The perfect hot dog…REALLY???

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By Kenneth Justice

~ This past weekend I was in Chicago to stop by a couple coffee shops in my year long quest to visit 100 coffee shops throughout the Western World. One of the more surprising conversations I had was with the young man at the Amtrak window who sold me my train ticket; he’s LOVES hot dogs.

Similar to the bagel man from Atlanta, the Amtrak man is a hot dog aficionado and when after I told him that I was here in Chicago on a writing tour; his eyes lit up as he said, “Well, let me tell you all about hot dogs and where to get the best one in the city!” he said

For the next 20 minutes I stood a little bit awkwardly at the young man’s ticket window as he gave me all the ins-and-outs of hot dog revelry in the City of Broad Shoulders. I’ve never sat and listened to someone talk about hot dogs for so long, but twenty minutes wasn’t too bad considering I had listened to the bagel man in Atlanta talk about bagels for the better part of an hour.

Eating a hot dog for the Amtrak man is a big deal. He and his girlfriend when searching for the perfect hot dog restaurant rate the type of meat, the ‘snap’ the meat makes as they bite into it (sorry to all the vegetarian’s out there for the descriptions), the aroma of the hot dog, and they are very particular about what you can put on a hot dog; he says nothing should be put on a hot dog except for tomatoes and mustard.

I suspect that for the average hot dog eater very little goes into their thought process beyond, “I think I will eat a hot dog today” and that’s about it. But for people like the Amtrak Hot Dog dude and the Atlanta Bagel man; the process of eating and enjoying food is an intricate process…..they want to really enjoy their meal.

I haven’t eaten a hot dog in many years. But I appreciated the excitement and tenor of the young man’s tone as he described his favorite meal. We live in a fast food culture where few people give much thought to the food that they put into their body. I’ve heard people tell me how upset they were at having to sit through a drive-thru window for more than a few minutes, “It’s f**cking fast food and it shouldn’t take so long!” they say

One of my favorite movie quotes comes from the Meg Ryan film Kate & Leopold, the European traveler disgusted with American fast food culture remarks,

Where I come from the meal is the result of reflection and study. Menus are prepared in advanced, timed for perfection. It is said, without the culinary arts the crudeness of reality would be unbearable

That’s quite a different take to eating food than rushing into the frozen section at the grocery store and buying a made-to-order microwave meal…isn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong, I realize that life is busy. It’s no longer 1950, the world has changed and who really has hours upon hours each day to prepare dinner? Who has time to make a dinner where you sit down with friends and loved ones and enjoy each morsel that falls upon your palate?

But perhaps this is yet another area of Western Culture in which it is time to stand up and protest; to raise our hand and say, ‘wait a minute, maybe we need to rethink the culinary arts’.

I’m going to go out on a limb and admit something that might make me look like a nut; I’ve seen the film Kate & Leopold nearly a dozen times; I watch it once every year a week after I watch the film Joe VS the Volcano. Both of the films are simple fare but they contain some deep observations about Western Culture and they ask some really profound questions,

—-) How much are we really being affected by advertisements?

—-) What’s the point of all the rushing around that we are doing?

—-) Is God really out there and does God care about us?

—-) Are we living life to the fullest?

—-) Have we forgotten what it feels like to truly enjoy a meal?

So as I stood there listening to the Hot Dog Dude, although I don’t eat hot dogs anymore; I totally connected with what he was saying. I related to his passion about hot dogs because I too have been developing my own passions regarding the culinary arts. I don’t want to wake up one day and realize that I’ve merely been another nebbish going along with the flow and eating stale toast while living a stale life.

Perhaps you wouldn’t definite it as “rebellious” for me to go to the Farmers Market on Saturday to pick up fresh vegetables from local growers…..but sometimes rebellion isn’t about guns and violence; it’s about returning to a simpler time, it’s about reforming and curtailing the bad habits which abound all throughout our culture.

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee this morning,


—) I’ll be in Pittsburgh in two weeks! I’d love to meet you for coffee!

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  1. To bad you don’t like Hot Dogs, Hot Doug’s is the best on the planet, so in Pittsburgh you gotta go to Priimanti Bros in the stip district..

