The More-See and the Woman…REALLY???


By Kenneth Justice

~ So I found myself in a trailer park of sorts, sitting in the living room of your standard fare rectangular-box trailer on one of those old school 1970’s sofa’s, an ugly reddish orange color (the type of color you can’t really identify on the color chart) and it had the typical rough fabric which makes your skin feel raw.

I was in the living room of a pretty evil person. Unassuming, she was rather rotund and unremarkable in appearance but as far as power and dominance goes, in this particular part of the world everyone was under her authority. I’d actually woken her up when I approached the trailer a few minutes prior and one of her bunkmates had seen me through the flimsy metal screen door. I think he was going to attack me with some weird weapon he was carrying because I’d apparently broken some unspoken rule that you don’t approach her trailer without being summoned.

Fortunately for my sake she heard the commotion from her bedroom and said something I couldn’t hear which had the effect of calming the dude down and he disappeared into a back room.

I wasn’t completely sure what I had come to discuss with her. I had just spent the better part of the last day stumbling through this crazy trailer park world that she owned and ruled with her iron hand. Up till that point I hadn’t even realized one person was responsible for all the sadness I’d seen; families caught in the vicious cycle of poverty, young adults unable to move out of the trailer park and on to better lives, children who looked depressingly sad and beyond repair.

The night before had been a celebration of sorts and the whole trailer park had partied like there would be no tomorrow, because for many of them there would be no tomorrow.

Early in the morning as I walked through the now abandoned streets, garbage bags were piled up on top of each other, filled to overflowing with beer cans and empty liquor bottles, stuffed with party streamers and confetti, some blocks were covered with so many garbage bags the cement sidewalk had completely disappeared. How the drunken people had the wherewithal to clean up after the party was something I couldn’t understand, perhaps it had something to do with the woman who practically owned these people, and to whom they obeyed to a fault.

She broke the silence, “The people call this place the More-See, do you know why?” she asked me.

This was no small talk that she was inviting me to; a lot hinged upon my response, the question was something like a test and the manner of how I would answer her determined whether or not she was going to continue this dialogue allowing me to sit with her.

Fortunately, my time walking through the community over the past day had given me a lot of insight into the place. It was an extremely ugly dank trailer park, and as far as trailer park’s go this was one of the worst. You see, as ugly as the place was, the people loved it because they were familiar with it, and this was the key to answering the woman’s question,

It’s like an old glove” I said, choosing each word carefully because this was the type of person that you don’t use extra words with, “even though the glove is old, worn, and has holes in it, you love that glove because it fits your hand so well. This place is like the glove, the people have ‘seen’ this place their whole lives; the broken windows in their trailers are like the holes in the glove. The peeling and tattered paint on the walls of their trailer is like the worn out color of the old glove. More-See means ‘well-worn’ or ‘more seen’ “

I knew that I’d given her the answer she was looking for but I couldn’t tell if this pleased her or not. Perhaps she was hoping that I’d fail. Either way, I had proved to her that I was a worthy adversary, for that is what she and I were; enemies. Sworn enemies our whole lives and this was the first time we had ever been face to face together.

And now that I’d passed her test the next moment was going to be the singular epic moment in my life; she was going to say something that would explain what the hell was going on, because the truth of the matter is that I really didn’t understand entirely what was happening. I did know that I had been born to be there, to stand up for those innocent people in the trailer park, and I was somehow going to help them by fighting this evil wicked woman.

She stared at me deeply with her black eyes and then opened her mouth to speak,
And then my phone started vibrating and I woke up dammit!!!!

Some client was calling me extremely early (WAY TOO EARLY) to go over some business for the day. I took the call, and after I hung up I thought about going back to sleep but knew the chances of me having the same dream and finding out what the woman was going to tell me was probably zero percent.

So here I am at coffee writing this dream down that I had less than an hour ago, and now that I’m finished I’m going to finish my coffee,


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  1. That dream was awesome. It should be the start of a book.

  2. Your description of the horrible life there is completely dismal. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was just one evil woman responsible that you could face off and help change things. Maybe you are a millionaire buying up the place to build low rent housing and they were celebrating your liberating them from the filth. Any clues to the origin of the dream characters?

  3. Until you told us this was a dream I thought you had written a short story. Some of the best dreams are the start of the greatest fiction 🙂 It’d be interesting to dissect this dream from a psychologist viewpoint, sounds like you want to fight to save those unable to save themselves.

  4. She didn’t offer you coffee.

  5. Fingers crossed if the message was important, you’ll get it one way or another.It would be amazing if you actually recalled that particular dream in your sleep tonight.

