These people are animals…REALLY???


By Kenneth Justice

~ Yesterday the coffee house was buzzing with conversation connected to the American Journalist put to death by the hands of ISIS.

—) “Kenneth, what do you think of what happened with the journalist?” nearly fifty people asked me yesterday

—-) “Kenneth, those people are animals! Decapitating someone’s head is only something done by animals!” said a mid-fortyish man to me

—-) “Kenneth, if I was a journalist there’s not enough money in the world to get me to go to the Middle East!” said an early thirtyish young woman

My heart goes out to both the journalist who died and his family and loved ones. I’m sure this is nothing anyone plans for and because it is a rather rare occurrence I doubt that there is any way to truly prepare for emotionally and psychologically.

I’m currently enrolled in Graduate School studying Liberal Arts with a focus in Global Conflict Studies. Over the summer I read books on the history of Palestine, the history of the IRA conflict in Northern Ireland, the history of the conflict between India and Great Britain, and a history of Che and the Cuban Revolution.

One of the threads that run through the stories of all these different periods of human history is that conflict is a constant theme in human behavior. Like it or not, it seems that human behavior and the human condition is forever plagued with conflict.

Sadly, the NEWS media capitalizes off of the human condition and converts these awful stories to sensationalistic fodder in order to get big paychecks from advertisers. The NEWS media fashions together a stream of incoherent sound-bites with no sense to the ‘point of it all’.

For instance, in all the coverage yesterday by CNN, Fox, MSNBC and all the other various NEWS outlets; what was the point of their stories? To inform the public that a journalist had been executed; but to what point?

NEWS anchors droned on and on and on about the death of the journalist; yet they offered no constructive conversation. They offered the audience and readers NOTHING beneficial or practical with which to further the conversation.

What is the public supposed to do with the information that the NEWS media crammed in our faces yesterday? Are we supposed to be angry? Are we supposed to cry? Are we supposed to be depressed? And in the face of these emotions; what are we supposed to DO with the emotions……..the NEWS media never says. Like a smooth talking pickup artist, the NEWS media kicks us out of bed in the morning and says, “Thanks for letting me use your body, now get the hell out of my bed and leave me alone”.

What good is there in being aware of tragedy on the other side of the world if we don’t know what to do with the knowledge? What good is there in crying over human travesty and the human condition if we are powerless to do anything about it?

Yet in the face of all this f**ked up conflict, there ARE things we should be discussing and there ARE things we could do.

—-) Isn’t it time that the United States get the hell out of the Middle East and STOP meddling in foreign affairs?

—-) In a hundred years of meddling in foreign affairs can we points to even five instances where the United States accomplished something good?

—-) Isn’t it time that we acknowledge the two political parties in the United States have identical foreign policies related to constant meddling in the affairs of other nations?

—-) Barack Obama is as bad as George W. Bush when it comes to sticking his fingers in the affairs of people on the other side of the globe; and yesterday’s video posted by ISIS demonstrates that they HATE Barack Obama

—-) Isn’t it time we acknowledge that it’s the American NEWS media which blacks out third parties from nationally televised debates? There are other political parties in the United States who DON’T want to meddle in the Middle East…..yet its CNN, NBC, ABC, and other NEWS media that refuse to give third parties a platform

—–) Isn’t it time we acknowledge that it’s the American NEWS media which refuses to acknowledge third parties by focusing entirely on the two damn parties that are screwing up left and right?

Having just read an entire history of the conflict between Great Britain and India (think Gandhi) it became abundantly clear that a central theme to the story was the fact that Great Britain had MORE than two major political parties; the numerous parties allowed the people to ‘think outside of the box’. The multiple political parties helped prevent two major parties from forcing Great Britain down the same damn road over and over and over.

The time has come to say goodbye to the Republicans and the Democrats here in the United States.

—) They sat in the seat of power during the global housing crisis of 2008

—) They sat in power in the midst of senseless wars and violence in the Middle East

—) They sit in power over a health care system in the United States that is still a piece of crap

—) They sit in power as our country is still confused over what to do with Latin immigrants

—) They sit in power as the United States continues to meddle in Middle Eastern affairs with no perceivable purpose to the meddling

The time has come to protest the NEWS media and the stranglehold they have over American politics. The time has come to have REAL discussions in the United States and the Western World. The time has come to stop letting the NEWS media fill us with senseless emotion with no explanation of what to do with it.

