Using you to get drunk…REALLY???

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by Kenneth Justice

~ “Dude, she is totally wasted!”

Last night we got dinner along the shore of the Caribbean at a little beach side restaurant/bar and I noticed that one of the young women sitting at the bar (not the woman in the photograph) was someone I had seen a couple hours earlier on the beach….she had been sitting on the beach a few hours before and drank two bottles of Jack Daniels all by herself.

Now, here she was sitting at the bar and she was drinking alcohol like it was water, “Dude, she is totally wasted” my friend said to me. The young woman had four men surrounding her…and they were all buying her drinks…..each of them hoping to be the one she would appoint has her late night rendezvous of sorts.

Each time the young lady went to stand up she would almost practically fall over and one of the guys had to help stabilize her. My friend and I finished dinner and by now we had sat and watched the young woman swallow so many drinks we lost count. When she wasn’t looking, the guys kept slapping each other on the back…they thought it was hilarious that this barely 20ish girl was going to give one of them a ‘really’ good night.

At about 10pm the young woman motioned to the guys that she needed to use the bathroom and she somehow waddled away from the table. With her gone from the table for a moment the guys began hooting and hollering with excitement as they were all locals and here was that ‘storybook’ moment when a local guy was gonna get to take to bed a young hot American girl…….

But then, out of the corner of my eye I noticed that as soon as the young woman walked into the bathroom…..she turned right back out and made a beeline straight to the street and jumped into the first taxi that was sitting near the exit. Apparently, as tipsy as the young woman might have been……she still had enough wits about her to know how to ditch the four local guys who had been buying her drinks; fake/pretend that you need to use the bathroom and sneak out when nobody is looking (well…..of course The Culture Monk was looking since I don’t seem to have much anything else to do with my life besides my obsession with observing culture). The guys never saw her leave….and after ten minutes they walked into the Women’s bathroom only to find it empty.

To be fair, I’m extremely laid back when it comes to sex. I’ve never been one to try and force my view upon others…..I’ve always believed that each person needs to figure out their own stance on the subject of sexual behavior……

BUT, I do have a problem with guys who participate in getting girls drunk (hammered) in order to have sex with them. Were these guys entirely at fault? No, like I said, I had seen this girl drinking all afternoon before she even met these local guys……..but nonetheless, getting a woman drunk in order to get into her pants seems pretty pathetic….doesn’t it?

There’s nothing really unique about the situation I’m writing about as it is something that happens every day whether you live in Ireland, Chicago, New York….or the suburbs of Philadelphia……..alcohol is the preferred intoxicant to lower the inhibitions of both young women and men.

However, just because something is ‘common’…..doesn’t mean its okay to do…..does it? I’m all about being open and honest with children because I’ve always been convinced that the more you shelter your children….the more difficult time they will have living in this world……So what will you say to your children about drinking alcohol in public? Its okay to do….but be safe? Its okay to get drunk if that’s what you want to do….but beware of the consequences?

There is one thing that is different about the situation that occurred this evening; if a young U.S. woman gets too drunk in a foreign country and finds herself in a situation that she doesn’t want to be in……..she doesn’t necessarily have her parents living down the street to come bale her out.

Many years ago I used to have a co-worker who was very proud of the fact that whenever he wanted to ‘get laid’ he would simply get his live-in girlfriend drunk. It always amazed me to no end that the only way his girlfriend would sleep with him was if she was inebriated……it made me wonder what kind of relationship they actually had.

Is that normal? To only sleep with your significant other if you are s**t faced? Is it healthy? While I’m not against alcohol at all……isn’t sex just as fun (if not more) when you are aware of what is going on?

The young woman at the bar had obviously made up her mind earlier in the night that she wasn’t going to home with one of these guys…….and she knew just how to sneak away. But every other woman in that situation might not be able to do the same thing…….I wonder what the average parent tells their daughter; “never get hammered at a public bar?”

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee this evening and watched things play out before my eyes,



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  1. Unfortunately, this is the way that most young women alcoholics reach their bottoms. They have demoralizing experiences having sex with strangers. They feel such shame from their uninhibited
    behaviors that they seek help. She is a very lucky girl. Those men sound like they cared nothing
    about her safety. Something that maybe other men present (like the bartender) might have brought
    to their attention. Needing alcohol to get laid is just pathetic.

  2. I have to ask, how big were those bottles of Jack she was drinking on the beach? I’m what you might call an experienced drinker, and that experience has taught me to watch it. Even half a fifth will ruin me for a day or two. I’m guessing she was taking that cab to the nearest hospital.

