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pittsburgh 14By Kenneth Justice

The bottom-line Kenneth is that sex sells?” she said

~ I was recently sitting at coffee somewhere in America on a recent stop along my Drinking in the Culture Tour talking with a fellow blogger, a woman who writes entirely about sex,

Sex sells Kenneth. The reason I don’t reveal who I am on my blog is because everything I write about is sex and I’m not ready for my family and friends to find out what I’m writing about” she said

This particular blogger has had some relative success self-publishing eight different books, “The first four books I wrote were novels that I really enjoyed writing, but I barely sold a few dozen of each book. Then I decided to be more pragmatic and go with the ‘sex sells’ concept and I wrote four books in the erotic fiction category; they sold like wildfire and I’ve actually made some decent money through them” she said

In print media and television journalism sex is everywhere you go,

—) The Paris Hilton sex tape and other celebrity scandals are front page news

—) Who will be the next swimsuit model to be on cover of Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition?

—) Politicians who post naked pictures of themselves on the Internet are hot button topics for the NEWS

Western Culture is obsessed with sex

I recently watched a film by actor Joseph Gordon Levitz who plays a Jersey Shore ‘muscle type’ addicted to sex. His character becomes bored of having sex with the random women he picks up at the bar each evening and he finds his only outlet for satisfying his sex cravings is to watch porn videos all throughout the day and night; sex is the entire goal of his life, yet he got bored of real sex. Have we gotten to a point in our culture where people are getting bored of sex because they are so overwhelmed with seeing it so much?

Of course, to be fair it should be mentioned that our culture is also obsessed with violence and depressing stories. Couple a few sex stories with a story about some tragedy in a random ghetto involving a house fire and the death of a few children or a gang shooting and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a solid block of time on the Evening News.

It’s a strange experience watching the Evening News. The NEWS producers usually try to fit in some type of feel good story, like a 60 second segment about some new baby Panda born in captivity at the zoo, but because they wedge it in-between a story about a massive car crash on the Interstate and the conviction status of a nefarious killer the entire television viewing process ends up being one long recipe of weirdness.

What do cute little baby pandas have to do with car crashes and killers? Nothing actually. It’s merely the net-result of research data that tells Television Producers that TV viewers are more likely to watch their program if they sprinkle heavy doses of death, tragedy and sex throughout the one hour show.

I can’t fault the blogger I was sitting with at coffee. She had the express intention of making some extra money through her blog and had figured out a way to do so; write about sex and publish erotic novels for her readers to purchase; and it’s been working for her.

This past year I’ve been writing about the people I meet along my coffee house tour. While readership has been steady, I know for a fact that the bloggers out there who write exclusively about their silly sex stories or romantic interludes are definitely seeing massive growth each day…..while my growth in readership tends to be more incremental.

But that’s okay. I’ve learned a lot about myself this past year writing articles and have found that I don’t really want to be ‘just another writer’. Truthfully, it’s not very difficult to write about sex. You don’t even have to be a very good writer to publish your silly sex stories if all you’re really obsessed with is becoming popular and gaining fans.

This past weekend I took Saturday and Sunday off from writing, it was the first two day break I’ve had in nearly a year. After visiting seven states in eight weekends my health was suffering and I needed some time off to reassess my own writing and the various endeavors I’m pursuing; it was a restful weekend.

This Friday I’ll be arriving in Boston, Massachusetts for the next stop on my drinking in the culture tour. My excuse to get out of the daily grind and meet strangers, readers and bloggers at various coffee shops around the world. By my latest count I’ve been to over seventy different coffee houses this year and we’re just now entering the month of May.

I’ve never been to Boston before and other than the fact that my airline ticket is purchased, I don’t know much about the city since I’ve never been there before and I have no clue where I will be staying or who I will be meeting. It can be a bit nerve racking to travel to strange cities every weekend with no reservations and hope I don’t end up sleeping on the sidewalk; but in nearly two months of traveling readers, fellow bloggers, and strangers have reached out to me and connected in the most awesome ways I could of ever imagined.

So no Virginia, I don’t need to write exclusively about sex. I’m still enjoying every moment of this year’s adventures and look forward to this weekend and all that it might entail.