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee this morning,


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  1. To inform the public that a journalist had been executed; but to what point? . . . .
    that’s easy . . . the point is to instill FEAR and as you can see they have done a great job of it. Study the use of fear as a political tool . . . as well as the background to ISIS and look deeply into what has taken place in this country since 911 . . . easy to read as a Dick and Jane primer.

  2. The current two parties haven’t balanced the budget in ages, either.

  3. I think America should have 6 viable parties, but in the current world if I cast a vote for the radically centrist Moderate Extremist Party I just threw my vote away. Worse, if my political views are closer to one of the Big Two than the other, and depending on where I get my news it may be much, much closer, I would have pretty much cast my vote for the party I don’t like.

    It seems today you have a choice between 24×7 coverage of one story with a total absence of any other news, or straight propaganda parading as news.

  4. So…how do you really feel, Kenneth? Try to not hold back. 🙂

    Thanks for those thoughts and questions.

  5. Reblogged this on Norbert Haupt and commented:
    A good train of thought on the political system in the United States.

  6. Okay. You still on’t like the media or the president. But, I think you have it backwards. The media has a stranglehold over politics? Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Keep on studying.

  7. Look first at places like Israel, where extremists sometimes wield more power than their meager percentage would warrant due to being wooed to enter coalitions and tip the balance.

  8. The other thing is that it is easy to find “obvious” facts exactly opposite the ones you cite, given in an equally impassioned style. Bottom line: one way or another, we still have to make up our own minds.

  9. The point of terrorism is to terrify people. That’s why they make videos of heads being cut off. And the news outlets are obligated to report sensational events. That’s what’s going on. But there’s far too much milking of these events by the media for audience capture. I’d bet most agree on this.

  10. Thanks Kenneth. It’s time for America to make the change. We’ve had too many years of doing things as colonists. That’s over now. We must reboot our social practices and our foreign policy. Since we militarized a generation of people around the world we’ll be suffering that for some time to come. There are many who are going to practice revenge. Sadly I don’t think there is a way around that.

  11. That is my point too, whats the point to all this news, what can I do? , Are the right people being targeted who can do something? Maybe that is hopefully the point.

  12. Kenneth,

    I just returned from two years living and working in Northern Ireland. You wouldn’t be surprised at the animalistic behavior right there in the heart of western Europe by God fearing Christians.


    • Amen to that. Judging by the 20th century in Europe, there’s nobody like a bunch of white Christians for violence. I’m always amazed that people will go on about how barbarian other cultures are in light of 2 world wars, 2 brutal totalitarian regimes, and the deaths of over 100 million people at each other’s hands in Europe in the last century. That’s not to say we should condone the violence of others; just adding a little perspective.

  13. What’s the public suppose to do? Turn it off! Once is enough. What’s the point in watching the same thing 10 zillion times?

  14. Animals not so much. People far exceed animals in our ability to be stupid and pointlessly cruel. Actually that pretty much sums up the media too, stupid and pointlessly cruel.

    At least I hope they don’t have a motive in mind, because to contemplate such things means you have to consider the possibility that there is an alien lizard overlord in charge somewhere, trying to manipulate our behavior through the media. Sometimes I wonder if there might be some truth in that.

  15. The media is not the citizenry’s friend; they’re not interested in reporting news that is objective, merely interested in reporting higher quarterly earnings. It’s a balancing act for an individual to attempt to stay informed and not also be swallowed up in the propaganda of sensationalism.

  16. *clapping* Yes, yes, yes!! That’s the Kenny I’m used to. The points you brought up are so vitally important, they desperately need to be discussed and (hoping against hope here) acted upon. It’s hard for me to watch the news anymore these days because they spin the same stories (sometimes word for word) over and over and it just serves to stress us out and make us afraid. I love this post; I agree with everything.

