Kenneth & Kylie…REALLY???

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By Kenneth Justice

~ Tomorrow Morning is the debut episode of our new podcast; The Kenny & Kylie Show.

For more than a year I’ve been publishing articles about Western Culture and the people I meet at various coffee shops along my travels. There is something in the air. As technology permeates so much of our society and changes the way we live, interact, and connect; people are wondering what the long term effects these changes will have on the world.

The simple fact of the matter is that the Western World is becoming more disconnected. It’s ironic; as the Internet and social networks have connected people around the globe in a way that was unimaginable a generation ago, people in everyday life are becoming more disconnected than ever before,

—-) The average person simply doesn’t know their neighbors

—-) People are more likely to stare at their phones than talk to the people standing next to them in line at the grocery store, bank, or fill-in-the-blank

—-) Research studies are finding that parents are beginning to spend more time looking at their smart phones then they do interacting with their children

So what does all this mean? As I’ve said countless times throughout the past year; I’m not entirely sure. But out of the conversation that has begun on my blog, came the inspiration for a podcast show to continue the dialogue in a new and more exciting way.

What if people could listen to the conversations us bloggers are having in real life, beyond merely reading about the conversations on my blog…….enter Kylie.

My good blogging friend Kylie is a college music major, composer, and all-around computer savvy genius. She’s the brains behind the technical elements of our podcast and has put in an amazing amount of work behind the scenes in bringing an idea to life; giving live audio to the everyday conversations us bloggers have been having as I travel from city-to-city meeting with you.

Now, thanks to all of Kylie’s hard work, we have been able to create a podcast show that will be entirely blogger focused. Each week we will have guest bloggers on to talk about their life, blog, and the fate of Western Culture and you will be able to listen in, providing you an experience that my humble articles simply couldn’t achieve.

With heavy doses of humor (because lets be real…..I’m not always the most serious person) The Kenny & Kylie Show will be a podcast that allows anything and everything; just as if you happened to listen in to a coffee house conversation I was having, the Kenny & Kylie Show will be devoted to both something and nothing.

Something and nothing; what does that really mean? Sometimes conversations are just that; nothing in particular…..and often it’s those conversations we have about nothing in particular that end up building the deeper connections and friendships that lead to something so much more. And so the Kenny & Kylie Show is exactly that; a show about something and nothing, an opportunity to give back to the blogging community and deepen the connections that each of us have made in an entirely new and exciting format.

Hope you join us tomorrow at 8am EST when the first show will be available via streaming audio or download. For now, I think I’ll finish this delicious cup of espresso, its a beautiful morning here in Boston, MA where I’ve spent the weekend.




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30 replies

  1. Oooh that is like 2 in the afternoon for me right after my posting ::D or me still writing it on the rare occasion LOL
    Ready for the first. Getting me another coffee and start posting Sensual Sunday.

  2. I bet your mother is proud of you 🙂
    Maybe one day will see you on TV show, never know.
    Enjoy your expresso, as I’m enjoying mine 🙂

  3. So what does all this mean?

    It means we really don’t like each other very much . . . yet we have this need to be a part of the herd.

  4. Sounds great! Wishing you the best.

  5. Dear Kenny and Kylie,
    I am doing my best to tuck my inner cheerleader away so I can write a coherent comment. But in all honesty I think this is just so freaking brilliant and ground breaking and exciting and groovy. I have enjoyed reading so thoroughly for so many months now and it has inspired me deeply to think in new and broader ways about culture, community, connection, and contribution. I thank you so much for that, Kenneth, for the work and passion you pour into this blog for all of us. You have such an incredible gift and even more than that – you have the courage and conviction to share it.
    That rocks the universe, dude.
    So at this grand moment, this energetic vibing beginning of a beautiful thing, I want to wish you guys all the joy and blessings in the universe with your new endeavor. Enjoy the hell out of it!! I know we all will, right along with you both. Thank you for your creativity, cleverness, and light 🙂
    Peace, laughter, and so much gratitude, always ~

  6. Looking forward to listening tomorrow on my commute into work. How long will the podcast run?

  7. looking forward to it!

  8. Great idea! Speaking is so much different than writing.

  9. Hey, Kenneth! I look forward to the podcasts. I also wanted to let you know that one possible subtitle for my blog post today could have been “Kenneth & Ann … Really???” It was wonderful to meet you yesterday.

  10. Sounds fun and interesting.

  11. Consider a transcript or CC to go with it for the deaf and hard of hearing.

  12. Are we there yet…are we there yet? I can’t wait until Monday morning…now that would be a first! 😉

  13. Looking forward to listening! It’ll be 5 am here but will download in the morning!

  14. Wow! Sounds fantastic! Not sure if I’m biased or not but love the two K names in the title! Good luck 🙂

  15. Wow! I see a lot has changed! Good changes I might add. Congrats to you and Kylie!

  16. Sometimes I wonder if our social disconnect is more related to fear than technology. Many parents are afraid to let their kids go off on their bikes, so they stay at home (and end up on a computer or tablet). In a public setting, people are afraid of strangers, so they reach out to the familiar comfort of those they already know via their phone. Certainly technology plays a part, but there’s also a general fear of people.


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