  2. As much as people not having the time, to cook a good, nourishing homemade meal does not necessarily take all that much time. With as much as you drive by fast food places and the amount of people that take the time to go inside and eat in them, I personally find it more comforting If I just go home at the end of the day and have something in the oven and can just sit back and relax (I also try to put somewhat healthy foods into my body- even if something may not be as healthy if I make it myself it won’t have all the unecessary ingredients of processed foods). Sometimes as opposed to the time aspect i think it’s become more of the lazy side of things. If you look at lots of fast food meals, i.e. stuff like burgers, chicken tenders, fish sandwich etc. none of it would take all much time to cook. A burger you can do in a pan and they come out nicely, chicken- can be done millions of ways and white fish can be pan seared within minutes. Also nice to save some money as well 🙂

    • Chad, I’m totally with you. I actually make all the meals at my house and make a point to only use fresh fruits and vegetable; no frozen food at my place 😉

    • Hey now, Kenneth– I wouldn’t diss frozen food entirely. For off-season produce, it’s of good quality, especially as they are usually IQF now. It’s often cheaper than fresh for those of us on fixed incomes… farmer’s markets were mentioned earlier, and as so many growers are targeting organic… there’s simply no way I can afford to spend $5 on a bunch of carrots.

  3. If you want a delicious hot dog, check out Franktuary in Pittsburgh! I just had one there the other week called a BLT Rex – it involved CANDIED bacon… need I say more? 😉

    • Wow, candied bacon on a hot dog….I swear it seems like they put bacon on everything these days! Thanks for the info, I’m really excited to be coming to Pittsburgh 🙂

  4. I think this is hilarious, but you definitely have a point. We’re always in such a rush that we settle for cheap and fast. We sacrifice quality. If we’re sacrificing quality when it comes to the most basic aspect of our lives, nourishment of our bodies, then where else are we cutting corners? Where else has quality taken a backseat to convenience? Long Live the Bagel Guy and Hot Dog Man! They may be annoying, but they totally get it!

    PS – Oscar Meyer Black Angus dogs are very good.

  5. Want to be a serious under-the-rasa rebel? Grow your own food. But if you ever decide to try a hot dog again, come to Syracuse. Papabear and I will buy you a coney at Heid’s. It’s enough to make a vegetarian weep.

  6. Thanks. Now I want a hot dog. Or better- a chili-dog.

  7. I, too, will admit to watching Kate and Leopold multiple times. Strikes a simple chord. 🙂

  8. It will be those small acts of rebellion that change the world! One fresh tomato at a time, lets regain our souls, and passion for life. Nothing in the world has the power to stop you in your tracks like a fresh tomato right off the vine.
    I loved todays blog. Thanks again.

  9. I can only eat a 100% beef dog. in my opinion, hebrew national are the best, so if he talked about them or nathan’s i can understand why he talked for 20 minutes =)

    • Yea, I’ve NEVER heard someone talk that long about hot dogs…. and honestly; if I hadn’t of cut the conversation off by saying, “well I probably should get going now” he would have kept on talking!

  10. This one brings out my contrarian nature (not hard to do). Goodness. Food is just food. Somethings taste better than others, but it’s not going to save your marriage. You think God worries if we think he’s a nice guy or he’s lost our phone number? When I rush around it’s because I’m excited about something! I enjoy funny, clever advertisements. But I rarely buy anything anyway. And what’s living life to the fullest? Like we’re going to be graded? Just manage to do what interests you without dying, seems a simple enough rule of thumb. Whoops! There I go. I’ve spilled my coffee. 🙂

    • Well, I totally understand your perspective….. but I guess in a small part I’m kind of food-obsessed too since there are some brands of coffee I simply can’t stand… but when I have a good cup of coffee; mmmmm, I feel like I’m in heaven 😉

  11. I loved this post Kevin – the ernestness of the young man trying to ensure you had a first-class hot dog experience is so sweet. I am not an American but I do love proper American hot dogs!

    You say in your post “the world has changed and who really has hours upon hours each day to prepare dinner?”
    Well I have news for you – I do.
    And I know others who do the same. Actually I don’t spend ‘hours upon hours’ preparing our meals, its just that (1) I love cooking, (2) it is cheaper to prepare your own food (3) I want to know what is in our food – no unknown chemicals, preservatives etc: and finally, and possibly the most important reason is that food is love, sitting round a table with family, friends and anyone else who may need a meal, breaking bread together, giving thanks for food and fellowship is one of the most rewarding things one can do. A bowl of home-made soup, bread, cheese and fruit and you have a feast. I rejoice in it.