  17. I love how you’re not afraid to tell it how it is. Good for you! Keep writing 😉

  18. It is the first time that I am not sure if I like your post.
    I am shocked by your question: “In a hundred years of meddling in foreign affairs can we point to even five instances where the United States accomplished something good?”.
    I lived first half of my live (40 years) in the Soviet Union and can easily answer it.

    1. We helped to finish WW1.
    2. We helped England to fight Nazis by selling it destroyers (FDR risked empeachment by doing it).
    3. Lend-Lease was an enormous project that helped many countries to fight Nazis and their allies.
    4. Without American participation WW2 would be won by Nazis.
    5. Every American must be proud of the Berlin’s lift and the Marshall’s plan.

    If you need 10 more instances just let me know.

    I am very surprised that a smart educated man like you does not know or prefers to forget how great our country is!

    • JF, those are fair points, but you’ve only given the perspective from an ‘American’ point of view.

      Russians, Japanese, and other people groups across the pond do NOT look at things the same way.

      For instance, during World War II the Americans and Brits lost a combined 2 million soldiers and citizens…. the Russians lost 20 million. Truman’s attitude was that he WANTED Russia and German to fight endlessly and lose millions of people on both sides. Russians to this day believe that it is largely due to the Americans that they lost so many people. So while you’ve pointed out some interesting thoughts for dialogue, you’ve left out the fact that had the United States not taken the under-belly approach in the war, Russia might not have lost 20 MILLLION people during WWII.

      Also, the death to so many people in Japan due to the atomic bomb is catastrophic, endless volumes have written about the death and travesty the Americans wreaked upon the lives of so many citizens in Japan.

      Its an interesting discussion, but unless one studies the books written by Russians and people on the other side of the pond; all you are effectively doing is presenting the ‘American’ perspective, and that is a very one sided perspective.

    • I lived in the Soviet Union until 1975. It is wrong that Russians blame Americans for losing 20 millions people. I and millions of others would be dead in 1941-5 without Lend-Lease.
      I am presenting perspective of a Soviet citizen who lived there in 1934 thru 1975
      As regarding Japan despite the tragedy of the atomic bombs they saved lives at least of 3 millions of Japanese, Americans and Russians.
      Battle for Iwo-Jima took lives more than 25,000 Japanese and more than 25,000 of Americans.

    • JF, You’re presenting “your” perspective, not the perspective of all Soviet citizen, let’s be clear on that. I have many friends and acquaintances who were born and raised in Russia during the twentieth century who see things differently than you do. I have a good friend/business associate who was imprisoned in a Gulag Prison the year I was born.

      You’re also not considering any of the issues related to WHY the war occurred in the first place.

      Have you ever considered WHY Japan attacked the United States? Japan and USA were not at war with each other until the United States put sanctions on Japan related to oil. The USA practically destroyed and devestated the Japanese economy overnight. Did that ‘justify’ Japan attacking the USA? Obviously in my mind nothing ‘justifies’ war. But let’s call a spade a spade; the USA could have easily avoided the conflict with Japan by not hurting the Japanese economic situation.

    • Dear Kenneth, let me remind you that you asked to name 5 positive things America did for the world. I did it. Which one don’t you recognise as positive?

      In your post you are talking against America meddling in foreign affairs. If Ronald Reagan followed your ideas the Soviet Union and its block would be still alive. Ask people of Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, etc. if they are grateful to America for this “meddling”.

      If you want to say that during last years America had bad leaders and its foreign policy was wrong it is another matter.
      It does not mean that America should just wait until ISIS comes to us.