  3. Good story! Felt like I was there. Good on her for making a clean getaway but she needs help. One day she won’t be so lucky, actually maybe many days she isn’t. Plus she’s killing herself anyway.

  4. I think it was Shakespeare who said this about alcohol and sex “drink provokes the desire, but hinders the performance…”

    But I think alcohol is very dangerous – because not all people can handle their relationship with it – – and when you think about it – the powerful impact it has on the body – and brain – well it really is risky behavior – and so is all this sleeping around – and I am not that laid back on it – I think our culture is missing out by overdoing the sexual encounters w- without realizing it they are missing the deep connection it is meant to provide in a monogamous relationship (IMHO). But like the analogy where tape loses its stickiness –

    But getting back to alcohol – few – also very dangerous because it takes away one’s control –

    it also pulls from health and vitamins – and takes away alertness – and that is just plain stupid.

    Also, some people do not know how their brain will respond to this altering substance – some black out – others pass out – other throw up -some freak out (angry drunk) – and well, this lady was lucky she slipped away – but who knows how she was able to carry on after this – she left herself very vulnerable.

    and do not even get me started on how people use alcohol to cope- or actually use alcohol to “not” cope – and sadly if they do this for years – they only postpone wellness and eventually have to deal with original problems – while also have to work at breaking a well formed habit. Alcohol is also very expensive –

    and so yeah, while all things are permissible – not all things are beneficial – and I think alcohol falls into that very risky category of having very little to offer in return –

    and just last month we heard of another person who turned to alcohol (for years) to find that it was NOT the healthy reprieve – and this woman, well she had secret alcohol problems for more than a decade and her health deteriorated because of it – her widow now has a message to people – but do we have to let it get that far before we speak up – or wake up – to this life PULLING substance?
    so I am kind of a little sad/mad for her right now – it seems the little good from alcohol – which is what?? – to refresh and maybe relax for a bit?? – well it has more destructive stuff than the little it has to offer.

    and I like your ending thought… because I too wonder what parents tell their daughters (and sons)…hmmm

    • it’s always seemed to me that the problem really begins and ends at the home; because there are some countries where there is very little alcohol abuse and I believe its because the parents in those cultures are doing a better job at raising their children with a proper attitude towards alcohol.

      unfortunately, the united states seems to promote a ‘binge drinking’ attitude when it comes to college kids

    • you know what CM- that is really well said!!! so true, so true.

  5. Gak! I’m surprised she didn’t end up in the hospital. She’s probably done this before, since she had the escape route down pat but one of these days she might not be so lucky. And with the stuff being put into drinks today, she could end up in a very bad place or she could end up dead. Choices.

    • yea no kidding…….I was surprised she didn’t pass out at the bar….but she must have eaten some food inbetween when I saw her on the beach and when she came into the bar…otherwise she clearly would have been under the table

  6. I think girlfriend was probably faking the amount she was drinking or have a very high tolerance level for alcohol. Its amazing the things folks will do when they are on vacation or away from their place of abode. they appear to lose inhibition.

  7. My girl is only 3, so who knows what I’ll really say to her when the time comes, but for now I’ll say something like: as unfair as it may seem, you’ve got to protect yourself. Unless you’re with a pack of girls who you know without a shadow of a doubt has your back, you’ve got to drink responsibly. And that means it’s ok to get your buzz on, but you’ve got to keep your whits. Don’t trust anyone you’ve just met–no matter how cute he is! Keep your drink with you, don’t get separated from the pack, and screaming for help is ok and recommended if you get cornered!

    • “And that means it’s ok to get your buzz on, but you’ve got to keep your whits”

      I agree totally….its one thing to drink a little bit…its another to drink so much that you’re no longer in control

  8. but nonetheless, getting a woman drunk in order to get into her pants seems pretty pathetic….doesn’t it?

    I think it’s very possibly predatory.

    • I totally agree with you. Whatever her reasons for drinking so much, those guys were not about to do anything respectful…At least that was my thought as I pictured this scenario. I’m glad she left.

