The Media wins again…REALLY???


By Kenneth Justice

~ This morning I woke up to NEWS reports of protesting turned to rioting last night in Ferguson, Missouri. Apparently the Governor of Missouri has dispatched the National Guard in an attempt to reestablish order.

As I consider the death of a young man by the gun of a law enforcement officer and the massive media coverage that has ensued ever since, I wonder; who is benefitting from all of this?

—-) Will the lives of the people of Ferguson, Missouri be better after all of this settles down; probably not.

—-) Will the people of the greater metropolitan St. Louis area be improved by all of this attention; probably not.

—-) Will the Governor of Missouri receive an upswing in support in the way this situation is handled; probably not.

—-) Will the family of the police officer or the family of the young man who was shot and killed be all the better for what is going on; probably not.

So who really benefits from all the attention that this national story is getting? As far as I can see there is one party who is winning amidst all of this madness in Missouri; THE MEDIA.

The 24 hour NEWS appears to be loving every minute of this;

—-) CBS NEWS has correspondents β€œLIVE” on the ground in Ferguson

—-) National Public Radio is devoting countless hours of conversation and debate over Ferguson

—-) Fox, ABC, and the other various NEWS outlets are reporting on this story non-stop

Once again, it seems as though the only real winner is the MEDIA. Has anyone been rooting for the MEDIA to win? If you were, I guess your wish was granted.

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee this morning,


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  1. Thee is a reason why television is called a medium. It is neither rare, nor well done.

  2. Media- a daily routine with different flavors, endless business that cares less who gets hurt.
    Have a nice week!

  3. Never expect that the media wins


  4. I may get shot for saying this out loud but it’s my perception. Firstly, I do not condone the use of violence and not having the particulars in all of these cases, I am not here to judge guilt or innocence. I do believe justice should be applied to all people and those who commit crimes should be held accountable…no matter who they are.

    It is not the media which is creating this avid interest and social unrest. The media just reports on it. The source goes back to those who claim to be civil rights activists…Al Sharpton and Benjamin Crump. If you look at the number of Google pages representing these two guys you will see that they are the ones getting the attention. Both Bios cite case after case in which their methodology of handling “civil rights” cases is to stir up the black community in protest…violent protest. This is NOT what MLK fought for…this is not his dream. These gatherings are a far cry from the peaceful gathering of MLK. Today’s protests make the black man look like a victim…the ones in MLKs time encouraged the black man to stand tall and proud for ones ideas…it was CIVIL disobedience…okay, enough said.

  5. I agree completely. Why do people watch?

    • I for one do not; I listen to NPR a LOT, and every time they go to a story on it I turn the station to music. Thus, I’m aware of the attention being given the story, but I’m doing what I can to not participate in the nonsense.

    • My three go to news sources are NPR, Wall Street Journal, and CNN; However, it’s near impossible to wade through the obvious biased reporting. Many people claim there is right wing news vs. left wing bias, which is the reason I try to diversify the sources; but really the only bias is pro-media and pro-ratings. It’s a battle, trying to stay informed vs. just not wanting to listen to ratings driven garble.

  6. Food for thought. I agree it is getting way too much coverage. Its giving Missouri and everyone in Ferguson a bad rap. Its a terrible frightening situation. My husband is currently working in St. Louis and I can’t help but be worried. I don’t watch the news on TV, but do follow the news on line. I hope this situation is calmed soon and no one else suffers.

  7. That’s great.

    Attack the messenger. In case you forgot, in this digital era, blogging is media too. The difference between “big time” national media and most bloggers is that one knows what they are doing. The other is just talking.

    Instead, why don’t you talk about solving the problem? I live in New Orleans. We all get along… to a point. But, the tension is always near the surface.

