What the hell is REALLY going on???


By Kenneth Justice

~ Could someone please tell me what the hell is going on???

After the plane that disappeared over the ocean which received 24 hour NEWS coverage day after day (and which still hasn’t been found) this morning I woke up to learn that yet another plane has disappeared?

Apparently an Air Algiers plane has gone missing.

How do planes go missing? Has Hollywood been lying to me? According to films like Enemy of the State, I was under the impression that Big Brother Government has satellites in the sky that are tracking our every move. Can’t one of these nefarious Government agencies simply hit <REWIND> on one of the spy satellites and simply see where these planes have gone?

In the film “Golden Eye”, James Bond and “M” watch footage from a Spy Satellite to ascertain how many survivors were left from an explosion that took place on the other side of the world. Has Hollywood been lying to me? Do these satellites not really exist?

An acquaintance of mine at coffee recently had twins; her and the husband look totally exhausted each time they come in to get their morning java together. I asked them how they are doing and through dark circled eyes the husband said to me, “How does it look like we’re doing; I’m wearing two different colored socks this morning and I have an important business meeting in twenty minutes

Did Hollywood lie to me? I thought having a baby was nothing more than fun-filled moments with quirky hijinks; in Three Men and a Baby and Look Who’s Talking there are occasional stress induced moments, but at the end of the day every one ends up happy and holding hands. Yet the husband and wife of the twins at coffee looked like they were ready to divorce each other and give the kids up for adoption due to the stress they are under.

Has Hollywood been lying to me? I thought life was always filled with joyful moments with a soundtrack in the background produced by a super hip musical group. How come everyone seems to be so miserable in real life?

I think there’s something in the coffee I’ve been drinking, but at least it tastes really good,


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  1. Nice dose of sarcasm! 🙂

  2. Tell them to make a Sex Tape, it’s all Good!

  3. Hahahahaha! This gave me a laugh that I was seriously needing!…..Another plane gone missing, really? *Jeff Bridges voice* It’s a conspiracy man!…But in all seriousness, that’s really weird. Thanks for the nominees humorous post.

  4. Modern culture is making it harder and harder to be real, or to even know what real is.

  5. You must wait…the boundless joyful moments and happy music come later…that is if nothing else goes wrong.

    Good luck with that. It can seem this saying holds true. “Life’s a bitch. Then you die.”

    I’m am happy to say it is NOT going that way for me. 🙂

  6. “Could someone please tell me what the hell is going on???”

    Sure! It’s quite simple really, the clowns are running the asylum and the world has plunged into chaos and confusion.

    I once talked to a woman who had been shot and survived. She told me that the strangest thing of all, wasn’t watching what was happening in slow motion, but noticing that there was no background music! There is always supposed to background music! It’s like a rule. Hollywood has really had a powerful influence on us all.

    As to babies, well, there’s a reason they are designed to be so cute. If they weren’t so appealing, we’d be tempted to just put them out with the cat and go back to bed.

  7. why isn’t anyone tracking their cell phones, there’s about 118 ways to track it too. As long as the coffee is good, and your plane doesn’t go missing, then life is good! just stay focused on that, appreciate the morning comments on Hollywood.

  8. The quickest answer is that the ocean is big and deep. About 5% has been mapped. It could also be suggested that the spy satellites are targeted to things and people considered as threats, they dont scan all the areas

  9. Hollywood”?! Do you have any idea what they think about the crisis on the border or of reduction of our military when world is getting more and more dangerous daily?

  10. Funny Kenneth – thanks!

  11. The media it is a great wizard of oz. I tell ya.

  12. I’m taking swimming lessons; so I can cross the ocean..forget flying 😜😀

  13. Dammit you weren’t supposed to give the game away about the coffee.

  14. Hollywood movies are written by people with their own ideas and ideology so we don’t fully trust the movies we watch.


