You’re being told what to think…REALLY???


by Kenneth Justice

~ At coffee recently I couldn’t help but overhear a rather loud argument two middle aged dudes were having nearby. The one dude was trying to convince the other that the President of the United States is the best the country has ever had, and the other dude was trying to argue the contrary. What struck me as rather typical is the fact that both of the guys were using the same old rhetoric that we’ve all heard a million times.

Whether you live in Great Britain, Australia, or the United States; arguments, discussions and conversation throughout much of the world tends to be the same old rehearsed topics and issues we’ve heard adnauseum our entire lives. Originality in thought and conversation is grossly lacking throughout the Western World.

Much of this stale manner of thinking and conversation is connected to the stark reality that everyone is being told what to think; no matter what political, religious, scientific or atheistic perspective you come from you have been massively influenced by invisible people who govern the thoughts and perspectives of people throughout the world.

Of course, some of the beliefs you hold dear may indeed be good things to believe; murder is bad, don’t drink bleach or detergent, and never light a fart on fire in a crowded room. Yet the simple fact of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of thoughts that pass through your mind and behaviors you engage in have all been heavily influenced by the calculated efforts of invisible people that you’ve never met.

But Kenneth, what are you talking about; we all have free will and each of us choose for ourselves how to behave and what to think…..don’t we?

Not necessarily, and if you believe that; then the invisible people are clearly accomplishing what they set out to accomplish.

Who are these invisible people you ask; aliens? Ghosts? Poltergeist? Gods?

Come back tomorrow for part two of this week’s five part series, “You’re being told what to think” for now, I need to finish my coffee,


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  1. I don’t think people are being told what to think, as much as they are shopping for what to think, much as they might shop for clothes at Nordstroms. ‘Do I look good in this idea?’ ‘What does the crowd I want to be part of think?’ ‘What arguments are winning?’ ‘What ideas will alienate people, or make them think I am stupid?’ etc..

  2. Free will has become an illusion if you ask me. There is always a catch.
    But is it true, that we see one sided stories all the time. Or are we just blinded by our own greatness and egocentric behaviour.

    The willingness to look beyond the length of your own nose will help learn new opinions and thoughts that may tell you wrong.
    Who is willing to be wrong,

    Great post and I be sure to follow.

  3. Do you mean the invisible people are the angel of darkness?

  4. So you’re telling me to think I’m being told what to think? I think I might have to think on that. Or shouldn’t I? What do you think I should be thinking?

  5. “Yet the simple fact of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of thoughts that pass through your mind and behaviors you engage in have all been heavily influenced by the calculated efforts of invisible people that you’ve never met.”

    Not to mention all the people that we have met who influence our decisions and thoughts.

    ““But Kenneth, what are you talking about; we all have free will and each of us choose for ourselves how to behave and what to think…..don’t we?”

    Not necessarily, and if you believe that; then the invisible people are clearly accomplishing what they set out to accomplish.”

    I like the way you are pointing out the logical problems with free will. I have been heavily think about the subject of choice and what influences it.

  6. “I AM the alien!”

  7. People want to be thought of as being ‘one of the pack’.

    People want ‘to be wanted’.

    Many people can’t think for themselves. They insist on using the 10% of their brain that they’ve been told are all they can use.

    About time everyone started using the other 90% of their brains, if you ask me. We might get a bit of intelligent and meaningful dialogue. We might even get someone adventurous and brave enough to pave the way of peace and reconciliation (instead of greed and war as they’ve been indoctrinated by the 10% who aren’t capable of individual thought).

    Looking forward to Part 2, Kenneth.

  8. I agree, in part.

    A great many people are being told exactly what to think, it’s clearly evident if you spend any time reading political abd/or opinion blogs.

  9. I agree , check out my post about pregnancy maybe you have an enlightening view to share.

  10. And who has told you to believe this? Or are you just that much more brilliant than everyone else?

  11. Sadly, the world has changed too drastically in my lifetime. I grew up feeling I was able to trust and depend on the newsmen like Frank Reynolds, Harry Reasoner and Walter Cronkite, et al. They, at least, seemed to care about journalistic integrity and impartiality, however, that era has long gone. Now, the only options are “news as entertainment” programs which lie about facts to my face, only present stories about what they want me to know, or what they believe passes for news. They attempt to force feed me stories about the most obnoxious, drug riddled, promiscuous musicians and actors in the business as if I should give a flying flip about their lives, as if they are important, instead of covering the situations around the world which are ACTUALLY important.

    I have found that not using a TV, or listening to news and radio originating from the USA has silenced a great majority of the voices I used to hear yapping out what I SHOULD believe, do, and think every time I turned around. Instead, it is so much easier to wait and get my news and information online from reputable sources outside the American media. Sources who offer me both sides to a story and impartial news reporting. Sources who tell me the facts and do not try to put a “spin” on the facts to point me in the direction they want me to go.