  19. The point is, it’s easy to control and manipulate people who are afraid. When people are afraid, then they allow those in power to do things that are wrong and would not normally be allowed, because those people promise that if people give up their rights and their freedom, they will keep them safe. Never going to happen. People need to be afraid of the people in POWER…the ones who are enslaving them in the first place. Those are the people who are destroying our country, our lives. I don’t think the presidents have any real power. I think some of them go into their job with hope and true intentions to bring about change. Once they are in office they find out that they are puppets and must do what the people behind the curtains tell them to do and that’s why all of the presidents seem to be the same. Terrible and useless. The people running the show make it clear to them that they are to do what they are told. The do it in such as way that the presidents have no choice. If the powerful people don’t want a 3rd party, there won’t be one. It’s really that simple. If our news is blacked out and there is no free press and all of the things we see and hear are slanted and chosen specifically to make us feel a certain way…because we never know the truth…people need to turn off their televisions. Stop watching the lies, stop reacting the way they want us to react. People need to stop believe what they see and hear and we need to select our own people and stop voting for the two people they shove down our throats. It’s NOT real. We need a write in vote that people can get behind. If she/he got 100% of the votes that person would still not be allowed to be elected unless the people running the show got to her/him and poisoned the person. They would rig the election, just like they always do and they would put their puppet into place. Obama wanted an open door policy, he wanted a lot of things. So did Clinton. They were shut down. Fast. Answers? Not really. Knowing about corruption and evil doesn’t mean we can change it. We would have to work together and even then…I don’t know what we could do. I’m ignoring them. Not an answer but I never look at them. I didn’t even know about the reporter until yesterday when I saw it on a persons blog. I’m tired of the lies and the manipulation and propaganda. I quit. No one seems to care that their rights and freedom have vanished and I’m tired of that as well. If you don’t believe there are shadow people, or whatever you want to call them, answer these questions:

    l. Why can’t the President of the Unite States get into Area 51? Who has the power to keep him out?

    2. Who has the power to keep certain information/files from the President? Why, when the President asks for information, is he told “NO?” Who has the power to tell him he cannot see information that is relevant to the country?

    The people who can say “No,” to the president and get away with it are the people who control what we see, read and hear. They are the people who are running the country and the world. The President is a figurehead and nothing more. They answer to someone else, not us.

  20. As I learned about this beheading all I could think of was the fact that 100 years ago this month [maybe last month?] was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand… which lead to WWI, the war to end all wars. Are we repeating a cycle here? It scares me.

  21. Sadly you are too right in what you say ‘Great’ Britain HAD more than two main political parties. Now it has three identical parties, who all take their orders from the White House, as does most of the rest of Europe, most of the time.

    I think this weekend should be your lighten up a bit weekend, though I really love what you’re saying, and am so pleased you are one of those questioning a system, that is so badly broken for far too many people. More power to you elbow, as we used to say in England. But take a few hours off for yourself. You need and deserve it.

    • Great point Bryan. Much of the studying I did this past summer on Great Britain were all books focused on the 18th, 19th, and early 20th century and the political climate there was much different back then, than it is now for sure.

  22. excellent post Kenneth! I am so glad to see someone else posting and questioning the actions of ‘our’ government and the lapdog mainstream media. It is only the internet that is allowing us to find out the truth for ourselves and spread the word.
    YES, the American people need to learn about ALL the alternative political parties. The democrats and republicans are the ones who got us into the mess we are in now and there is NO WAY they will EVER get us out of it. If people continue to waste their votes (YES! WASTE THEIR VOTES!) picking anyone from EITHER of those 2 parties, we are only going to keep on sliding into the rathole of history!
    The alternative parties DO have some REAL solutions to our problems but as long as people keep up with the ‘wasted vote’ argument, we will NEVER make any progress.
    Thanks for helping to further the conversation.
    I’m reblogging!!

    • If only the Libertarians could refine themselves a little bit more….I would totally jump on board. For the time being they still come off as a bit too low brow, but I think there is more hope in their party then the others.

    • I’m surprised to hear you say that. Most of the time I hear people say they think the libertarians are too intellectual. I know when I go to a meeting with other libertarians, we always seem to get caught up in the details of monetary policy or how exactly the minimum wage law hurts the people on the bottom rung of the ladder. People seem to think we don’t care about real people but only the abstract which is not true at all.