    • I’ve only presented one short commentary on the situation, and I took quite a bit of time before I eventually published it. The MEDIA is using this story to sell advertising 24/7; I’m not making any money of this. So yes, the messenger in this case (the media) is prospering off the young man’s death

    • News as it as progressed from the print era to the digital era hasn’t changed in a way to benefit posterity. The wealthy, corporate news companies, hitherto still controls the flow of information to give their narrative of events, which is no different from the pamphlet era. Perhaps avarice guides these companies more so today than their ideological quest for influence; however, the mechanics are still similar to produce the efficacious results. If you wanted to sway the populace to a certain narrative; you either “wrote” ( or had ghost written) a pamphlet and paid to have it printed and distributed amongst the populace or you lined the pockets of a news editor with wealth to produce the desired affect, see Jefferson and Hamilton. However, in antiquity, one dispersed with wealth in hopes to see a return of influence, today it’s more or less pecuniary wants.

      Attempting to portray the corporate media as innocent ( even public radio) especially with the reporting of these circumstances is foolhardy; because yes, you are correct that the “big time’ media” knows what they are doing. They do whatever they can to bump ratings because they are governed by nothing more than avarice.

    • Wow! I guess that you really don’t like the media.

    • I would say apathy is a better description; perhaps what I opined above is bit cynical, fair enough. However, in regards to “big media” which collectively are nothing more than arms of corporations, I would certainly surmise that decisions are made much the same as other companies such as Walmart, Disney, or Ford, and that is what actions are profitable. Take for instance CNN has commercials and advertisers on their website, do they not? So in this regard, they want to attract higher ratings and more hits, so advertisers will invest more into CNN, which is owned by the Turner Broadcasting company, which of course is a stock that is traded, so of course there are stockholders. Which generally the boards of companies and their CEOs are driven by what makes those stockholders happy.

      So again, in our modern digital age, why is accurate news reporting important? When sensationalism sells so much better.

    • Too many words. I’ve been on both sides of the aisle. And, I don’t get into argumentative discussions with people who I don’t know. Have fun.

    • Well have a good night; my intent was not to argue but simply opine my thoughts on the matter, and listen to others give theirs. In that manner it’s constructive as a learning experience and is enjoyable. However, most are too uptight for these types of discussions.

    • I’ve just finished reading Jay Martel’s novel “Channel Blue” – which is sociological science fiction (sort of), but very much about the manipulation of “reality” by those seeking ratings. I find Phadde2’s comments to be pretty much on target.

  8. Can you deny that talking about problems and mistakes with an effort to learn from them is helpful to Ferguson’s residents and people from communities that have been impacted by tragedy? Media can be a catalyst in both directions, when we get to the point where we begin to appreciate coverage that comes directly from the public and not those driven by ratings, we will see messages change. It boils down to people being compassionate and kind to each other. I think npr can do a better job, too but they show compassion for people in the news in ways our television news crews rarely reach. I agree that blogs such as this are great ways to get conversations started. Media is made by people, the ball has landed in our courts.

    • Sadly It doesn’t seem as though the ‘talking about problems’ ends up creating solutions. After Rodney King, shit like this involving the police should never have occurred again; yet the police continue to act like militant extremists towards citizens

    • I do agree with you, so sad and terribly awful. I always have to be reminded why we make guns at all. Sadly, the answer comes back to money and who benefits.

  9. Go deeper – who benefits? The greater cause for imposing martial law – those who are behind more control of the people. That’s who benefits – those who created the “war on terror” and who thus create terror and scandal.

  10. News stations do seem to enjoy tragedy. There is plenty of it to go around.

  11. Everyone can benefit if this results in awareness of systemic racism in American culture and militarization of police, and people work to enact change. But, yes, the media does seem to be gorging itself on the blood of this young man.

  12. The media always wins if you let it win. Too many times opportunists arise after tragedy — and profits from it.

  13. Is the media showing this coverage to control the masses, or are they being controlled by the masses who want to see this kind of story?

    Moreover, I think the story is sad because clearly the young man’s family wants peace. I feel like people are taking advantage of his death to cause destruction.

    Lastly, I haven’t been following this story closely, but the idea that the National Guard had to be called in to deal with the riots seems… well it seems like something is clearly wrong.

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