Boston, Blogging, Baristas, and Beer…REALLY???


By Kenneth Justice

~I arrived to Boston, Massachusetts less than 24 hours and in the past day,

—-) I was invited to a club with a couple baristas

—-) Drank beer with Australians

—-) Bus traveled with a psychotherapist

—-) Had a two hour conversation with a woman who made sure to emphasize that she has three children with three different men of three different ethnicities

—-) Met a woman from Vermont who said, “I’m not a vegan, but I’m from Vermont”

The weekend has only begun and while I don’t have any time this morning to write a full article, I wanted to take a moment to mention that the first ever podcast by my good blogging friend Kylie and I will be posted this Monday morning at 8am EST. A link will be provided he on my website.

If you’ve ever wondered what the conversations are like that I have with people around the world, then our podcast will be a small window into the everyday coffee house dialogues…….

For now, I’ve got to head out to a coffee shop to begin my day…..



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27 replies

  1. Doing “The KJ” with KJ! Doing The KJ – It should become a (cultural) fenomenah! 🙂

  2. Great news about the podcast! Looking forward!

  3. I hope everything is going okay for you, Kenneth, in rainy, soon-to-feel-summer-y Boston. As usual, you are using those wonderful skills of yours to connect with people and to share those experiences with us.

  4. Rock it out Kenny! Sending you peace and light and all things groovy! 🙂

  5. Not bad at all. BBBB my fav letter 😀

  6. Have a splendid time connecting and enjoying coffee.
    i be sure to check that podcast out.

  7. That woman is a liar. Everyone knows all people from Vermont are vegans.

    Have fun in Boston. It’s on my bucket list.

  8. This is such a great project! I just had to say that I love this, am going to be following you with envy, and am looking forward to hearing more about all of your great adventures! Wishing great chats & java today!

  9. I wonder why that women felt the need to emphasize her ethnic kids.
    Are most people from Vermont vegans?
    That’s going to be wild, the podcast. Interested in hearing it. Will it be a once a week type of thing?
    Hey, have you met any Brazilians yet? There are tons, but I mean tons, in Boston.
    Sounds like you’re making a ton of great memories already. WooHoo!

  10. FUUUUN!! All of this fun my friend!!

  11. You live in a very laid back whirlwind. Fun. 🙂

  12. I believe the Habs are playing Boston tonight, so our cities will be busy. Have fun.

  13. Sounds like a great start to the weekend.

    Hope you ordered the ‘right’ beer (to drink with the Aussies) and you can understand the Aussie accent. I mean to say……WE can understand our Aussie accent……………hope you can too.

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