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee this morning,


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  1. Flagging already? Man – I thought you were superman! 🙂

    And numbers – numbers – numbers – isn’t that just another modern fad? Numbers mean money – money means numbers – means the money shot.

    Way I see it: we only remember number one? Numbers two, three, four, ,,, And I even have a cup of coffee to sip this lunchtime as I tap away. Now that is a first (wow – these numbers are everywhere!)

  2. Go up to the North End. It is full of “Italian” history . There is a Starbucks on Beacon St. on Beacon Hill across the street from Public Gardens and BostonCommons.

  3. I am talking about Boston

  4. Well, Kenneth, all I can say is that writing erotica might be more difficult than you think. Bad fiction about sex is extremely boring, just like most visual porn. But you have a point that there seems to be an inexhaustible appetite for both. I can understand that as an element of human nature, but what I do not understand is why people have such an appetite for violence and tragedy.

  5. Maybe it is a question of values.
    We do live in a relative world where everything is changing, quite hectic life we live, most of the times we can not even trust in ourselves; and not because we are evolving…

    Religions teach in their way, in their understanding with different explanation a that everything has been derailed due to a Fall, immorality, lack of principles and so on.

    In this technocratic world we do not tend to believe in superstitious explanations anymore, we all feel the need of scientific reasoning, too.

    However, up until now, there hasn’t been any true and real approach what could touch our inner selves…

    Sexuality itself is a Blessing, and the part of the Eternity we all long for knowingly – unknowingly. However, this is so much lack of sanctity, truth, perseverance that we just look for the flesh, more on more and can not discover its spiritual reality.

    This confusion seems to be unsolvable…

    …however, if we immerse into the Creation, push ourselves to discover our True Selves, we can start to see, feel, experience its eternal value.

  6. It’s all about quality of life…I can choose to do anything for money and there are many ways I could make a lot more money than I do currently or I can choose to do those things that fuel the passions of my soul and generally fall into the starving artist category. For me the choice is physical vs spiritual reward for my work…I take spiritual.

    • “for me the choice is physical vs spiritual reward for my work….I take spiritual”

      Now THAT is an inspiring sentence to start my morning 🙂

  7. This article hit home for me. I used to blog at Tumblr, and I had ten times the followers there that I do here. That was when I was developing and writing about the control and compliance relationship I enjoy with my husband. While there, I also published two books that were largely about D/s in our marriage. It got old, and I wearied of the same stuff day after day. So I moved to WordPress and changed my focus. I also changed from a pseudonym to my real name. I’ve pretty much decided that, at this point in my life, I need to focus on the authentic. False names and efforts to appeal to an audience rather than expressing what’s real for us are two inauthentic features of writing I will no longer indulge in.

    Sure, sex sells. Sure, I would love to make money. But writing well about what I believe in is more important to me than that.

  8. I got me my sensual Sunday but it is Only a small part of who I am and what I stand for. The blog is mirror of me and my brain spills

    Understanding the fact sex and violence sells I just be me, and stand out by being me and not use cheap tricks.

    Sure she is right and it did pay her bills. but you still need to stand out to make it between the hundreds who also try

    Have a great time with the coffee.and chats.

  9. Kenneth, your remarks about including sex and just the right stuff into blogging also works for other artistic pursuits such as music. Since you are from the midwest, you probably know of musician Steve Goodman. He and John Prine wrote The Perfect Country Western Song. It had great lyrics. But David Alan Coe said they left out some important stuff.
    I offer you and your readers this rendition of the amended version by Steve Goodman. The final verse includes it all EXCEPT sex. Enjoy.

  10. I enjoy your writing, just the way it is. Life is about much more than sex. It may sell, but what we need is learning to love and appreciate our fellow man/woman regardless of race, background or social status. This is what you teach and it’s appreciated.

  11. “Have we gotten to a point in our culture where people are getting bored of sex because they are so overwhelmed with seeing it so much?”

    I am still a confused virgin and I am already tired of it. I see it as something other people do so that I don’t have to.

    Also, the culture’s obsession with sex does lead to an increase in pregnancy and abortion. This causes me to feel really sad whenever I hear people mention anything about sex.