  23. Reblogged this on Capt Jills Journeys and commented:
    An EXCELLENT post from the Culture Monk! Hopefully he is starting a conversation that we all really ought to be having. I completely agree with his comments about the news media (mainstream news media) and I am SO glad we now have the internet to help us learn the truth about what’s going on in the world and to bypass the lies the psychopaths in power wish us to believe.
    I have been promoting the libertarian outlook for a long time. I think they deserve at LEAST the opportunity to have their views known in the public forum. The mainstream news media does all it can to discredit their views and label any politician who espouses them as a ‘nutjob’!
    Who’s nuts” Someone who believes in freedom and liberty. or someone who prefers to use FORCE on every issue?

  24. The wrath and barbaric onslaught of ISIS against Christianity and other religions is one of the best reasons why we sometimes have to “meddle” in foreign conflicts. A madman named Adolf Hitler was another good reason. Sometimes when you ignore the evils of the outside world, it inevitably comes knocking at your door. Why wait until its power grows and becomes too powerful to tackle?

    Granted, there are many times when we can afford to butt out, but only competent and wise leaders know how to pick and choose their battles.

    Does anyone see any?

    The mainstream media has become an offshot of social media. Hardly can they report one story without mentioning its relevant hashtag on Twitter, and how many “hits” the story has got. They cater to the groups who whine the most – the self-oppressed, the ones who claim they are discriminated against, and the ones who contribute the least to society.

    They are nothing more than carnival barkers looking to lure in the misinformed of society.

    Interesting post. 😊

    • Joseph,

      We have the benefit of hindsight, but let’s not forget that the American Public of the 20th century didn’t want to go to war against Germany, and had we not destroyed the Japanese economy with our sanctions and embargos on OIL, Japan most likely never would have involved themselves in the war.

      Was Hitler a bad dude; of course. But have you ever asked yourself why in the midst of Great Britain being bombed by Hitler, why didn’t the American public want to go help Great Britain? Why would Roosevelt not send our military until Japan bombed Pearl Harbor? Why was there virtually NO support in the USA to head to Europe until AFTER Pearl Harbor?

      One must ask WHY and WHO are perpetuating many of these global conflicts.

      If we didn’t buy oil from the Middle Eastern countries than perhaps they wouldn’t have the money to buy weapons of mass destruction.
      If we didn’t show favoritism toward one Middle Eastern country over others; then perhaps they wouldn’t resent us so much.

      There are hundreds of examples we could look at that point to meddling on our part that tends to aggravate these situations.

  25. Ever notice how the meddling only occurs in countries where there is something to gain (oil, minerals). If it was humanitarian as is claimed, why no similar humanitarian intervention in Rwanda when the genocide was going on there?

    Jello Biafra nailed it with his spoken work piece Die for Oil, Sucker.

  26. I agree. Many news outlets almost want to get our attention onto things we can’t do anything about. Don’t be mad at your politicians — because you CAN replace them. No, instead, be mad at a group of people in the Middle East whose situation you probably barely understand and cannot change at all, no matter how mad it makes you.

    I appreciate that you’re studying these things though, Kenneth. I think one of the big issues with foreign policy is that American citizens are generally so uninformed about global history and politics that we don’t really even get what our leaders are doing, let alone if they should be or not.

    I am no expert on history myself, and it gets frustrating voting or even holding a personal opinion on questions like, “Should we support Israel with money and weapons?” because I find that I HAVE SO MUCH RESEARCH TO DO — and even then, I have to seriously question my sources. Are they all textbooks written by Westerners, for example? Anyway, it just seems to me that getting to the truth about things is hard enough WITHOUT getting emotional about it. :/

  27. “What good is there in being aware of tragedy on the other side of the world if we don’t know what to do with the knowledge? What good is there in crying over human travesty and the human condition if we are powerless to do anything about it?”

    To make people aware of the problem and make them angry, at least when it comes to negative news. Already, there are demonstrations to get out of all our wars in such. We focus on the Middle East, but imagine if there was a ticker on the news for how many US military bases there are around the world or how much money/weapons we’ve given to governments for their wars. Down to the smaller things. People should be mad about child soldiers, they should mad about homosexuals murdered because of their sexuality. There are so many things people don’t know that they should.

    It’d be nice we we saw more positive stories, too – like a poor community who just had a well built for them so they can access clean water. Seems boring, I guess, but I bet the stories of the people in the village and the way they view the well would be far from boring.

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