    • Yea, I’m totally with you herschelian, I actually love to cook and the movie Kate & Leopold (among other things) helped to revamp my philosophy towards home cooking and now I’m obsessed with cooking meals every night and putting thought and reflection into them 🙂

  12. Little Kenny Justice at the breakfast table with his pop tarts.Grew up to be a rebel and buy fresh produce at the Farmer’s Market. I love it. My Mother is a gourmet cook. She raised me on very exotic delicacies. I am very grateful that I have a love of good food. My kids love caviar (which they get at holidays) but eat mostly vegetarian. I bought some Nathan’s hot dogs and ate them dipped in hot mustard. Rebels rock.

  13. Like the lazy readers wait for the movie to come out? Ppl rather spend money and time in fast food than healthy meal at home. With my crazy schedule, always running the marathon not enough time for books, but enjoy my homemade food and fresh fruits, don’t forget the coffee 😃
    Sorry, hot dogs my last choice.(maybe grilled on 4th July)
    What we do for what’s brings us pleasure; Kate crosses the bridge for Leopold (I might’ve done that too 😀)
    Amtrak dude all he cares & talk about hot dogs; Atlanta bagel dude;…
    A colorful world that blows our mind.

  14. “…but sometimes rebellion isn’t about guns and violence; it’s about returning to a simpler time, it’s about reforming and curtailing the bad habits which abound all throughout our culture.” Wow! You hit the nail on the head. It’s being counter-cultural. We can choose to live our lives rather than have our lives live us. By the way, there is nothing wrong with questioning the existence of God. You should not be judged for that! Personally, your daily presence helps me to believe there is a God. You have helped me to examine many of the questions by which I am plagued.

    • Thank you Cate! I think that belief in God is incredibly easy when we’re able to separate the negative influences of……Christians! lol. I don’t mean that to sound quite so silly or mean toward Christians, but one of my favorite authors, C.S. Lewis, before he became a Christian admitted that the hardest thing for him in becoming a Christian and believing in God was dealing with all of the Christians that he simply didn’t like or he thought were mean. “How can I believe in the same god that these nasty Christians believe in” is essentially what he pondered.

      Its like following a sports team; some times the fanatics of a particular team make us not like the team….. but its not the team we don’t like; its the fans that turn us off from it.

      The same probably could be said about a TV show, movie or book. How many people purposely don’t watch a TV show because of how crazy some fanatics get about the show……

      Thanks for the kind comments 🙂

  15. I have some answers to the questions.

    —-) How much are we really being affected by advertisements?
    Not much for me. I mute them all on TV, listen mostly to public radio, and ignore them in the sidebars.

    —-) What’s the point of all the rushing around that we are doing?
    I don’t rush around if I can help it. There’s no point.

    —-) Is God really out there and does God care about us?
    Maybe. It’s ok with me if he/she is out there. I have no way to know. Care? Another ‘I don’t know’. I think I’m on my own.

    —-) Are we living life to the fullest?
    I doubt it.

    —-) Have we forgotten what it feels like to truly enjoy a meal?
    Absolutely not! I do so often.

  16. All this talk of Hot Dogs. It’s making me hungry. I like the idea of bacon on a HD.

  17. Hot Dogs are a symbol of the USA abroad. I had my first one at a baseball stadium in NYC many years ago. Although hot dogs aren’t my favorite food since like you I prefer fresh food bought preferably from local growers, I never forgot the taste of my first hot dog, more because of the ambiance than the taste itself. There was that evening, for the foreigner I was, so much of this coutry that I didn’t know about that I felt overwhelmed and also happy to be part of.
    At least for the time of a hot dog.

    • “the ambiance”

      I think you totally nailed it. And although I didn’t mention it in the article; the hotdog dude at the Amtrak station talked quite a bit about the ambiance of the hot dog places he likes.

  18. I think you make a great observation here, Kenneth. And i watch Kate and Leopold over and over for the same reason you do!

    My health coach convinced me that the whole concept of fast food is suspect and that making time to prepare wholesome meals is important. I sure eat healthier when I put the time into it and connect with my food that way.