  9. Good for her for getting the upper hand on them and their plans. Drunk with sense – that’s an uncommon combination. 🙂

  10. “If a young … woman gets too drunk … and finds herself in a situation that she doesn’t want to be in… ”

    As a parent, that applies to both daughters and sons – whether it be a foreign country, another town, a party or right next door. And the truth of it? Everyone of us has done it at some time – felt invincible – in control (no matter how intoxicated). I certainly did. And my children. And I guess theirs as well when they are parents. But doesn’t age make reflection so much easier – because we have more time – because we are too old to participate as we used to. Hello old chap! Welcome to the Reflection Club 🙂

    • ‘welcome to the reflection club’

      lol yea seems like most of my life is spent reflecting 🙂

    • well said paulfg…..and CM…. I am in the reflection club too. but the good news is that people do not have to learn everything from experience – well hopefully – but I guess sometimes we had to live and learn….

  11. Nice one Kenneth! I’m searching the blog sphere to find her blog. Maybe a “culture nun”? Drinking tea in the two bottles of Jack Daniels and then getting free drinks from these guys, to see how they react when believing a woman is drunk and easy prey. She would be laughing all the way to the hotel! As for a serious answer, I will come back later, when in the mood!

    • LOL!!! Yea, something tells me she doesn’t have a blog…if she does it would be called “Drunk White B****” or something like that…cuz I didn’t even mention in the article what a nasty mouth that girl had on her….she could cuss with the best of them….(not that I’m saying I can’t 😉 )

  12. Yeah, this whole situation was just full of stupidity and it’s only by chance that the girl wasn’t bedded by four dudes she clearly didn’t want. That being said, she handled herself like an idiot to get into that situation. In my experience, alcohol consumption is an attitude. If you position yourself correctly and make sure you’re in the right crowd and location, you can have a phenomenal time and be wasted, but far too many people don’t heed the thought at all and just make themselves vulnerable to really bad situations like these. It’s a difficult thing to judge. It’s nobody’s fault, and everybody’s fault. But who is more faulty, if such a judgement must be made?

  13. It’s pretty sad to see at 11 pm a woman laying on the street, drunk, in the midle of London. They say they are workaholic during the week and in weekend they get carried away…this is their explanation! In every respectful night club in London we’ll find a note on the bathroom door” drink responsible and ask for a taxi do not get a lift from a stranger”.
    Then how many amaricans especially women are wating their fabulous 21 age to get into a bar. How cool is to see a young beautiful woman drunk and showing her boobs on a dancing ring? I’m not throwing any rocks… but I never seen a drunk romanian woman… behaving like that. What i’m trying to say is we are different from education, culture and of course wealthiness. Perhaps whet people are poor they hold more common sense or they don’t have money to buy two bottles of whiskey…I have no other clue which makes as different! And I know for sure a romanian mother would tell especially to her daughter do not drink with strangers and don’t have more than one!
    Getting drunk and having sex in a couple could be: missing the lust while they are awaken or being hurt and the imposibility to touch the partener being awake, jmho. Pathetic or not I’m not a psychologist just a person who lives and enjoys life.

    • “I’m not throwing any rocks… but I never seen a drunk romanian woman… behaving like that. What i’m trying to say is we are different from education, culture and of course wealthiness”

      I’ve heard the same thing said about Romania before from other people dana……and its something I respect VERY much about your country…..

  14. Wow, so ok. Now this is something that I am familiar with. I am a recovering alcoholic who, by the end, at 110’lbs would drink 2 bottles of SoCo a day. Yes, a day! Not to sleep with men, but mostly because I needed the “courage” to converse and function like other humans. I am pretty reserved without. I thought tho- in the beginning it was fun, until it wasn’t. Poor girl. Biochick is right. Everyone has to hit a bottom.

  15. I won’t tell my girl I love her if I’ve been drinking nor value it’s sincerity from her if she has.

    • Kristin,

      lol a lot of people may think that I was ‘trashing’ her in my article…but the god’s honest truth is that I couldn’t stop laughing when she ditched those guys…..I cracked up so hard…..they got what they deserved!

  16. Sex all hammered or pissed as we called it. It is like sex with a rag doll no way fun you just get your load off.
    Now being tipsy i found t does work for me LOL but other than that i know i can be a bad drunk on times so i try not to drink. Other times i am fun just not take chances

    She was teh smart one and made e smile to hear.

    • Dude I am so with you….I would NEVER want to have sex with a woman (whether a wife or girlfriend) who is hammered…whats the point? I’ve never gotten that about guys at all.

  17. She’s a smart girl in the end, I’d say. Glad she knew when to take leave. I wonder if she’s there, and drinking so heavily, in order to get over someone. Seems in the end nothing really works to help that process not booze, distance or other men. Hopefully she decided to get back home and win the guy back.