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    Definitely worth the read. >KB

  13. I wondr if there is a general obsession with sex because people are looking to connect. Many people equate sex with connecting because in a literal sense you physically connect during it. However it doesn’t always come with the emotional connection many people are searching for. If we all had more fulfilling relationships, would reading/watching other people’s sex lives be as exciting?

  14. I like your blog just the way it is Kenneth. The reason I love your writing so much is because it is really authentic. Keep keeping it real:) kind regards Eily

  15. Actually, I only read this because I saw it was about sex. 😉

  16. Seriously, you have to admit that without sex, there would be no us.

  17. Boston rocks! I’m actually heading there on May 16th from New Brunswick, Canada. I’ve been there many, many times (a huge Boston Bruins fan and love the city).

    I’m not sure about coffee shops but definitely cruise around the city. It’s easy to get around and I’m sure you’ll meet some awesome people! I’m sure people there will direct to some great spots to sip on some java.


  18. Well said – be true to yourself in writing. 😀
    And Boston – if you can – ride the subways – clean, and you will “see” music everywhere – if not a musician plugged into a small amp then large aeolian chimes that “sing” as the air from the trains rush by – so awesome. And all those Universities! A must to walk the “infinite hallway” on the MIT campus (just cause you can)
    Enjoy! I love Boston.

  19. People are so incredibly biologically driven, it startles me sometimes. The news sells because it is designed to trigger those little emotional centers in our brains, tragedy, fight or flight, self righteousness, indignation, and sex. Quite simply, we are being played, and our brains are like a chemical soup just sitting there ready to be preyed upon. In our modern culture we are actually addicted to our own brain chemistry. Every little bit of advertising, every news story, revolves around creating a response in us and triggering a reaction. It’s actually really creepy stuff if you consider the implications of brainwashing as a way of manipulating human behavior. We are in the midst of some very skilled social engineering, but I’m not so sure anybody is actually at the helm.

  20. It doesn’t sell me! Hence I never watch television. Even the local news got sexy! AH! Proud to say I’m not impressed.

  21. Just a quick tale about “sex sells.” Back on January 9th I wrote a post titled My First Vagina.

    The post was not about sex. It’s a memoir, actually; a mini coming-of-age story. It got a fair number of views the day I posted it, but the number of views, like with most other posts, dropped off quickly and dwindled down to next to nothing after a three or four days. But for some reason, and I can’t explain why, over the past three weeks or so, it has shot up in page views again. It’s been nearly four months since I first posted it and, in the past 30 days, it has become my post viewed post…by a wide margin.

    Could it be for no other reason than that it has the word “vagina” in its title?

  22. If you find yourself in Connecticut on this tour, be sure to check out Klekolo world coffee in Middletown, and let me know what day — I’ll try to join you for a cup!

  23. Sex and money! Big meaning, bigger abuse. Some give examples and some throw opinions. Examples can change the world.
    Ever watched “Kites”?
    Sad story, but true.(what woman does for money)
    Glad you had a resting weekend, back in shape 😀

  24. I did miss some of your tweets this weekend, but I’m glad that you had a restful weekend! I am a big believer in taking time for ourselves to help recharge the batteries.
    And, I like the sense of community I find in blogging, and I don’t want my blog to get too big, I’m afraid I’d lose touch with the readers, I wouldn’t have time to interact with everyone! I like the personal touch. 🙂 Have a great week!

  25. Great thoughts! Sad but true that sex sells. Maybe eventually it will become too boring to sell anymore. Maybe…..

  26. Enjoyed this read. As I’m beginning to take my own neglected blog more seriously and have since started a second, I am finding that it is important in this world of blogging to read others’ work as well. I have not found many that I enjoy reading all the way to the end, so thank you for having substance to your writing :). I myself have never been to Boston, though it is on my list of “future stops.” I have heard from friends that frequent that city that you don’t want to be the one driving in it. I look forward to reading more!

  27. Ugh! No, no please don’t start.writing about sex all the time (not that I’m afraid you really would, lol). It’s true that sex sells, but why cheapen your talents, cheapen your writing by buying into that? Now, I have posted a few semi-erotic poems (pretty mild, I’ve been told), because it was how I was feeling at the time I wrote it. It got lots of attention. But I don’t feel I need to prostitute myself just to get more followers. Hey, more power to people who can cash in on people looking for a thrill by writing erotica; that’s just not somewhere I see myself being comfortable. Technically neither does that writer you’re talking about, as she can’t even bring herself to be straightforward with who she is. Anyways, good article Kenny, and I’m glad you took a break!