  19. I really like how you always seem to give people something to chew on. Yet in a simple way. I loved this post Kenneth (and I’m not trying to flatter or spurt off some butter-you-up crap. Really awesome post).
    “but sometimes rebellion isn’t about guns and violence; it’s about returning to a simpler time, it’s about reforming and curtailing the bad habits which abound all throughout our culture.”
    Abso-fricken-lutely (you know, I try not to use profanity, unless I’m in a huge fight with my lovely, patient, brave hubby, sorry to say. At any rate, in a not so furious state, this is the extend of my swear words). I love how you mentioned that you watch those two movies that are so light, but somehow certain quotes weigh so heavy. I hadn’t paid much attention to that quote until now and, OMG, I really can appreciate the weight of it. I also have a favorite quote from a light movie too, “Your butt is too small”. Hahahahaha. I even did a post about it, that’s how much it impacted me. It’s from the movie, “My Life in Ruins”. Have you seen it? The reason why it so impacted (the movie that is) is because of this rush, rush, rush of western culture. The, not-drinking-in-our-moments attitude and way of living. The butt thing comes from my own personal struggles and traumas though with the whole be-a-skeleton idea of beauty preached blatantly by the media and fashion industry.
    Thanks Kenneth for enriching my day with this post.

    • I had to Google the film cuz I never heard of it; but set in ancient Greece is all I had to read, I’ll add it to my list of movies I want to see 🙂

      I definitely wouldn’t endorse cussing…… but I won’t lie; it can be fun…. then again, just because something is fun doesn’t mean we should do it I guess 😉

    • It’s another light movie. I didn’t really expect too much when I watched it on TV just over a month ago. I expected it to be just fluff. You know, one of those movies that you watch when you don’t want to think and just want to relax. However, I would get all excited by quotes like the one I shared, and other ones like, “I don’t think you plan life”, “parents sometimes forget they’re an example”, “Everybody needs to take time for a coffee” (admit it, you already appreciate that one eh =). Anyhow, I’ve watched it three times in the past 1 1/2 or so and will probably watch it again soon. hehehe.

  20. –) We are more affected by advertisements than we believe. There are subliminal aspects to them. When my daughter was in high school they studied cigarette ads with lovely women made out of smoke. Sex sells, food sells, and sometimes they sell in combination.

    –) It used to be that we lived close to where we worked. There was no choice, really. My Mom’s donut shop was attached to the house. My Dad drove 20 minutes to work and it was a LONG commute. Now people will drive 3 or 4 hours a day. We rush around because we are too far from the center of our lives. I’ve noticed an enormous difference since I moved from Greater Boston to a rural area of the state and am more of a homebody. There’s no point to rushing so I don’t.

    –) From a Pagan POV higher power is everywhere and we are all expressions of the divine. Maybe not what you were looking for. There’s a saying taken from Stranger in a Strange Land that is popular with Pagans. “Thou art god.” (And so is everything else)

    –) Most of us probably don’t live life to the fullest because we don’t know how. Most of us live in the past or the future rather than in the present. Learning to be in the ever-present moment is a gift I strive for but sometimes just don’t attain.

    –) Some people can really get into eating. Foodies do. Food is a means to an end. It is people I remember when I think of wondrous dinner or breakfasts past. I’d rather eat my cooking than 99% of restaurant food. Ideally, I’d rather sit down and eat with people I care about than eat alone or eat fast food. BTW, I like hot dogs sans the bun – mustard only or onions and chili. Now and then, at least.

    Sounds as if you are enjoying your coffee house tour.

    • Great thoughts! And I wish you lived closer to Boston so I could hear more about your Paganism thoughts when I come to town…..I’ve always found the handful of pagan’s I’ve met through my life to be some of the most interesting and intellectually stimulating people; they are usually very well thought out and I always leave the conversation for the better 🙂

    • When are you going to be around Boston? I live way out in the dingtoolies now and I am also helping raise grandchildren while my daughter is recovering from a near death experience (literally). I have more time on weekends. Not to worry, though, if it is meant to be it will be that we’ll trip over each other at coffee – or tea. 😉

    • From a Pagan POV higher power is everywhere and we are all expressions of the divine. Maybe not what you were looking for.

      What about Gnosticism? There’s a connection there, I think.

  21. Great post. I don’t eat hot dogs much anymore either, but I totally understand his addiction. In Chicago, it’s not just a hot dog; it’s a Vienna Beef red hot with just about every food group included in a bun! And Kate & Leopold is a favorite of ours too. But my wife says that you don’t just drink tea either. It’s an event that should be experienced and enjoyed every time you engage in it. We “always on-the-go” coffee drinkers could learn a lot about the simple and quiet pleasures of life from our tea drinking others. 🙂

  22. Who has time. Who makes time for friends and diner.
    I still cook 5 days a week a full meal. and even have the beef on for hours. simmering away in a pot.
    i love cooking. I love eating and i can say I to travel from restauran on the two days finding that prefect Chinese restaurant, r Italian restaurant. And yes also a Donner or Hotdog. It is the one time we now have in this culture of ours we can relax.
    To sit and talk and eat and enjoy.