  15. I really don’t understand how planes disappear either. Seriously. What the fuck?

  16. HOLLYWOOD – an hour away – a made-up world – a world of imagination and conjecture:) Didn’t know about that 2nd plane missing:(

  17. I think now would be an awesome time to invest and look in to reconsidering the railroad industry in the States. I smell an opportunity to cash in on this.

    Otherwise, yes, it is very bizarre how planes can disappear. It does validate my fear of the ocean and underscores how little control we actually have.

  18. The world is really turning in to a scary place. I’ve never been one for conspiracy theories, but can’t make me believe two huge airplanes disappear in mid flight and no one knows anything about it. Feels like the other shoe is about to drop, and it’s gonna be a big one….

  19. Two Malaysian Airliners containing diplomatic pouches and no diplomats turn up crashed in European-controlled territories. As for people knowing nothing. Remember Malaysia is not as secure as the West when it comes to air traffic control. Anyone could have snuck onto a plane or planned to shoot it down. Also, what we are told the government and general power players knew does not necessarily reflect the reality of their knowledge.

    • You make a good point jp.
      Do we, (the general public), really know what the ‘powers that be’ knew. We only hear what is released to the Media and in turn, what the Media choose to release to us.

    • The question I ponder is whether it’s ethical to have that kind of (loosely defined) censorship. Who decides which secrets are kept and do they have specific criteria in place? Or is it subject to a politician’a whims?

    • I suppose it depends on the audience. I like to think I take all media stories ‘with a pinch of salt’, but sometimes the news is a bit too biased for my liking.

  20. Ha ha! Not about the planes, about the twins’ parents. My husband and I were such a mess after our twins were born.. Tell them to be kind to each other. It will get easier and everything will (sort of) return back to normal 🙂

  21. Is it terrible that I’ve been too busy with art projects to watch the news in the past 24 hours? I tend to feel like I do have a hip soundtrack playing in the background of my life most of the time, because I’m usually pretty chill and happy. (Maybe it’s because I’m slow about watching the news.)

  22. The reality is that parenting is damn hard work and most new parents haven’t the slightest idea how to handle difficult situations 24/7. Perhaps they should introduce the subject of parenting and social skills as mandatory in our education system?

    On the other hand, some people just instinctively know how to handle parenting, or come from big families where they get the opportunity to learn firsthand how to care for little ones (before they even reach child-bearing age themselves).

    If that couple in the coffee shop are having difficulty coping, there are always ways to get help……..just ask ! (there must be other new parents or community resources that offer advice in their area).

    As to the other subject……. of spy satellites……..they can’t see everything 24/7. Surely there’s not enough spy satellites that are overhead 24/7, 365 days of the year ? Well, that’s my take on why they can’t find ‘downed’ planes etc.

    In the series ‘Intelligence’, the hero with the computer chip in his brain has to wait 15 minutes for the satellite to be directly overhead so he can access information. So…………..surely Hollywood has given us the answer to that one?

  23. You raise a good point. With all the sophisticated satellite equipment we have, how do they go missing?

  24. Not so much the situations but the people and how they respond.

  25. bravo……enjoyable morning read….you hit the nail on the head

  26. *ugh so I wrote this response last night by my Internet sucks and it didn’t really post so here we go…again* Wow…I know you can be a cranky, sarcastic person but that’s a heavy dose of sarcasm Kenneth! lol. However, I don’t blame you. It has become a bit of a crazy world. It’s difficult to cope with all the negativity that goes on and I think, at least for me, what helps is taking a step back from the world events and focus on what positive things I can do to promote some positive change even if on a small level. Taking a step back and refocusing can help reenergize to be able to face all that craziness. I find it also helps to find the positive things that happen on the global scale also – it does exist out there. Those are just a few thoughts but also know that if you ever just need to vent I’m only an email away :D. Take a deep breath and drink more coffee Kenneth, you need to fight off that crankiness lol. (or perhaps you just need to put some Brittany on the radio hehehe)

  27. Probably because they also believed that the movies were real:)

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