I’ve been down this road before…..Really!!!

down this road before


By Kenneth Justice

~ Okay…..this is really kind of eerie….I swear we’ve been down this road before.

This past weekend the President of the United States officially announced his intentions for a military attack against Syria. Obama says more than 1000 innocent men, women, and children were killed in the chemical weapons attack by the Syrian Government.

I’ve already written on the topic in the last week so I don’t want to get lost in the particulars…….

What really stands out to me is that this entire saga appears to be nothing more than the same story repeating itself over and over with different characters.

Real life is disconcertingly beginning to look a lot like a Hollywood film.

Think about it; in Hollywood they remake the same movies with different actors. The first “Sabrina” film starred Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart…….then a couple decades later Julia Ormand and Harrison Ford filled the starring roles. Wait another 20 years and they will remake it again with new actors.

This Syrian conflict is strangely right out of the history books; Iraq, Vietnam, etc.

Sure…..the characters are always different; Tony Blair, President George W. Bush, President Nixon, John F. Kennedy…….but the plot line is always the same; some type of conflict is occurring in a country and Western Governmental Leaders feel compelled to intervene.

I’ve already gone on the record saying I neither agree or disagree with what Western Government’s should do in Syria…..I simply don’t know……it is a difficult issue.

But I do know that nothing in the world seems to be changing very much.

With all the intervention’s that Western Government make in foreign affairs…..there always seems to be some country with a crisis on their hands, ‘innocent’ people being killed, and a government in chaos.

This time the British Government won’t be involved. By a narrow margin Parliament voted NOT to involve itself militarily in Syria. This is a new twist……and I suspect the people in Great Britain are feeling a lot of the same things that are going through my mind; I’m sick and tired of the same old problems.

But this post isn’t really about Syria…..it’s about you and me.

How many of us keep doing the same thing over-and-over expecting a different result? It is said that such behavior is the definition of insanity. Yet, so many of us are guilty of repeating the same mistakes over and over; it’s bloody annoying!

We keep banging our head against the wall expecting a different outcome…..but the outcome is always the same; our head hurts afterwards!

A couple years ago I decided I wanted to see some major changes occur in my life and I knew that in order for those changes to take place it was going to take some major commitment on my part to see them come to fruition.

It hasn’t been easy. I’ve had to work more hours. I’ve had to set aside certain things in the here-and-now in order to reach the goal I’ve set for myself.

But that is what real change takes….right?

Dedication, commitment, endurance, are all the kind of buzzwords that come to mind when we think about seeing real change occur in our lives.

And for many of us…….real change is what we need.

—) Some people need to lose weight

—) Some people need a new career

—) Some people need to give up an addictive behavior

—) Some people want to move

—) Some people want to get into a serious relationship

The list is virtually endless when it comes to the types of changes we’d like to see occur in our lives.

But if we really want to experience true change….it’s going to take true commitment.

Just like with these foreign conflicts that seem to occur with bizarre regularity; we can’t keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. We’ve got to do things different.

But for now….at least with this blog I write, one thing will probably not be changing anytime soon…..and that is a good cup of coffee when I finish writing each day.


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  1. By asking congress to debate the Syria issue, the president has essentially backed away from the problem. My best guess is nothing will happen now, unless the facts change.

  2. Just before bed last night a friend called. I was telling him how out of sorts I feel after losing my friends dog. Then I said that since I saw those photographs of children and civilians dying of some nerve poison, I have been sick to my stomach. Oddly enough, he took it as a cue to tell me that this an Obama plot to start a war in Israel (he is my only conservative friend). I said good night abruptly. I have decided I need to understand our nations politics better. I do turn a blind eye too much. It is time for me to see clearly what is going on. I may not be able to do much more than be informed but I am going to commit to doing that.
    When I was finally ready to ACT on changes in my life, I had the commitment to follow through no matter what. I needed the help of others and I needed to ask the Universe to clue me in. I have no idea how that worked, but it did. Prayers for all of us this morning. Let us be informed and ready to act on our beliefs.

    • Biochicklet……

      There is this part of me that wants to figure out a way that makes it more worthwhile for people to know politics and world affairs better. The problem is that there isn’t a that most of us can do with the knowledge.

      However, if we were famous journalists, writers, etc than all of a sudden our opinions could end up influencing government leaders.

      As far as your friend goes….uh….I fail to see the logic supporting his idea that this is Obama’s way to begin a war in Israel…..

    • A whole nation informed on the best facts we can find is a people who can voice their concerns. Protesting, letter writing, talking to neighbors and our children. Fear without facts is maddening. Our nations collective mental health in a crisis is enough of a reason for me.
      He said that the people feeling threatened by our possible attacks warned that they would retaliate by bombing Israel. Yep, I agree. It made no sense to me. The fact that an intelligent otherwise kind person would “make up” that conspiracy theory makes me want to be informed.

  3. Trouble is there’s No Real accountability anywhere is there? The powers that be seem to be free to do whatever they like whenever they like and thats the danger and the problem!

  4. The difficult thing about commitment: People usually only commit when there’s something in the commitment for them. What I mean is that, if someone wants to work on an addiction, for example, he or she must find a reason to work on the addiction that is more valuable than the addiction. People kinda suck in that way: we’ll stay on an unhealthy path simply because it’s easier than changing towards a different path. Plus, so many things have to line up for success that most people just give up.

    When it comes to war, I’ve always taken it as an evil of life. We wage wars in our neighborhoods every day. I think if people tried to keep their own figurative backyards clean, we’d all end up in a better place.

  5. history does tend to repeat itself when we don’t learn the lessons that are presented. it would be nice if this time something would change somehow. i don’t know what the answer is either – i struggle with it because i hate seeing innocents die and yet if we get involved it could get that much worse. maybe it’s time to do what we haven’t done before – DON’T get involved. i kind of hate saying that because i’m of the belief that always waiting for things to be in our own backyard is being too reactive and just being reactive tends to not work either but i dunno about this one. you make excellent points though about commitment, trying something new to get a different result, etc. i couldn’t agree more. it is tough to make that commitment and then really follow through – i have several changes i want to make and know it will take that level of commitment but i’m struggling. i may just have to find some way to really hold myself accountable this time around. great post!

  6. I’m so sick of the violence, murders, war and the hatred. Our leadership has good intentions and as much as they try to figure out how the outcome of their actions, it never seems to be what was expected. I am reminded of the Albert Einstein quote about not being able to solve problems using the same thinking that got you there in the first place. Something like that. At this point, after all these years, we can never know what the reaction will be to what “we” think is a sensible, logical deterrent to bad behavior.
    I am praying that there will be no new war.

  7. I so agree with you. Charging in with all guns blazing might work for John Wayne, but it didn’t solve the problem in Korea, VietNam, Iraq or Afghanistan and it won’t solve it in Syria. But how can we sit back and do nothing when chemical weapons are involved? Looks like Armageddon isn’t too far off.

  8. On point! Who’s gonna fund this one!?

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    I know I’m reblogging a post about just repeating things – movies, history & well….now blog posts.

  10. I like your writing very much. This particular article and its topic is what I, also, am thinking about. This ‘getting involved’ in the Syrian problems is greatly troubling. We are attempting to save others but there will be untold bloodshed if we step in. It is a ‘no win’ situation, that is for sure. I will be following your writings, friend. Thank you.


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