    Those four men deserve the rath of your bats and monkeys, Kenneth. Make it happen. 🙂

    • lol….well my bat didn’t show up last night…guess he finally wandered off and found a new sleeping place. Oddly enough, he really didn’t bother me and that’s strange cuz I’m not fond of rodents AT ALL….and in my book; a bat is a rodent. but everything I’ve read said they will leave you alone… I just went to sleep 🙂

  18. Sex with a barely conscious drunk? I can’t imagine anything less fun. They say rape is not really about sex – I’d say the same applies here, if indeed you can separate it from rape. As for the girl, I have to agree with Gregory Williams. No way she downed 2 bottles of Jack and survived to tell about it, let alone kept drinking the rest of the day.

    • Mikels,

      I am so with you; I don’t understand the guys who are into that kind of thing at all. And I gotta disagree with ya on the bottles of Jack….I’ve had plenty of female friends who can drink that much and more; I’ve seen it. its a crazy world we live in (and being an ex-substance abuse counselor I should mention that one of the reasons people do cocaine is to help them drink more alcohol)

  19. Yowser Kenneth, I could say so much, but then others have also done the same. So I will keep it short, hopefully! Firstly, as a mum of two grown young men (and I say men, not the scumbags you write about here, more on that shortly) and a 21 year old Aspie daughter I would like to say this: My boys like to drink and party and believe me they are not perfect BUT I will stake my life on the fact that I KNOW they would never, ever, treat a young woman like this, drunk or not, because they were brought up with self-respect, dignity, and, here it comes, moral fibre. Such an old fashioned term that…

    Secondly, what I find so deeply troubling about the young woman is that a) she drank not one but two bottles of JD on the beach and then b) kept drinking. I’ll give her kudos, she had the wits to out-smart the scumbags who thought they were on to a good thing but she won’t make 30 if she carries on like that.

    I’ve seen my middle boy down an entire bottle of JD and a bottle of Jagermeister. He doesn’t do either now, he is 25 and likes to drink, believe me, and can put away a bottle of Vodka like nobody I’ve ever seen but my dad is an alcoholic and has spent most of his adult life in prison due to alcohol-related crime but has seen young men drop down dead in front of him due to their drinking so my boys know how I feel about it all.

    Yes, I am no prude and am certainly not too old to party and enjoy a few drinks and remember what it was like to party in my slightly younger years!!! Still, why can’t young women know their limit, why do they get themselves in this state. Hello!!! She was alone, in the Caribbean, drunk out of her mind, letting four guys she had never met buy her drinks??? She was lucky.

    I despair over this drinking culture and the attitudes amongst young people that it is considered acceptable to act this way. I wonder if one of those young men would have done that if they were alone? Probably not. I wonder if they for one minute thought that the girl might get ill or need help? I doubt it. She would have been raped by four men, no doubt about it. Maybe worse.

    I shudder at the thought of this entire scenario yet I know it goes on all the time and not just in the Caribbean. Try visiting the UK towns and cities at night. Talk about a culture shock.

  20. OK, I am back. First off, I am not in position to judge as a drinker, because I have never been drunk. So any positive symptoms, have gone under my radar. I guess my parents gave me the example not by telling me, but in fact by their way of life. They were never drunk, a glass of wine or two was their choice on occasion, and this passed to me. And I guess my children will get such an example from me as well. Also, the church life really works…

  21. Good observation/blog! This could have ended quite badly! As a person in recovery I had my share of instances which endangered my own life and left some trauma scars. As a female and a mother I already talk to my kid about putting oneself in harms way. ESPECIALLY as a female. I would NEVER want the same things to happen to her or her friends. The woman in your blog clearly drinks alcoholically and I wish her hope and help….These other people in your blog, including the buddy with the girlfriend are manipulative and dishonest besides unethical. Could cross into illegal and hurtful if allowed to their own devices. I wish all parents would teach male and female children to respect themselves and their bodies. As a society, we would spare our future generations much pain and suffering.

  22. And the sad thing is..we are so hungry for affection…this society..that we do this..or we believe words spoken to us..and we do not pause and think..why did they just say that..? or that was really becomes normal to us..and we will not look at that which is considered abnormal..waiting..considering yourself so priceless..that your value topples believing lies to get into your pants..or getting the act is easier and more accepted..
    You may have a real short list of lovers..but you have a long list of integrity..and are filled with grace..for this life we walk…

    • “You may have a real short list of lovers..but you have a long list of integrity..and are filled with grace..for this life we walk”

      wow, very poetic. And you’re right; the girl I was watching at the bar was totally obsessed with getting the affection of those guys…….

