Coffee and Consistency……REALLY???

ameandmy coffee


by Kenneth Justice

~ “my god dude, you really love your coffee”

“What is it with you and your coffee”

“I love the way you end all your posts with something about coffee”

“Kenneth the coffee thing at the end of your posts is overkill”

~ Okay, so that is a small representational sampling of the private emails I get about the way I end each of my posts.

As you can see the comments pretty much run the gambit of like/dislike/hate/and love. Some people are a little bit more dramatic in their disgust of my coffee endings and they use a few choice words that I think I will leave to your imagination…… suffice to say they end in ‘uck’ and ‘hit’

Fortunately, I enjoy the nasty comments and emails as much as I enjoy the nice once. The fact that people get so worked up over something as silly as me mentioning something about coffee tells me that I must be connecting with my readers and I’d rather connect than have people not read at all!

To be honest, this post isn’t even really about coffee; its about consistency.

You see, in the psychology field consistency is important;

—) It’s important for parents to be consistent in the way they raise their children

—) It’s important for employers to be consistent in the way they treat their employees

—) It’s important for each of us to be consistent in the way we conduct our lives.

There is definitely a place in our lives for doing things ‘spur-of-the-moment’ or having a random adventure.

But for the most part; those of us who are the most consistent in our daily lives are the people whose emotional and psychological health is the most…..’consistent’.

Of course we don’t want to get so stuck in our daily routine that we become fearful of meeting new people, trying new foods, or experiencing new adventures. But overall; consistency is an important factor in our emotional health.

There is something about us humans that really enjoy consistency.

—) We enjoy being greeted by a familiar face at local bagel or coffee shop

—) We enjoy seeing our relatives on the holidays

—) We enjoy getting that out-of-date but so precious birthday card from our grandmother every year

Traditions, consistency….call it what you want; we humans enjoy doing the same things over and over for years.

Some people love consistency so much that they take it pretty far. A previous co-worker of mine had a son who would only eat oatmeal for breakfast. From age 5 to age 15 the boy never had anything else except for oatmeal.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having oatmeal for breakfast; it points out how much we love consistency.

Staying consistent in certain elements of life also helps us to overcome hurdles; when I worked at a rehab clinic one of the central themes I repeatedly encouraged my clients in was consistency. Staying consistent in positive daily habits helps many people to overcome addictions.

If you have children then you know how vital it is to be consistent in your parenting; children who know that their parents will always love them and will always be there no matter what happens feel more secure in who they are as individuals.

I used to be friends with a young woman who had major memory problems. Her parents moved around so much during her childhood (they lived in more than 30 houses during a 10 year span) that the lack of consistency in her family life had led to her having difficulty in the way her brain stored memories. A lack of consistency had a very negative effect on her life.

Consistency also helps us in setting up goals. For those of us who want to change the course of our lives; in order to move toward the goals we have set for ourselves we need to be consistent in our behavior in order to obtain them.

So why do I end every post with a quote about coffee? Well….because I really enjoy coffee?

Which reminds me…….I think its time for another cup.


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16 replies

  1. Dome celebraties (old and new) end with the same thing and people wait for it. It makes a connection. With you…I know you’re finished saying whatever you have to say. It’s kind of like saying goodbye. I can’t believe anyone would get upset over how you “sign off.” Seems really weird to me. Why do they keep reading your blog if they are so unhappy about it?

  2. I thought I was too smart to have an unconscious mind. I tried for many decades to change addictive patterns of behavior. Lo and Behold consistent positive suggestions every day over many months reached my “lower brain” and accomplished what years of expensive therapy did not. You know I have a photoshopped photo of Mr. Rogers giving his middle finger a stretch if you ever want a copy for the inconsistent critics. Brew ha ha

  3. Reblogged this on Hey Sweetheart, Get Me Rewrite! and commented:
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  4. As a fellow coffee drinker, I love the way you end your posts. It’s that, I’m done here, time for a drink kind of thing. I find it funny that people would write and say how bad it is. Reminds me of the somewhat quote ‘I think they doth complain too much’ I know that’s not it, but I hope you get my drift there.
    Have a great day and drink some more coffee, have one for me while you’re at it 🙂

  5. I can’t bellieve I didn’t even pick up on the coffee lines at the end of each post. Clearly it doesn’t bother me.

  6. It’s called “branding” and I LOVE IT!!! It’s your thing. Keep it up.

    • “Branding” i like that 🙂

    • Well, I didn’t realizing I had been branding myself (marketing-wise) until someone pointed it out: “Rhan, your shows are all about minor keys, blues and blacks, original lyrics…. all your photos have everyone looking away from the camera except you…, and so on.” I didn’t think anything of it, as I wanted consistency, like you, and someone explained that was all branding really was. Cool!
      Then, I read your blogs and you do this neat thing with the coffee thing…. it’s like the sign-off at the end of a television or radio show.
      And awayyyyyy we go!

  7. Keep up the sign off–and the coffee. It’s your blog and it’s your brand.

  8. I’d consider it your signature then!

  9. people are dumb lol okay perhaps that’s a bit too brutal but really… all pissed off over how someone signs off? my other thought on that is that they’re just trying to bug the crap out of you but aren’t winning… i can’t stand antagonists. so juvenile. anyway… i agree. consistency is a big deal. consistency helps form good habits and kill the bad (okay so im thinking of particular habits when i say that… such as my needing to lose weight lol i really need to start being consistent in eating better, etc. so i’ll form some good habits). i would like to say – i like the way you sign off. it’s your style and it shows a piece of your personality and like you said that means you’re able to connect to readers by being personable. as george c. scott said in the movie “angus” – “screw ’em!” 🙂

  10. I love people who have quirks or branding elements in their blogs – as you say, it’s nice and familiar. I have a character in my daily novel who loves coffee – it’s her thing to hang on to when the world is going to crap. (For me it’s a cup of tea!). Ooh I think it’s time for a brew. TTFN 🙂

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