A little coffee, a song, and a day off…REALLY???

I’m taking the day off from blogging today as I work on some final details for my trip next week to Chicago……

For those who haven’t heard, I’m currently on a 100 coffee house tour meeting with readers, bloggers and everyone else in-between. I’d love to have coffee with you!

A list of my upcoming itinerary can be found here <Culture Monk Tour Dates> and I will update the dates and locations for places like San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, and Europe as soon as I finalize the details.

Kenneth Justice

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  1. I’m only a few hours away from Portland Oregon and hope the date works with my hectic travel schedule coming up.

  2. Love JOC- and awesome about trip. I did some time in Shytown-lol! Have good friends still there in Elmhurst area. Have fun!

    • TJ, I used to work at a jail and when people would say ‘did some time’… it meant something different than you mean it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • LOL! I actually lived in Chicago, therefore the reference to “doin time”-
      Actually I am a clinical social worker and work with street gangs mostly. I here you, loud and clear!
      Cabrini Green , I have seen it all there,
      Have a great trip though, and I would like to touch base with you on some ideas I have wen you and I have spare time…hahaha

    • And I promise to proofread my comments from now on…wow. – that last was horrific..

  3. Wave if you pass near IA on your way to the Windy City.

    Be safe…

  4. Jars Of Clay play coffee shops……REALLY?

    • David, ha ha, yea… guess their career took a turn south. Although CCM music doesn’t really exist anymore as it used to…. but that’s probably a good thing for the most part ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’ve always felt they transcended the genre.

    • “transcended” perhaps…..I always thought too much of it seemed like copy-cat material from other mainstream bands. I remember going into a Christian bookstore in the 1990’s and they had this chart in there that read, “If you like alanis morissette than you would like Rebecca St. James, if you like The Offspring, than you would like” etc….. it was like they were simply trying to rip off mainstream artists…. but that was merely one observation I had of many….

    • I found them because I heard a song on the radio. There was a AAA format station in Phoenix at the time. I had no idea they were even a “Christian band” til much later. It was evident from some of their lyrics, of course, that they were Christians, but it wasn’t so in your face blatant as many bands in the genre. I just liked their sound.

  5. CCM is bigger than ever CM! Are you serious?

    • Actually, CCM’s current revenue as an industry is half of what it was in the 1990’s….here’s an article which touches on some of the data, http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2012/julyweb-only/what-happened-to-my-ccm.html

    • Point taken. I really think we have seen such a huge crossover market, along with the fear of calling themselves Christian ( which in the wrong ears =sinless) Bands in general. I , as a Christian, would rather see less of a bubble for Christians, and more like Switchfoot who are just Christians playing good music. Seems better somehow. Good article though, and thanks for the reference.

    • ” I really think we have seen such a huge crossover market, along with the fear of calling themselves Christian ”

      I don’t know how old you are, but when Bob Dylan became a Christian in the early 1980’s (his album Slow Train Coming) he ended up getting really intimidated by the evangelicals who were putting a ton of pressure on him to be some type of spokesman or whatnot….and so he ended up pulling back entirely.

      The author Anne Rice experienced the same pressure from conservative Christians when she came back to the Catholic Church a few years ago……

      I tend to appreciate the Christian artists, musicians, and writers who don’t use ‘Jesus’ or a ‘Christian’ label to sell their music or art… and simply create good art, music, books, etc….

      That was my beef with the CCM label of the 1990’s…is IMHO it seemed like they were using the ‘Christian’ label to sell music… rather than to simply be Christians who produced music ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for your great comments

    • I agree.. The Christians are often the ones who run people away from the God they serve. Sad really.

      Thanks and lets stay in touch!

  6. Kenneth, you didn’t REALLY take a day off, you know. Good to see you here today and I hope to see you in Boston.

  7. I thought you wrote everything three months in advance. Does this mean you took a day off in December?

    • I do have hundreds of drafts written, and this weekend I’ve been working on articles from Trip to Atlanta…. but there is still daily work involved;

      –) Formatting the draft for publication
      –) Adding a media image
      –) creating the necessary tags and title

      Sometimes I need a day off from feeling the pressure of creating the final work ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That’s what the archive is for. When you don’t feel like it, rerun an old post. I suspect this one will be used more than once.

