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by Kenneth Justice

~ Do you ever feel like your life is on auto pilot?

I swear, it seems like so much of my life is ho hum. Not to say that I live a boring life or that I am unhappy… just seems as though a great deal of my life is rather uneventful.

Is that how life is supposed to be?

I suspect I am a victim of having read one too many Agatha Christie novels when I was younger or having sat through too many action/adventure movies. I wake up some mornings hoping to find myself stuck in the middle of a high-stakes bank robbery in which I have to save a damsel in distress and foil the plans of a master criminal with an accent like Christopher Walken or Gary Coleman.

But that’s what Hollywood does…right? Create fictional plots that are entirely unrealistic to help us ‘escape’ the humdrum tune of our everyday lives? We get sucked in by otherworldly adventures in order to get our minds off of our lives?

But is it too much for me to want my life to be exciting?

Okay, so I don’t want to find myself on a plane that gets hijacked by a crazed Nicholas Cage but I would love for a little bit more excitement to break into my otherwise rather normal life.

Am I asking for too much?

A friend of mine called me recently and was complaining about their job, “It’s just sooooo boring” my friend said. “I don’t hate it. And the people I work with are nice. I’m just so bored by it all”.

I’ve written about the monotonous nature of jobs before and this morning I woke up wondering; what if the problem is not the job? (Office Space)

Maybe it is easier to deal with a monotonous job…when our lives have a little bit more excitement to them; (perhaps that is why Michael Keaton put on a mask?)

Isn’t that why some people gravitate toward risky behaviors; for the excitement?

–) Drug use (like Michael J. Fox in Bright Lights Big City)

–) Reckless sexual behavior (Basic Instinct)

–) Underground racing ( know a couple people who participate in illegal racing the likes of which you may have seen in films like the Fast & the Furious)

Obviously, participating in reckless behaviors is not necessarily the answer to adding a little excitement to our lives….but I wonder to myself; what is the answer?

I really enjoy going on walks in the woods. I love being outdoors, away from traffic lights and houses.

I love the ocean. I enjoy visiting little beach side towns and watching the sunset.

Of course, being out in the woods or alongside the ocean isn’t quite the same as being on a plane with Jack, Kate and Hurley (the LOST crew) as it barrels down toward the earth, crashing into a strange and mysterious island.

But I guess what I’m saying is that I often find a measure of joy in more simple things…..

Sure, I would love to spend a week with Harrison Ford on some quest for a lost Mayan artifact, as we fist fight Nazi’s through a dense jungle…..but I find that a simple walk through the woods usually brings a smile to my face.

Hey, when it comes to the ocean I’d love to hang out with Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss in a rickety old steamer and would probably spend a good deal of money to hear Scheider say, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”…..but simply seeing the water and hearing the waves crash into the beach tends to satisfy my craving for adventure.

I guess what I’m getting at is that perhaps I don’t need Bruce Willis to save the day, maybe I can find enough adventure in the little things in life…..I just have to keep my eyes open and not get too caught up in my job and going through the motions.

Sometimes we just need to go for a walk……

Or have another cup of coffee!



and for all my fellow Summer Blockbuster Movie Lovers; “Yippie Ki-Yay Mother F***er!”



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20 replies

  1. LOL you would get used to saving the world too…we get used to everything we do, no matter what it is…it’s just another day. Even 007 gets bored…just another guy to find and kill…ho hum…just another day on the job.

  2. Thanks for the last line!!! 🙂

  3. I believe the crossfit culture is onto something when they say “routine is the enemy.” We encourage spontaneity in our home. We still do the responsible nine to five bit, but the rest of the time is free for random adventures. Getting outside definitely seems to cure more than the rest.

  4. You should be careful what you wish for. For as long as I can remember my life has been one long drama… I long for ho hum and boring and I’m sure I would not be alone in saying that. Nothing wrong with ho hum at all!

  5. I don’t know if this is the kind of exciting you are seeking, but I like to push the boundaries of my comfort zone.
    I remember the first time I wore a black leather biker jacket when I moved to San Francisco. It felt so “not me.” Oddly, I also remember wearing a bright blue color sweatpant once and felt like I stood out like a sore thumb. Of course, to anyone else I looked just fine – it was me and my imaginary comfort zone.

    So I try to push that boundary farther and farther at every opportunity. Crazy hair, Halloween costume when it’s not Halloween, performing in front of people, talking in front of people, being wildly creative….

    Basically NOT letting me ever utter the words “I could never do that,” or “That’s not me.”

    The worst thing about being in a rut is not realizing you can step out of it at any time.

  6. Life can get boring since we don’t have to fight for our survival everyday like in the caveman days.

  7. I’ve had the very same conversation with myself at various times in my life! Sounds like you’ve got a good handle on things, though. Life is by far 90% perception — how you choose to see things is how happy (or not) you’ll inevitably be.

  8. There’s plenty of room at the Inn ! I can’t believe how many people claim to be bored here. There is eight miles of pristine beach, a jungle full of howling, cackling, cawing wildlife…some sounds I can’t recognize in the night or early morning, and will let them remain anonymous. Massive thunder and lightning storms every night, torrential downpours followed by one glorious sunset after another. A walk to the store, or a trip to the doctor is an adventure the way taxi drivers drive here. It’s not the surroundings that get boring, it’s the way people see their environment. I know people who are in love with the wet, monotonous Washington winters, and people who turn their backs on blazing purple, pink, and orange sunsets as topless German girls play volley ball on the beach not fifty feet away…ho-hum, another day in Tamarindo. I don’t know the answer for anyone else, but I’ve found the answer to any boredom I could imagine…with bad Spanish soap operas and re-run American crap on the telly, going out for dinner at the illegal Columbian restaurant where the family fights with each other, and frets over our every want – perceived or otherwise has to do. Getting out and moving about in unfamiliar surroundings is scary, uncomfortable sometimes, but always entertaining in so many ways. Good luck with that.

  9. I agree. You don’t need crazy adventure when generally, a change of scenery will do. As I always say, “If you want to feel better, lower your standards!”

  10. This sounds like a pre-midlife crisis to me. I went through something very similar when I hit 30. Good news, is that you’re still young enough to do anything you want to do. Just take the plunge!

  11. i went to the hollywood walk of fame on sunday and also took a bus tour that took me right past willis’ house… silly now looking back on it but still. kind of fun. that said – i agree… sometimes the break in monotony is about making a choice to do something and it doesn’t have to be super crazy or out of this world. that’s part of what brought me to wordpress to begin with… i needed to branch out in some fashion along with work on my writing skills. i have similar fantasies about being in the wrong place at the wrong time so to speak and being sort of like sandra bullock in “speed,” but then i remember that the reality of that is highly unlikely and even if it did happen, i could never be so cool under pressure haha. i’d freak out so i really don’t want something like that to happen haha. yep i prefer the adventures like what i just went on – visit new places or do new things on occasion and once the weather is cooler out here (which is still probably 2 months away ugh) i’ve already got some neat hiking areas i can get to so excited about that. 🙂

    • I recently saw the old episode of I love Lucy where she try’s to steal the foot print off the walk of fame, ha ha,

      Not sure about the bus ride tour lol, I think I’d need a few drinks in me to do that!

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