in the valley we must remember what it felt like up at the top and be mindful of the beauty and inspiration that swept across us as we stood looking down….” I love this so much that I am printing it for my inspirational quotes diary. Yup, I have a diary filled with things that constantly remind me life is not a black hole.

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