    It is the moment you go over the day. With family or not take time for a dinner or a bite to eat and we sure will end up eating only fastfood on the run skinny to the bone because we are stressed about not having time. to sit down.

    In the end it is a choice. And I choose taing time for something important.

    • So I googled “Donner” cuz I’ve never heard of it before and google came back with; “a lunar crater on the far side of the moon”…. so I’m guessing your not eating a crater…. so I googled a second time and it came up with ” a Turkish dish made of meat”; am I getting closer?

    • the meat one definitely delightfull

  23. You’re not a nut Kenneth, you’re just suffering from a brain cloud LOL. J/K. As someone who sadly must admit to eating poorly these days, it’s so very true what you say. All of those things coincide don’t they? The lack of time, means eating poorly; eating poorly means obesity and other health related issues including mental health given all the crap that’s in processed foods, etc.; being in a rush to begin with is because deadlines are so tight for work now and deadlines are so tight because there’s big money to be made for CEOs, not necessarily the lil’ guys and gals. The list goes on and on and again, it can all be linked in some fashion or so it seems anyway. You’re also right about rebelling. You look up the definition and it says something to the effect of rise in opposition or armed resistance. It doesn’t have to necessarily mean having arms to rebel but it is an aspect. Resisting something doesn’t have to include violence, hence petitions or marches (that don’t get out of hand). Resistance in this case could simply mean not going to McDonald’s or Taco Bell anymore. It can mean taking your lunch to work on a daily basis instead. It doesn’t take much. Though, if it were to get violent I’m not sure I’d be all that surprised lol. The prices McDonald’s and others ask for their cheap food is enough to make anyone revolt LOL. maybe that’s just me though? 🙂

    • If a Doctor ever diagnosed me with a Brain Cloud I’d say “FINALLY!!! I KNEW something was wrong with me!!” and here I thought it was just those damn halogen lights above my desk!!!! Ha ha

      I SOOOOOOOO love that movie. It is hands down my all time favorite movie.

    • LOL it’s a good one; I’ll have to be sure to let my dad know this because he and I love that movie too and always thought it was just us who liked it lol. 🙂 Good stuff – never go anywhere without that luggage I tell ya.

    • That luggage was AWESOME! Although as much as the luggage is such a beautiful and IMPORTANT component of the movie…..I always think to myself; ‘damn, its gotta be hell to lug those suitcases through the airport!’ but then again; Joe had an unlimited credit card so I’m sure he just paid someone to carry the bags 😀

  24. Mustard and tomatoes? Hot dog guy better not go to Korea for a hotdog – they have taken hot doggery to brave new heights!

    Here is a shot of the hot dog menu at a NY Hotdog restaurant in Lotte World – the worlds largest indoor theme park:

    From what I’ve heard, their pizza toppings are above and beyond what we are accustomed to in the Western world as well. They aren’t shy about culinary adventures – and they typically do it quite well!

  25. (1) I love “Joe vs. the Volcano” (2) I’m putting “Kate and Leopold” on my movies-to-see list, and (3) these days, the only time I eat a hot dog is when I’m at Fenway Park. Thanks for a great post.

  26. For me the movie Eat, Pray, Love is a big source of inspiration when I feel the need to slow down and think about where my life is heading. Actually when I was in Italy last time I suddenly remembered the ‘Rome part’ of the movie and I closed my eyes in the restaurant and enjoyed every little bite of the fantastic Italian meal I was having. It’s very important to appreciate food and just not to rush through life in any sense.

    • Dude, I love that word picture; “I closed my eyes in the restaurant and enjoyed every little bite of the fantastic Italian meal I was having”… BEAUTIFUL!

  27. Hold on just one minute! I cook from scratch every day, or, I’ll defrost something I cooked from scratch, but then I ‘m one of the lucky ones (sahm). ;0)
    That description of the meat snapping! Ewww! Can’t say I’m a hot dog lover, but lots of Irish people are getting into smoking different cuts of meat coated in spices
    for hours and hours. I highly recommend it!

