Buying Used Underwear….Really???


by Kenneth Justice

~ Three days ago my laptop went ‘kapoot’.

After four years, a couple college degrees, a LOT of blog articles, and many wonderful moments together, my favorite little HP laptop lived it’s final day.

If you missed me for the past couple days its because I’ve been mourning the death of my little HP.

I really came to like that little guy.

Many years ago I was sitting at a coffee shop and one of the employees stuck a sticker with their coffee logo on my HP. The next day at a different coffee house, not to be outdone the employees put one of their stickers on it too. By the time my little HP left the world this past week he was covered with nearly a dozen different coffee house stickers.

The simple fact of the matter is that my HP had not been working very well for the better part of the past year. But when it comes to spending money I’m really weird; even though a new laptop would of only cost me a couple hundred dollars, I feel like Scrooge holding tight to my money and I would think to myself “My little HP still works good enough”

But this post isn’t really about my laptop……it’s about my hypocrisy.

You see, I was too cheap to buy a new laptop but in other areas of my life I spend money like its going out of style;

—) I would rather see my children wear designer clothes than buy a new automobile.

—) I would rather buy expensive specialty coffee than purchase bulk coffee from one of those giant warehouse stores

—) I would rather spend more money on fresh food from the grocer than to stock my freezer with cheaper frozen food

The list is virtually endless when it comes to the odd ball hypocrisies of my life.

But isn’t this true of so many of us? If someone looks at us from the outside they would be able to observe very clear hypocrisies in our life that we have grown cozy with?

Sometimes our hypocrisies are much more blatant and serious,

—) I know hard-core alcoholics who are drinking their life away toward a slow death yet they yell and scream at their children for the dumbest stuff

—) I know hard-core religious people who speak about the love of god yet they are among the most judgmental people I know

—) I know politicians who support laws which are overbearing upon their citizens, yet these politicians  secretly break the law all the time

If we are each honest with our life I suspect we will find some area where we are a little inconsistent………and that’s okay.

You see, I don’t believe its possible to live perfectly

I don’t believe its possible to never be guilty of some type of little inconsistency ….is it?

Isn’t a part of growing up a process of realizing that we aren’t perfect?

I fear that the people who don’t realize they are inconsistent are often the people who are the most judgmental.

I’ve been having a series of private debates with a couple different individuals who each spend a lot of time arguing ‘about the sins of others’. Neither of these people I’m debating seem to be able to see their own flaws.

And because they don’t see themselves for who they are………they end up spending too much of their time complaining about others

Unfortunately I’m going to have to cough up the money this weekend for a new laptop.

But there is one thing you can rest assured; as cheap as I may be…..I never buy used underwear!

Every time I’ve been in a resale shop and see used underwear I always wonder who buys it? I mean……Really???

I could really use another cup of coffee now….


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11 replies

  1. Some store in my town selling second hand stuff even undies and jockies.

  2. Jeez Louise, you are going to make me say it. I have been shopping resale stores all my life. When the kids were babies I bought “used handmade Grandma sweaters”. Who gives away their hand knit sweaters? When the sale was put everything you can fit in the bag for $5 I threw a bra and kids undies (that looked new! I am not crazy).
    Your point about inconsistencies is one of my big Red Flag tests. For most things they are okay. When I do it with people I need to stop and look at it. If my value is to not like mean people then why do I accept really harsh humor from myself and others at times? I justify it is just comedy. Sometimes I am angry and need to get rid of it. In person I am a little lamb. Well, unless I haven’t had my cup of coffee.

  3. our hypocrisies – naw, they’re just little eccentricities

  4. Now really, I wouldn’t call some of the examples hypocrisies, but actual choices. I mean “designer clothes and new automobile” are both undesirable for me. But I get the general idea and I completely agree. One hypocrisy I find weirdly funny, is smoking those designer cigarettes, that cost a fortune and the cigarettes hardly do it for you. The smokers will know what I mean

  5. Ah, I am pretty cheap but I also never buy used underwear ;D Love this post.

  6. i agree kenneth – can’t avoid all hypocrisies or eccentricities or choices… however you choose to look at it. there’s usually a fairly good reason behind those type of hypocrisies. the little ones are no big deal it’s those biggies you later discuss that are the issue. being willing to buy used clothes but not undies… well that’s just a standard.. not necessarily a hypocrisy. pointing out the flaws in everyone else when that person does the same exact thing… yeah that’s no good. this chick i work with, thank God only until next Thursday, is a huge hypocrite. she freaking complains about people out here and their poor work ethic but she’s the laziest person i know right now. frustrates the hell out of me. that’s just one of many complaints i have about this woman but i’ll stick to that one for now lol. i love the photo you took lol. that really expresses that “really?” you say almost every time very well hahaha. 🙂

  7. I love your blog and I have nominated it for the Versatile Blogger Award. Here is the link.

  8. Consistency is like sanity: way over rated! Sometimes you just have to be a tad crazy or plainly unpredictable… Clearly creative in your choices or whimsy.

  9. Brought up wearing second hand and hand me downs. The only sad thing was I had to wear my elder sisters underwear when she grew out of it. Eternally grateful they weren’t silky or anything, I may have ended up with a fetish. Extremely grateful when I received new undies. 🙂 perfect? I haven’t come across anybody living a perfect life. Hypocrisy, the old do as I say not as I do from our parents. We learn all about it early.


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