“They are trying to control us!!!”…REALLY???


By Kenneth Justice

~ “It has nothing to do with health Kenneth! Everything is so clear now, they simply want to control us! They are like the goody-two-shoes kids on steroids; they simply want to rule us with an iron fist!” he said

Yesterday I had coffee with a good friend of mine. A pack a day smoker for years, this was the first time we had coffee together and I didn’t smell smoke oozing out of his clothes, “I haven’t smoked a cigarette in more than a year!” he said, “I started smoking an E-cigarette a year ago and I loved it! I still smoke the E-cigarette but I slowly decreased the nicotine levels and now I smoke a mixture that is entirely organic and doesn’t have any nicotine! I simply still enjoy the occasional act of blowing the water vapor, but now that there isn’t any nicotine in what I’m smoking I’m finally free of any potential cancerous connotations” he said

Despite my friend’s happiness over no longer smoking cigarettes, he is pretty pissed off, “The city I live in passed an ordinance banning E-cigarettes!” he said, “So even though there is no study that even suggests E-cigarettes are bad, and even though I’m not even smoking nicotine anymore; the thought police have banned them in my city! So the whole anti-smoking crowd has showed their true colors; it has nothing to do with health Kenneth! Everything is so clear now, they simply want to control us! They are like the goody-two-shoes kids on steroids; they simply want to rule us with an iron fist!”

I don’t know a lot about E-cigarettes, but I do know that since they are actual tobacco leafs there is no longer any tar that is sticking to your lungs which is the main thing that doctors have linked to cancer. Whether there is any other negative health connotations with E-cigarettes is up in the air.

—-) We do know that fast food is REALLY bad for you; should we ban it?

—-) We do know that soda (Coca Cola, Pepsi, etc) is REALLY bad for you; should we ban it?

—-) We do know that foods with white sugar in them are REALLY bad for you; should we ban it?

My friend made a good point; it does seem like the people who are banning E-cigarettes are doing so NOT on the basis of health studies; but simply because THEY don’t like the “act of smoking”.

Emotions affect a lot of areas of life. People let their emotions rule their beliefs, thoughts and actions. Emotions are why it is difficult to convince people to leave a religious cult; they are emotionally connected to the cult and have a tough time simply breaking off their relationships.

Emotions are why it is difficult to break off from friends and family members who are toxic. One of the number one things people talk to me about is their toxic relationships; friends and family members who drive them crazy, yet cutting off people we are close to can be difficult even if they cause us stress and depression.

A massive war is being waged in the Middle East yet again. The President of the United States has made the decision to continue the never ending war and what concerns me the most is that I don’t understand what the goal is that the U.S. is attempting to obtain. How much of this ongoing war in the Middle East is connected to emotions? Is the United States choosing the most rational course of action or is the President merely acting out of irrational emotions? I simply don’t know.

My Uncle Bob always told me that before we pass judgment we should always ask ourselves if we are mistaking our own particular tastes upon others. He was a chef so he was often talking about cooking, but I think the point applies well to E-cigarettes; just because you don’t like smoking doesn’t necessarily mean you should judge others who use E-cigarettes…..right?

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee this morning, and I hope you don’t judge for the fact that I LOVE coffee,



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  1. Thanks Kenneth – very interesting thoughts, well expressed. Too often our society seeks to control that which it perhaps shouldn’t, while giving free reign to things that should perhaps have restraints. So we have the perversity of extreme wealth and extreme poverty living almost side by side.

  2. They could ban coffee! These are normally the outcome of vested groups. They want to ban battery run rickshaws in Delhi, and keep the old, polluting ones. Who makes the old ones? A powerful industrial group. The battery run ones are imported by small importers

  3. the only ordinance that should passed is one against lying . . . all add campaigns that blatantly lie should be prosecuted . . . . Then everyone can make their own decision when it comes to any of this stuff. . . .

  4. Perhaps you should tell your friend ‘that the damage is done’. Many years after quitting the nicotine habit, people still get cancer.

    Just Who (is trying to control) Whom? Aren’t we all trying to ‘control’ something in our lives.

  5. Here it a segment from Michael Crichton on Second Hand Smoke. I was boggled when I read it: “In 1993, the EPA announced that second-hand smoke was “responsible for approximately 3,000 lung cancer deaths each year in nonsmoking adults,” and that it “impairs the respiratory health of hundreds of thousands of people.” In a 1994 pamphlet the EPA said that the eleven studies it based its decision on were not by themselves conclusive, and that they collectively assigned second-hand smoke a risk factor of 1.19. (For reference, a risk factor below 3.0 is too small for action by the EPA. or for publication in the New England Journal of Medicine, for example.) Furthermore, since there was no statistical association at the 95% confidence limits, the EPA lowered the limit to 90%. They then classified second-hand smoke as a Group A Carcinogen.

    This was openly fraudulent science, but it formed the basis for bans on smoking in restaurants, offices, and airports. California banned public smoking in 1995. Soon, no claim was too extreme. By 1998, the Christian Science Monitor was saying that “Second-hand smoke is the nation’s third-leading preventable cause of death.” The American Cancer Society announced that 53,000 people died each year of second-hand smoke. The evidence for this claim is nonexistent.”