  23. It sounds to me like the girl was just using the guys for drinks. I had a friend tell me recently that if I paid for any drinks in college, I was doing it wrong. Plenty of girls take advantage of that situation because they don’t want to spend their own money. That said, it is a bit of a dangerous situation to put yourself in, especially alone. I don’t know what the laws are in Costa Rica. Say she blacked out or passed out and they guys decided to take advantage of the situation. Would their laws view that as rape? It’d be hard enough to prosecute such a case in the United States.

    On the point of culture in general, I think we have gotten used to the idea of the drunk hook up. I’ll never forget the Valentine’s Day I was listening to the radio while driving to work. The radio show was having people call in with their tips on how to get laid. One woman joking said “get her drunk!” and laughed.

    On some level, I can understand wanting to be a little tipsy. Women tend to be more affected by life’s stressors and body image issues. These things can make it hard to fully enjoy the sexual experience. If you drink a little, it’s easier to let those things go. The way that drinking and sex is joked about in our culture bothers me, though. Sometimes, I wonder if people understand the difference between right and wrong. Does a 16-year-old understand that sleeping with a girl who is drunk is rape? Whatever excuse he has, the law says it is rape if she is drunk. It’s such a grey area…

    • yea, and I don’t have a problem with getting a little bit tipsy…..its all fine and good….

      I guess one thing that annoyed me was that the girl was there by herself….her friend that she was at the beach with earlier didn’t show up to the bar…….(I had overheard enough of the conversation to understand that the friend wasn’t coming) so here is this girl in a foreign country, at a bar, totally drunk, surrounded by four guys……talk about a bad scenario…..

      but I’m so glad she was aware enough to get out of the situation when she could.

  24. About Sex again? Very important in our life, can destroy our future and health. The drunk woman seems like a strong chick, but won’t be tough for long. I’m glad she escaped because God knows what stories you would have next day…lol maybe funny, maybe tragic. The four dirty guys are pathetic and low life, wishing to be rotated in a drunk woman.
    I would always talk to my kids about the consequences of alcohol and drugs. Don’t let alcohol or anyone controll your life.

    Espero que disfrutar de un tiempo para su auto 😊☕️

  25. I remember attending a party in a college town and one girl was wasted and passed out a couch. Guys were laughing and pulling down her shirt, until her friends intervened and made sure she was safe. I decided to have my first drink when I was 21 and i can count on one hand the amount of times i have been completely trashed. i’ve never seen a problem with drinking, but i do see problems with drinking to excess and totally losing control of your senses.

    • I’m with you; I don’t have a problem with drinking and it doesn’t even bother me if someone wants to drink a lot……it all comes down to being safe about it…..I’m sure the times you did get trashed you weren’t in a foreign country, in a bar, all by yourself, surrounded by people that might steal from you or who knows what once you passed out……

  26. Interesting – I thought you were going to talk about how this woman was being a manipulative user. Sure, the guys trying to get her drunk weren’t too cool, and your observations about this are right on – still, the fact that this woman was skilled at this maneuver to get what she wanted with sex (or the possibility of it) is somewhat akin to being a prostitute. She knew what she was doing.

    • well,

      actually the friend that was sitting with me felt that she was being a ‘manipulative user’ and he was kinda pissed at what she did…..but me….I dunno, the guys were a bunch of jerks and any guy that wants to hook up with a totally drunk chick; I simply don’t have much empathy for that kind of person.

  27. That situation isn’t just pathetic, it’s possible rape. If a woman, or a man, is too intoxicated to make a legit decision to have sex, it’s rape. It’s simple as that. It doesn’t matter that she made the decision to drink, when sober, she didn’t necessarily decide to have sex – two different things. I wish people would understand this. I’m guessing she must have gotten some food somewhere between the beach and the bar and maybe not sober, but was more grounded and grounded enough to know she needed out of there…thank God. The situation you’ve described here is really upsetting. It does happen in the U.S. too much – hello Stubenville – except now, there’s the Internet to make that humiliation and rape happen over and over and over again. It’s despicable, grotesque. As for the guy and his girlfriend… yeah that too COULD be called rape. I’m so disturbed at that notion. That relationship was totally toxic in more ways than one. Ugh, I have to stop now or I’ll get really upset. I’m glad that girl got away – I hope she got to the hospital or something. Geez.

    • Jen,

      its a double edge sword because I left a lot out of the story; like the way she kept putting her hand on each of the guy’s shoulders and arms…clearly being flirty with them……I mean, she was making a lot of advances…….but I totally agree that if she didn’t want to have sex and they did it; then they would be guilty of rape for sure……fortunately she got out of the situation.