  8. Seems to me that in r days off we Do more , so as long as we breath there is No day off ๐Ÿ˜ƒ love your traveling surprises. Enjoy your break while working ๐Ÿ˜Š

  9. I was hoping to see Poland on the list. But sadly not.

  10. Howdy CultureMonk! Thank you for following my humble attempt at blogging! (in Truth, it’s more like ‘scribbling & drooling’…).

    Lookin’ forward to your 100 coffee house tour! Sadly, I left Seattle 36 years ago, so my favorite places there have changed quite a bit, as I was gonna make a few suggestions for your visit (Elliot Bay Book Company moved out of Historic Pioneer Square, near where the KingDome once stood. I used to have coffee, a pastry and read books there, while listening to the creak of the old board floor as people walked past…. ahh, Memories…)

    Now I live about 1 1/2 hr south in the Olympia area, and there is a Divine bookstore/ coffeeshop called Sage Bookstore ( http://sagebookstore.com/ ) in Shelton, WA near where I live that is locally owned & supported by some of the most creative people I’ve ever had the pleasure to ‘randomly’ meet! There’s also Rockin Chocolate (Truffles, WiFi & lunch with your coffee!!) ( http://www.rockinchocolate.net ), as well as my personal favorite Smoking Mo’s BBQ ( http://www.smokingmos.com/ ) located in the Historical old Bank Bldg, that stood on the mud-filled street front in the downtown of Shelton when it was just a logging camp, over a century ago. I’ve met some incredible local rising stars (Abi Grace!!) as the debuted their talents there. the food and coffee is spectacular, as are the people and the historical photos still on the walls there, to take you back in Time. My Personal number one all time fave is Urraco Coffee in Shelton, however. I’ve spent many Groovi hours there enjoying the music, the Locals, the food and the grassroots coffee there ( http://www.urracocoffee.com/store ). (All are on FaceBook as well.)

    The only reason I rudely include this unsolicited information is, due to my truck being broke I’m in a panic, as I’m still waiting on a ‘Friend’ (ANY Friend will due at this point!) to help me drop the tranny so I can replaced the stupid broken part and get back on the road to Independence again! I Really Really Really want to meet you on your tour, but I would have to take a train in to Seattle, unless I can talk you into adding a ‘Moment’ to your itinerary…. ๐Ÿ˜‰ for little ol’ me.

    I don’t mind if ya ‘circular file’ this, but ya can’t blame a Gyrl for tryin’, can ya?!

    PS– I find your blog incredibly inspiring, as I just finished a few classes on how to make your blog like like an ‘Adult’ is writing it, beside the fact that your writing is so Groovi, I want to be a stalker—– I Mean ‘Follower’!! Sorry! Sorry! Didn’t mean to cause any panic there!


    Keep me posted on Seattle- hmmm…. Portland may be just as close…..?!

    Yours in Phunn~
    Violet, the Meek

  11. There is quite a distance from here to Chicago, otherwise I would have loved to join your meeting

  12. When are you going to be in Chicago? Which days? I want to take the trip!

    • Ok, just looked at the tour date… only the one day?? That’ll be tight, but I’ll try to swing it!

    • Yea, I’ll actually be there all weekend but unfortunately I’m only able to set aside Saturday for meeting with fellow bloggers and readers. I hope it works out, I’d LOVE To meet you!

    • The only way I could make it would be to drive.. I have to be back home to be at work at 3pm that afternoon, haha. And I’ve never driven to Chicago, so, that’s a bit intimidating. Should I make it, know you’re a big deal, lol! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That seems like a tall order, I’m sure I’ll be in Chicago later in the year, probably come Autumn (I usually come as often as I can cuz I’m not far away) so maybe you won’t have to work next time ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. 100 coffee houses trip would not be complete without having a cuppa in Melbourne, Australia. We have amazing coffee culture here ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. you’re posts crack me up lol, i scroll down my reader and nearly choke on my coffee with laughing LOL, yes REALLY!!!! hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€

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