You’re too powerful……REALLY?


by Kenneth Justice

~45 minutes ago I arrived here in Washington D.C…..the Capitol of the United States. As I sit here in the hotel lobby and gaze out the window of one of the most famous cities in the world……I can’t help but wonder; do these dudes in Washington have too much power?

—) Have you ever had a boss or manager who had too much control over your career?

—) Has a parent or relative yielded too much influence in your life?

—) Has alcohol, drugs, or some other thing become too much of a factor in your life?

All of those things pale in comparison to the power that the men and women who assemble here in my nation’s Capitol yield.

This past month the President of the United States almost gave the go-ahead to send missiles hurling towards Syria…. (until the pressure from our entire nation caused him to back down!) The President has that kind of power; he merely has to give the word and he can create war in any part of the world……..

Decisions made here in Congress don’t just effect little kids in Baltimore, Chicago or Sioux Falls……decisions made by our Congress affect countries all over the world!

How much power is too much power?

Have we in the Western World screwed up? I mean think about it… it really a good idea that the people in Washington D.C. can make decisions that affect Great Britain, France, Iceland….and all sorts of other countries around the world?

Remember that little banking problem we all heard about in 2008? Guess who was the principle player in deregulating the various banks and enabled them to blow up the housing market all around the world? Yup….you guessed it; the men and women who work here in Washington D.C.

Sure, many of us complain about Wall Street…..but who gave Wall Street an open check book to wreak havoc and make crazy decisions? Yup, you guessed it, the men and women who work here in Washington D.C.

Every era of human history has had one or two superpower countries that yield tremendous amounts of influence throughout the world; The Babylon Empire, The Roman Empire, the British Empire…and so on…….

But haven’t we learned from history that having one country which yields so much influence is not necessarily a good thing!

Economists say that China will soon overtake the United States as the economic superstar of the world but isn’t that just replacing one country with yet another country that will dominate and influence the world of economics?

Why do we keep repeating the same errors of past generations? Will we never learn our lessons?

Yet isn’t that what the truth of the matter really is; there is nothing new under the sun. History just keeps repeating itself over and over. We don’t learn from our mistakes because we are stubborn, bullheaded individuals. Instead of working together to bring positive change, we would rather individually complain.

—) It’s a lot easier to sit at home in our comfortable chair and type away our complaints and criticisms….

—) Its much more difficult to get together with each other and to work together in order to bring positive change to our culture…..

Announce to your friends that you want to have a get-to-together to brain storm ideas on how we can bring about positive change and see how many people show up……..

Announce to your friends that your going to have a party with free liquor and beer and see how many people show up…..

Isn’t that what so much of life really comes down to; we would much rather party and be entertained then get serious about the world and work together in doing something positive for the culture.

The great sociologist Neil Postman said we in the Western World are ‘amusing ourselves to death’. We spend more of our time, money and energy on entertainment; on things meant to amuse ourselves than on things of a more serious nature.

But, I cling to the possibility that there is hope.

When I look at the number of people who contribute and demonstrate interest in the conversations we have on my blog I am encouraged.

Tomorrow I will be hanging out in D.C. to snap photos and reflect some more on this very famous city……..and I will continue to ask myself, ‘how much power is too much power?’

Time for a late-night coffee,


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  1. Black with half a sugar please.
    Power no mater how much, is to much. It usually turns into a combination with greed, greed for more.

  2. “There’s nothing new under the sun?” You couldn’t have quoted it better…King Solomon. I agree on each count…too much power and no, we don’t learn our lesson brother , because we’re under the assumption that we can “do it better”…not, history does show us this, however in Hosea God says “My people are destroyed for lack of intelligence.” We don’t seek God’s leading as the men of faith did back then. For us… enough…is never enough. God bless.

  3. Yes the people in DC have too much power (most governments do). Yes we continue to make the same mistakes because no one is creative enough to change the way they think. What we SEE and think of as government…is a front for the real powers BEHIND the scenes …the people who actually run things for their own power and greed. And people want to be amused because too often real life seems hopeless and horrifying. If you have enough power and/or money you can pollute, kill, destroy the economy, do anything you want to do without fear of reprisal. How many rich people are in jail? How many people (or their family menders) are in prison? Normal everyday people are good for two things, to do the grunt work and provide money in taxes and other ways, for the rich and powerful. We are the minions who labor to keep them from having to do anything but rake in the money and amass power. We are being fed a feeling of hopelessness by the media, which is controlled by those same people. Apathy and depression makes us easier to push around. Schools and churches further these feelings. Schools teach obedience and sheep mentality. Churches teach people to put up with this life and hope for a better life after death, if you do what they say. None of our institutions teach or allow people to fight back, be creative and/or to THINK FOR THEMSELVES. The legal system works to further the needs of the few. Grassroots groups (I have a lot of experience with these) cannot win because the other side has unlimited funds and legal aid. We make noise and pester the bad guys but that’s about it. If anyone one person gets too far they can be disappeared or just media blitzed about some terrible thing the or she was supposed to have done and people will question that person’s ability to leader. Disinformation and “look over there” tactics are used daily. We have walked into the trap and we can’t do anything until we find the way out. The reason everyone on the planet is in trouble is because too few people have all of the wealth and power. Those people make ALL OF THE BIG decisions for OUR lives but those decisions suit THEIR personal agenda and needs.

  4. The connection between the megacorps/megabanks and congress as far as collusion to the rip offs enrages me. Thousands of people losing pensions – the perpetrators deserve the death penalty in my book for treason and for economic warfare onthe American people. The punitive settlement arranged by congress for the banking industry mortgage fraud equals 1% of 1% of all the money stolen !

  5. Washington has slowly evolved through the years from republic to corporation . . . and a very poorly run corporation at that. . . . .

  6. I don’t think we (the average person) can fully understand the mindset of politicians and powerful influencers until placed in that position. I’d like to think that I could do a little better that the worst congress in history but who knows.

  7. Kenneth,

    So sorry to be the grammar police, but your major typo in the headline stopped me and kept me from reading on with much seriousness, which I know you deserve.
    I think you meant to write, “You’re Too Powerful”.

    Carry on.


    • Rhan, right on….correction made. Thanks for the tip…and thanks to everyone who emailed me about the grammar goof as well! Dat’s what I get for writing that post at 2 in the morning after driving all night to my hotel in D.C. i guess

  8. These powerful elected officials are your powerful.

  9. I am a recent fan of your work.

    A central theme in much of my sociopolitical ranting is also that people do not want peace or freedom, they want comfort. In the United State the people actually do have power over the government, but to exert it we would lose some comforts, more over we have to acknowledge our responsibility in what our government has done for decades as we ignored it. It’s easier to see it as separate and play the well fed victims.

    BTW I believe you meant “wield” in the sentence under the first three bullets.

  10. please, propose a solution. worked really well for karl marx.

    • well, i guess its a matter of who you ask as to whether or not it worked out for ol’ mr Marx

    • asking you. democracy in the us of a is flawed, there is no doubt, but is there a better solution?

    • Education. The single most contributing factor to nearly every fault in the US today is that the people are not properly educated in the functions of the government and therefore not engaged in its workings. If we moved to be at the top of of education in the World, we could fix nearly all the nations shortcomings in just two decades. Answer is education.

  11. I made a chicken for you…it’s on my blog today under, “I heard these people talking….”

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