    • Unless you have been there how can say that woman is not comfortable with who she is. I have a friend in this situation, writing under a pen name, because so many people judge you when you write erotica. Being weird is easier to deal with, but sex and violence bring out the worst in people for judgement, and yet they are some of the best selling books out there.

    • Well, being up front with who you are (be it an erotica writer, a Buddhist, a domestic violence survivor, a gay/lesbian/trans person) is a sign of being comfortable with yourself, and if you’re comfortable with yourself, you are ready to face whatever criticisms/negativity/judgment comes your way. If you’re too afraid to deal with the negativity or criticisms that will probably at some point be tossed your way because of who you are, what you do, or what you believe in, then you’re not fully comfortable with yourself. Because if you’re happy and comfortable with yourself, then it really doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say or what anyone else thinks about you. I suppose it also becomes a problem when you’re more concerned with making money than being yourself.

    • That’s all true, but look at some of the minor criticism othe post itself, talking about sill sex stories. That in itself is a judgment call on what that person writes about. Sure, what other people think about is none of your business, but there is a vast difference in being comfortable with yourself and being comfortable sharing your deepest thoughts with others. I’ve been in this situation, where, I’ve been judged simply by be me. It is not inducive to sharing. I’m comfortable with who I am but that does not mean I have to shout it from the roof tops if I do something others might not like.
      I may not be writing this as eloquently as I could, but it’s not as simple as being comfortable with who you are.

    • Yes, I get your point that you don’t have to share your innermost thoughts with the world, in order to be comfortable with yourself. In that, I agree. However, the post is about a woman who didn’t have success as a traditional writer/blogger, then she turned to writing erotica, because, in her own words, “sex sells”. So, it seems like, for her, making money is most important, above writing about what she truly wants or likes. Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean that’s where your passion lies. This writer didn’t start off choosing to pursue writing erotica because that’s what she loves. And the fact that is not willing to be open about her writing or who she is, to me, says at some level she’s not 100% comfortable with being recognized as an erotica writer.

    • Of that, yes I agree, it seems money is more important to her when she writes. I think maybe her passion doesn’t lie with writing at all, given she ‘sold out’ as it were from writing her other books.
      As for the comfort thing, I think it is a matter of agree to disagree on some things.

  28. Just one post about sex you’ve had and heard about being had in coffee shops you’ve visited couldn’t hurt, could it? Followed by one about hooking up at coffee shops? And maybe a photo with a little skin?

    • Lmao! You made me smile a ton with this comment…… Carl I wish you could of seen my email box when I posted a picture last year of a, uh… rather attractive young woman…. suffice to say for the time being no more skin 😉

  29. I knew all this traveling was making you ill. I can’t imagine going to another place every single weekend. that would drive me a little insane. I’m glad you took a weekend off… and that it was the same weekend I abandoned the internet. Now I don’t feel so bad for missing two of your blog posts ^_^.

    Also… I kind of feel like writing about sex is hard. Some erotica is quite comical with the terms they use. I don’t know what to say about the sex crazed culture. I wish people would just make a point to be educated and educate their children. Maybe sex wouldn’t be so interesting if we framed it in terms of a biology class.

  30. Safe adventures, Kenneth. 🙂

  31. Sex is great! But the 20th and 21st century obsession with it degrades it into just another fast food type, commodity; there when you need it, in the form of pornography and prostitution or jjust a casual pick-up. Five minutes gratification and you can be on your way, Just fill you boots when your hunger for sex demands it.

    When we treat sex like this we devalue it to the point where it has no value but its market value. Write a book, where’s the sex? Make a film where’s the sex? Report the news, where’s the sex? Certainly, not at the end of a long courtship and seduction, it’s too long to wait and too boring. Why wait when you can get the do-it-yourself version in a grimy booth which accepts American Express?