    • Being flirty doesn’t mean she wants sex. Two different things. I suppose in the end it doesn’t matter as she got out of it but eek. Creepy situation.

    • In complete and total agreement.

  28. Interesting point you made there. You can be standing in many places in the great big world but some things seem universal. Kudos to her for having the sense and balance to sneak into a cab. These few guys are no worse than the average person that takes advantage of any person in whatever the situation may be. Get what I can for me with no regard for anyone else. Sad! but it goes on every day. At least there are some of us that recognize that although most are doing it, it is still wrong!

  29. booze and sex does not mix . . . sex basically sucks as an aphrodisiac. a small amount of weed is the only drug that doesn’t . . .

    although booze lowers your inhibitions it also lowers your ability to actually enjoy sex.

    The girl is in big trouble even if she is clever . . . two bottles of Jack Daniels? unless they were way watered down . . . she could have been close to death IMO.

    • JJ,

      I dunno dude, I’ve worked as a substance abuse counselor and you might be surprised at how much people are able to drink…….things are getting crazy when it comes to alcohol tolerance unfortunately 😦

  30. As a mother, I teach my children to stay away from any alcohol. I have seen from people around me as well as in the news the harmful effects of alcohol. I feel the harm very much outweighs the benefit and therefore is dangerous to us. I feel as a parent it is my duty to protect them and help them to grow healthy and happy. When they are older it is out of my hands, but for now I will keep them away from as much evil as I can. I know that I cannot shelter them from everything but I can shelter them from what I am capable of, in the position God has given me.

  31. I notice how people can rely on alcohol; sometimes, it seems like a prerequisite for having any kind of fun. I haven’t had a drink in many years, just because I never feel the need to. Also, I’ve developed negative associations with alcohol, as I’ve seen how it’s caused hurt several people I’ve cared about.

    Changing the subject, Kenneth, I wanted to let you know that you got a reference in my blog post today. It’s related to my keeping a promise to you (although you might not be impressed with the way I did that). Looking forward to your next post …

  32. An observation of culture. You said it.

  33. Excellent post- and at first, I’ll be honest, I was contemplating the argument that a woman who uses her sex appeal to scam drinks from people is probably just as bad as the miscreants who are pouring alcohol into her in the hopes of a carnal payout. The more I thought about it though, I backed off that stance, and am more inclined to applaud the young lady for her ability to screw these guys in a manner which they deserved, and not so much in the manner that they wished. The animalistic idea that they could ply a woman with enough alcohol to sully her senses enough to sleep with any of them minimizes if not erases any fault I can find in the young woman’s methods of gleaning alcohol for the night. As far as I can tell, more stories of a similar nature need to end this way.

  34. My guess is that she was a shill for the bar owner. Drank tea out of the JD bottles on the beach, fell down a couple of times to advertise to CultureMonk and anyone else watching that she was drunk and probably an easy conquest, then did the bar performance to rack up some sales for the establishment. And if there was a taxi just waiting for her, that’s another clue. It wouldn’t be the first time that has happened. I’ve seen similar scenarios play out in many places, and I’ve never been to Costa Rica.

  35. Greetings Kenneth–I’m not sure if Night Owl Is serious. Too much trouble for the ‘bar owner’ to go to or be responsible for in order to get a few wayward souls to come into his/her establishment to spend a few bucks trying to get lucky. More likely she decided how she could ‘have a few’ at the expense of 4 guys who were thinking with the ‘little head’. It’s risky business to be sure but it happens all the time. Here, there and everywhere in between. Unfortunately sometimes the lady doesn’t always get to walk away at the end of the night. Once you start to push a freight train down a hill and it gets rollin’ its damn hard trying to slow it down or stop it. My suggestion would be don’t get it started–there are too many guys out there that would love to accommodate her–so I guess its ‘be careful what you are advertising’–JIm

  36. “Were these guys entirely at fault?” Yes. I don’t care if she was passed out drunk or stone cold sober. If there is any to be shared, it is shared with society as a whole that says if someone is too drunk (or wearing clothes or being in places) that they may be asking for such advances.

    That said, I’ve always thought alcohol was a pointless and useless substance. sXe

    • Aikifox,

      As with most things I think when it comes to alcohol; moderation is the key. One glass of wine is fine…..unfortunately., there are a lot of people out there that aren’t able to stay at a minimum amount

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