  12. I think also some people are just not good at conversation – I’m super awkward, and while there are occasionally circumstances where I just click with someone right away and we happen to find something really interesting and unique the two of us to talk about, but most of the time I need to warm up a lot before I can get there. Sometimes cycling through common narratives is the only way I know how to do that. I just sort of tumble through them and we happen to stumble upon a topic that touches us both enough that we can crack the conversation open.

  13. I believe this is happening in part of people’s laziness to reflect. Instead of chewing over an issue, a thought, or tangible concept, the speed by which one throws their wit is socially accepted. It’s like, people no longer want to sit down, take it seriously, and say something less generic.

  14. Who do you think the media is targeting? Depending on the generational differences, e.g. boomers, gen-Xers, or millenials, do they all believe independently of each other or do they believe what they hear at all? Just thinking….while I type and sip my morning coffee 🙂

  15. Ouh, such an interesting situation to overhear! The situation is so complex, the forces acting on us so many, that we could make a really long list of why it got to where it got. But I think perhaps we should consider instead focusing on how to move away from it. We have the capacity to stop thinking in terms of black and white, and instead start thinking in the various shades of grey that the world is actually composed of. But to do that, we need to be informed, and learn to listen to people who completely disagree with us with the same patience as we would listen to someone we admire. Another thing we can do to move into the various shades of grey is to use this amazing tool that is the internet to read things that go against our beliefs for the sake of expanding our horizons and understanding the other side, even if we do not agree with it.

  16. 🙂

    Reminds me of an old cartoon I saw in the Sunday funnies. A man was sitting in lotus position in front of a television with NPR on the screen. The caption read, “tell me what to think”.

    You’re very right in your opinion. But I would add that we’re not so much told what to think as we parrot what we hear because we are ever more lacking the skills to think critically. When we can or do we often attempt discussions with people like those two you write about.

    Cheers man. Good stuff.

  17. Let me think about it. Tomorrow might change my mind. 🙂

  18. Media is constantly brainwashing people and unless we hibernate in our homes with no TV, internet or radio, there is no way to escape it. Even then, media will use our family members and friends to relay messages to us. Time to move to my private island!

  19. Funny, I just posted something about common sense and the way people think …

  20. Kenneth – it is it just me or you going off the deep end now? Are you becoming full on conspiracy theorist? LOL j/k. Couldn’t it be argued your blog is also influencing how people think? Isn’t your blog just as bad as any form of media or whatever about what and how to think? I realize you take the approach of bringing up questions not telling people WHAT to think but regardless, given that some folks wouldn’t have those questions on their own that would be influencing them right? Just some more thoughts. That said, it is amazing to me how influenced people can be instead of thinking for themselves, but isn’t that the way it’s always been (at least to some degree)? Peer pressure is nothing new and that’s a form of being influenced to think, dress, behave a certain way. Back in medieval times, people were “sold” on the idea they had to pay in order to get to Heaven. I mean shoot, didn’t Adam blame Eve for having eaten the forbidden fruit? Apparently even Adam couldn’t think for himself lol. Tsk tsk. Let’s be clear – I don’t disagree with you at all; in fact I think you’re definitely hitting some good points, but I’m curious as to whether or not this is a new phenomenon or people are just starting to pay more attention to it now.

    • p.s. in case you hadn’t noticed, been absent for quite a while. It figures my first time back to your blog in weeks and I read about you talking about NOT lighting farts on fire lol. Anyway, hope to be around more often but been bogged down with personal strife, vacation (that kind of was a good vacation and kinda really NOT a good vacation) and just other issues all the way around. Hope things are going well for you! 🙂 take care friend!

    • I’m such a good public spokesperson for an orderly society Jen; don’t light farts on fire in a crowded room, its dangerous 😀

    • LOL that would be the only you reply to tsk tsk *smh* lol dork

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    another great post from Mr. Cultural Monk ~ thanks!

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    Think there’s quite a whole load of interesting thoughts gathered here. This free will thing definitely is a tricky one. My insight is it is true that people do influence our lives. Everything that we do is perhaps a result of what someone has said before. However, even though a person has been told several things, it is ultimately our decision to either give in to those ‘defeating’ thoughts or to choose the path that is more ‘optimistic’. Or it could be the other way round. Whatever it is, everyone has had a different experience. Some harder, some simpler and some more complicated. But someone still needs to make decisions.

  23. But if we did not learn from others, we would have to create all knowledge for ourselves from scratch.

  24. I wonder if there is so much of the same conversation happening because people are too lazy to look deeply into issues themselves. It’s easier to just accept what you hear.

  25. It is probably true that we’ve been taught what to think throughout many generations, and so all of our values, beliefs, and ideas have been engrained in us since we were born. Those values, beliefs, and ideas are all fabricated, because they were invented by people from thousands of years ago. It seems that we may pick up on things we should think, usually without even realizing it.

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