  6. Okay that is one killer dream you wrote down. Going all story teller on us. great writing dude!

  7. Aww, Man….it was just getting good. Deep Dreams, by Kenneth.

  8. Kenneth…you need to get more sleep, and for crying out loud unplug the phone. 🙂
    Can dreams and imagination work together? I think so. This might be a good time to write a book. ~ Dave

  9. Well, this had me fully captivated this morning! Perhaps you need to consult a dream dictionary for this one!

  10. That was good…keep dreaming. As bullroarin said…turn off the phone.

  11. “It’s like an old glove”.. So u’re a Dreamer too! Every wake up call, a new message to read the cloudy sky as the threat of a storm.
    Beautifully memorized! 🙂

  12. I agree with some of the comments, I thought this was a short story you had written, lol. Vivid dream. Maybe you’ll dream about it again soon. I’m curious to know what she was going to tell you!

  13. Since a good part of the bible is made up of dreams, maybe you should give this some consideration. How did the dream make you feel? What is going on in your life that makes you feel this way? What has been your enemy for your entire life (doesn’t have to be a person – may just be represented by a person)? This enemy is responsible for holding others back, yet they take care of their garbage . . . hmmm. . . Do you know or have any situations in your life that reflect this? I often am able to find parallels between my dreams and what I’m facing in my life at the moment. Just remember, dreams are usually symbolic, not concrete, so you want to consider the feelings and representations more than the actual content. Sweet dreams!

  14. If it was really a dream (seemed like a great short story), I’m with Ellen…take a look at the characters and your feelings. As I have been taught in analyzing dreams, the characters in a dream represent aspects of yourself…..I still say it has the makings of a great short story or book:)

    • yup it was a dream, I don’t think I’ll make a habit of blogging about them because I think that might get old quick, but thank you for the kind words.

  15. Hey Dude (now you’ve got this Aussie 60 yr old lady calling people ‘dudes’), I thought you had smoked a little something or other and were high! LOL.

    Then I thought you were changing this blog to be a Short Fiction Blog.

    Then I thought you’d had too much coffee and were higher (than high).

    For goodness sake, Kenneth, stop drinking all that coffee and get a good night’s sleep.

    (Says she who is still awake at 3.40 am in the morning and can’t sleep).

    I think you need a Psychologist who can analyse dreams by the way.

    • Thank you so much dude for the kind words 😉

      I think I need to take some sleeping pills that prevent me from dreaming…i’m so exhausted by the time I wake up 🙂

    • Sleeping pills give me nightmares so I can’t take them.

      1. Ensure you don’t eat late at night.
      2. The tyrosine in turkey makes you fall asleep which is why many people doze off after Christmas Dinner.
      3. Bach’s Rescue Remedy OR Bach’s Sleep Remedy is an alternative.
      4. Get off the computer at least 2 hours before bedtime.
      5. Don’t watch dramas or action thrillers on DVD/TV late at night.
      6. Play some calming or meditation type music before bed.
      7. 1-2 drops of Lavender essential oil on each wrist (no more) is very calming. I put a couple of drops on my pillow case sometimes. You should be able to wash it off in the shower in the morning and not smell like a flower out in public.
      8. A glass of milk before bed REALLY does work (for many).
      9 A glass of red wine with dinner might help.
      10. Try not to eat too much red meat for dinner as it takes a long time to digest – sometimes into the early hours.

  16. Dreams are so fascinating. It’s as if there’s a whole other entity inside our skull speaking to us in pictures. I enjoy your coffee-shop philosopher style most mornings to keep a balanced reading diet, and although I miss the typical provocation to think deeply about life and people … I enjoyed this writing. Stay Gold Ponyboy!

  17. Nice little piece of writing.

  18. Effing fantastic! So glad you remembered the dream…it’s a story with winds, it is.

  19. Wow. Quite the dream Kenneth. It obviously really impacted you. What do you think?

    • Hmm, I think I have so many dreams every night I need a break from sleeping 😉

    • Hmmmm, I don’t know if that’s the answer. Although, I wish I could get by on just a couple of hours a night. Usually the dreams I remember are so ‘out there’. Those beginning of the morning dreams when it’s almost time to wake up.

  20. Fantastic, you don’t have to be asleep to finish this dream!

  21. Often times we will end up going back to this place a day,a week or even a month later. Who knows if the ending will be the same as it would have been–likely not but then you will never know that. Be sure to let us know what happens in the end–JIm


  1. The More-See and the Woman...REALLY???
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