    And by the way, if you drink the right brand of beer, eat the right hamburger, drive the right car and use the right credit card, you will always have beautiful scantily-clad girls hanging on your arm ready to tear their clothes off on demand, just for the price of a bottle of the right perfume. If you’re wearing the right clothes and eau de cologne, that is. If you don’t you’ll always be a loser for the rest of your life. Want sex? ‘Course you do, then buy this for your free passage to five minutes of paradise, if you can hang on that long.

    Sex sells alright, but in exchange it demands your morals, ethics and your soul. As well as your money.

  32. This past weekend I took Saturday and Sunday off from writing

    I figured as much. I wouldn’t mind if you took a few more breaks now and then– I find your pace mindboggling, and as so many days I’m still in pain, I have trouble keeping up.

    • Do you think I really post TOO much? I’ve thought for some time that I should consider posting two articles a day; one in the morning one in the evening. I have nearly 100 people I’ve met, maybe more, that I haven’t even begun writing articles about

    • I don’t know about too much– but I don’t know of anyone that posts twice a day on a regular basis. I think the quality of your writing might suffer.

      Conversely, I think taking one day off a week (Sunday would be the regular suggestion, right?) would probably help your writing. But I’m biased, being a pretty introverted person who needs alone time to recharge. Also, I couldn’t keep up with two posts a day– that’s just too much. You know I read through all the comments, yes?

    • All the comments??? Dude, your a gem! 😀

    • Well, some of the best discussions are to be had in the comments… sometimes some of the worst, but, take the good with the bad, I guess

  33. In the movie you’re referencing, Don Jon, Jon, the main character has been obsessed with porn since childhood and actually ends up finding value in real life relations over virtual. At first, he didn’t find real women to be more appealing than porn because the internet is a bounty that holds literally anything you could want to imagine. Yet, he learns throughout the movie that porn can never live up to real life because real sex is about two people getting lost in each other, something that porn can’t provide. The ultimate point of the movie isn’t that he was overwhelmed with sex, but rather misunderstanding it; perhaps that is where the fault in our current culture lies.

  34. Kenny,

    It’s just my two cents of course, but I dig sex talk so long as it isn’t the only thing on the menu all the time, everywhere, in the same tired bullshit manner with which it is approached so often in the media. We are not just physical beings and sexuality is experienced through much more than just a physical act. When I see someone give a bad ass talk about something she wicked believes in, that is sexy, it’s vibrancy, pulsing electric life energy. When I read someone’s writing about what he gets passionate about or watch an insanely talented dancer or painter or actor get on with their groovy craft, it’s so sexy! Nothing to be ashamed of but rather celebrated 🙂 

    We obsess about sex but we don’t respect it; we glorify it without truly honoring the glory of it. The media most often plays to our lowest common denominator of wanting sex to make us feel bad about ourselves, about getting off instead of giving. But we don’t have to buy into that. People will always crave sex, what about the kind that plays to our highest common desires to explore what makes us feel alive and good about ourselves? People should write about it, sing about it, explore it, flaunt it, whatever as long as they feel good about themselves for doing so. If they don’t, then they should stop. Sex is good but it’s not worth losing your soul over.

    Wow, I guess I have a lot of thoughts about sex! Sorry you asked? lol

    Peace, always ~ Allison

  35. Yea, I think you’d lose a lot of your current readers if all you wrote about is sex. I think we all want what you have been offering.
    p.s. I guess you don’t plan on going to Vancouver Canada in June or July eh?

  36. Interesting article. Sure sex sells, but as long as people want to read it, then it is there. As with violence, books written about both these sell incredibly well. Why? Titilation and being scared. Almost human nature. My blog is 18+ and I write under a pen name. Why, comfort of being in disguise, yes, and also so I can write in as much detail and without censor ship, a no holds barred style. I have another blog which is the complete opposite, all girly and food based, these are just two sides to me that not everyone needs to see, or have mixed.

    I was a little offended over the whole ‘writing silly sex stories’ but that is your thought. I am certainly not interested in making money from my blog or writing. I do it because I enjoy it.

    I heard something yesterday in regards to the delightful Fifty Shades. People who read sex stories obviously don’t have their own sex life – yes and no. Maybe it’s more exciting because of reading sexy stories, new ideas and the like. The same can be said for those that don’t read them, do they have such great sex lives that they don’t need to read them, or are they boring as bat shit and have no sex at all. It works both ways. In the end it is whatever rows your boat, but not everyone is going to be upfront and comfortable telling people.