    • Me too Olivia! Every day I stop by the grocer and pick up fresh vegetables and whatnot for the evening meal; its one of my favorite parts of the day. When I have the extra time I even roll my own pasta; there is something so cool about eating pasta that I literally made with my own hands 🙂

    • Must try making pasta. We have chickens, so we do a lot of baking. We try to grow our own veg. Unfortunately, the combination of Irish weather and our young kids prevent the veggies from growing any bigger than your little finger!

  28. I find it hard to believe so many people eat ‘fast food’ or ‘junk food’ every single day. I suspect that many would say they are ‘time poor’ and its quick and convenient.

    NOBODY IS TIME POOR. Every one chooses what they do with their time outside working hours. If one chooses to watch tv or spend time on the computer (when they could be cooking proper healthy home cooked meals) that is their choice. If they choose to ‘hang out’ with friends, that is their choice, If they spend 4 nights a week at the gym or doing sport, that is their choice.

    Life is about choices. Just as our emotions are about choices (in the way we react to situations in our lives).

    I choose to make the time to cook simple basic healthy meals in summer (and maybe a little more time cooking soups, Indian curries and/or savoury dishes in winter). But the thing is that cooking a pot of soup or casserole as a single person, means not having to cook for the next 2-3 nights, so it actually saves me time.

    Having grown up in a household where almost all our food came out of our garden (fruit & veg) and being unable to afford to eat out or take away, my brothers and I have come to expect good, home-cooked food every day. My brothers are both good cooks and even make their own family’s Christmas cakes & puddings. And in turn, they have encouraged their (now) grown up children to appreciate home-cooked meals and the joy in cooking. They do go out to restaurants, but once again, they expect good food expertly cooked.

    Young people do not seem to have developed a taste for, and an appreciation of, good cooking. Many don’t even know how to cook. They are so used to additives, salt, sugar and supermarket ‘sauces’, they don’t have a palate that appreciates the clean taste of fresh food.

    Even when I was working it only took me 20-30 minutes to cook dinner when I got home. It was fresh, tasty and usually from an organic market stall. I am not used to processed food so don’t buy it. Even frozen vegetables are better than processed junk food. They are usually picked, cleaned, partially ccoked and snap frozen within 24 hours, so possibly they are fresher that the supermarket shelf.

    May be there should be more nutrition and cooking classes in schools. May be there should be a lot more taught to our children in schools as many seem totally unprepared for adulthood and work.

    At least there are SOME good healthy fast food meals out there in my city (instead of fried & additive laden junk) – once again, its all about Choice(s).

  29. the simple things in life just aren’t so simple anymore:)

  30. Sigh, I do love a good turkey dog!

    I’ve started participating in a local food co-op, $15/week for a huge basket of fruit and veggies. (Supposed to be $50 worth, and most weeks, it really is!) This has made me connect with my fellow man, as it is all volunteer run and Mr. T and I have already spent some time volunteering. And, it’s helped with our meals. I do cook 5 nights a week, with very few exceptions! I want to sit down with my son after school and work and sometimes we have conversations and sometimes we just enjoy a show on TV, but we spend the time together, and I like that! It’s nice to have so much fresh fruit and veggies with which to cook! Tonight we had mini bell pepper nachos. 🙂

    Have a great day!

  31. I cook dinner for my family every night using fresh ingredients. It was how I was raised, but I can’t say I always do so with an open heart. It’s worth it, however, to eat together, even if my husband is in a bad mood, and my teenaged son is monosyllabic. I hope it’s something the dude will remember and carry forward to his own family some day. And Chicago hot dogs need piccalilli.

  32. A high school teacher once told my class about the horrible way hot dogs are made. I don’t know if he was being truthful, but I still think about it. I rarely eat hot dogs because of that story.

    Cooking is hard. I try and make good healthy food every night and I always enjoy it more than fast food. Sometimes, though, you just need something fast. That might say something deeper about society as a whole. With time and patience, you can enjoy a healthy meal that will help you grow, or you can rush through a sub-par meal, the contents of which will slowly kill you if you eat too much too often.

  33. I hear you, Kenneth. I consider myself the original rebel, and for what it’s worth I think it’s great that you pulled both Kate and Leopold And Joe Vs. The Volcano for examples that question western culture, because I love both those movies, and whenever someone brings up the former the first thing that pops into my head is “fresh creamery butter!”

  34. vietnamese buddhist monk, teacher, and writer thich nhat hanh talks about the importance of mindful eating. sometimes people get so busy and rushed, we don’t even taste our food anymore. it’s a simple yet crucial part of life. thanks for liking my latest blog post.


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