  37. Too much of anything can make that thing dull. The sex craze will die down and find a better balance in time. Trouble is, it’s so relevant due to the amount sex had been suppressed in the past. Suppression tends to cause a thirst for understanding of what is being suppressed.

    • People forget the difference between sex and love. We don’t conquer temptation merely by resisting evil. We conquer temptation by focusing our minds upon doing what is right.

      Instead of think about people of opposite sex in sexual terms, we each need to remember that that pretty girl or that handsome man is a human being. Each of us is someone who needs to love and be loved. When we have sex without love, we just feed our gluttony for pleasure. Like a glutton for sweets and pastries, we may grow fat, but we will never be content.

  38. Kenneth, I am glad that you took a few days to take care of yourself! You will LOVE Boston! I visited there 2 years ago with my oldest son and we had a fantastic time. The Bostonians have heart! Personally, Fenway, all of the historical sights, The Boston Symphony, Harvard Yard, etc. were all great. I imagine that there must be some great coffee houses near the many universities. Have a fantastic time!

  39. Always make down time for yourself; your body and mind will thank you.
    To the subject at hand: sex. Yes, it’s a wonderful sport and that seems to be how everyone looks at it. It feels great, well, most of the time. It’s a great release and has a lot of health benefits.
    But sex is more than random acts of banging. It’s a physical, mental, and almost spiritual connection between two people. Sex will always be the best when it’s done with someone you love. Love is that mystical component that makes sex more than two sweaty bodies “goin’ at it”.
    Writing about sex sells because people are looking for the perfect sex, or maybe just a new idea. Sex is not love, and love is not only sex. If you stay with someone because the sex is great, what happens when the sex is lousy one time or even gone completely? There has to be more depth to any relationship than simply skin against skin.
    During my career as a nurse, I was propositioned countless times by males of varying types. I found it funny that they seemed to equate nurses as being whores, or that because I knew anatomy I was great at sex. I may appreciate looking at a fine specimen of male anatomy, but that doesn’t mean I want to jump into bed with him.
    I’ve been married for 45 years to the same man. During that time I’ve had the best sex of my life. You might question that since I’ve never had sex with anyone else. Why do I need to do any comparisons? Why should I jump around looking for what I already have? I am more than satisfied. What else is there? I have my God, my loving husband and my family.

    • Great comment and I love this sentence,

      “what happens when the sex is lousy one time or even gone completely”

      I won’t venture an answer but I think you covered everything well 🙂

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  41. Of course ‘sex’ sells. That’s because its so damn public these days. It’s become as common as mud. If you’re not actually getting it under the covers, then you want to see who & what else is happening under the covers in everyone else’s life. In public, I’ve seen couples come so close to making love in full public view, even broad-minded me has to look in another direction (to give them some element of privacy).

    40+ years ago, my favourite movies were French ones. They had this superb way of filming relationships and sexual encounters. They showed the prelude and all the romance and then……………….the scene would cut to the next morning as the couple woke up and looked endearingly into each others eyes. Sure there was nudity. There was intimate playfulness. French films could turn a finger stroking a forearm (or face) into an ‘erotic dance. But they never had to show the whole night’s details to be called a great film.

    Now, most films show all the nitty gritty details and somehow, the magic of the most intimate of a couple’s interaction simply becomes based on everyone’s perception of what relationships are about. Intimacy has to be bigger & better than everything else in life.

    What happened to Romance?

  42. Spot on Kenneth.

    it’s very interesting talking to people who have ‘escaped’ from the sex industry (strippers, porn stars etc) as they are very candid: sex sells but sex steals too …

    Sex is a wonderful thing but once it is out of context, the sales aid can all-too-easily become the suicide pill.

    Hope you are recovering. Keep well.

  43. America lives and breathes on a very low vibration . . . all the sexual indulgence is the norm for us. . . but making love? . . .

  44. This reminds me of my post that talks about being true to self no matter what! Do you really wanna sell yourself out for some popularity or fans ?? Naw.. I’d rather stick to who I am.. Kudos to you 😉

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