    • I’m a HUGE fan of Crichton (the world lost a great writer when he died) and I’ve read that by him before, it was one of the things that changed my attitude about smoking and the anti-smoking crowd 🙂

    • I, for one, am glad that smoking has been banned in public places, such as restaurants, offices, and airports. I don’t know for sure how harmful second hand smoke is, but even if it’s not harmful at all, it’s disgusting. And if you’re in a place where smoking is permitted, you end up smelling like a smoker by the time you leave the area. I prefer not to have to breath air that has been polluted by cigarette smoke.

    • I can do without the smoke myself. But allowing our regulatory agencies and legislatures to ban it on the basis of falsified scientific claims is dangerous. It’s granting the government the freedom to lie to us. Plus, it has led to the sort of hysteria which bans smoking even in parks and a person’s own apartment.

  6. Majority always seeking to oppress the minority, and this is something that cuts across government-governed relationships, to governed-governed relationships.
    I’m guessing the term “live and let live” is lost on some people.

    And you should abstain from coffee, Kenneth, it’s harmful 😀

  7. Another thought provoking post Kenneth. I am certainly no fan of smoking, having lost some good friends, well before their time, to this vice. But it does seem that banning these e-cigarettes from a city is definitely a case of thought-police run amok.

    And as far as our goal in this dismal Middle Eastern war we are involved in, your guess is as good as mine…and probably as good as that of anyone else, including the President.

  8. Great post. There is simply far too much knee jerk emotionalism in our culture right now. Everybody wants to change the world but nobody wants to change themselves. There’s a real sense of entitlement around banning anything that offends you for whatever reason.

    It’s especially bad were I live, complete strangers never miss an opportunity to come up to you and point out everything you are doing that offends them. Some days it seems as if everyone is on a social justice mission of some kind.

    • “theres a real sense of entitlement around banning anything that offends you for whatever reason”

      EXACTLY!!!! That’s really what I was trying to get at in the post. Thank you

  9. Maybe its because alot of e cigs still contain nicotine and the act of smoking still encourages smoking for others…
    Im a smoker and I do not enjoy smoking so replacing cigarettes with e cigs in most cases just seems like a new habit with probable negative side effects on personal health.(because of the nicotine and whatever else might be hiding)
    That being said…thats a bit much to outright ban something from an entire city. Some people really might be using e cigs as a method to quit smoking.
    Lawmakers and leaders have this tendency where instead of addressing a problem and figuring out various solutions to combat it, they go for a very obvious solution that in reality does not even address the problem. Instead of targeting smokers, and banning e cigs figure out reasons for smoking (or use recent research) and encourage quitting smoking whether it be e cigs or some other way and to not even start smoking among areas and populations that smoke

    • I really don’t know very much about Ecig’s, but I do know (because anti-smoking people have been proselytizing their rhetoric my entire life) that nobody has ever said its the nicotine that causes cancer….. so if E-cig’s have eliminated the tar that is linked to cancer, then my friend has definitely made a compelling point.

    • But nicotine is extremely addictive

    • Absolutely, but it doesn’t cause cancer (at least according to everything we’ve been told our whole life). Fast Food is EXTREMELY addictive, and Soda is EXTREMELY addictive, thus my point is that we walk a scary line if we’re simply going to ban everything that is addictive. Not to mention the fact that studies show that Pornography is one of the MOST addictive things in Western Society… should we start banning porn and say to hell with freedom of speech?
      Thanks for the comment, much appreciated 🙂

    • Its also scary how much money businesses make off of people’s addiction to fast food, cigarettes, porn and that is viewed as being ok
      I concede that is a fair point

  10. In both points regarding E-cigs and policy on the current decisions to expand the war, the underlying root analysis is based solely on the uneducated and uninformed emotional response to subjective qualitative polls. In both cases, a politically motivated decision was made based on a fundamental lack of true and responsible research, investigation, and analysis. We are a nation led by the results of cut and paste popular internet opinions. We are no longer the creator of our woes but the created woes induced by our reliance on data mined from social networks. Just my two cents after way to much harmful coffee. (Which I subjectively consume with frightful glee)

  11. Good post!
    And…Keep drinking coffee. It’s good for you.
    (A growing body of research shows that coffee drinkers, compared to nondrinkers, are:
    -less likely to have type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia
    -have fewer cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems, and strokes..according to WebMD)

  12. I do believe a prof of mine back in 1982 said it best: “Life! Life is hazardous to your health!”

  13. Your friend is absolutely right! They DO just want to control us!!
    Also, Schn00dles has a good point too. I didn’t read Chricton, I read the original report (the metadata ‘study’) that supposedly showed that secondhand smoke was so bad. FACT= it’s NOT! They completely made it up! Yes, they DID. Read it yourself (it will take a while). What they did was take 40-50 years worth of previous studies (NONE of which showed any stastistically relevant increased risk of harm from 2nd hand smoke), threw them all together and somehow came up with a result that secondhand smoke is very dangerous and needed to be banned!
    Yeah, the government should start selling bridges too. So many people believe ANYTHING they say.

  14. If you are looking for stuff to make sense…give it up. You can get a ticket for not having your child in a seatbelt or car seat but there are no seatbelts on school buses, where there area LOTS of children. How about kids on the back of motorcycles? How about the old…why are there parking lots at bars if you aren’t supposed to drink and drive? Well, the list of insanity is endless. Money is usually the answer to everything but control is certainly in the mix.

  15. We must all make judgements, Kenneth, the difficult part is getting them right.

  16. You do know that coffee isn’t good for you don’t you? (Hehehehe)

  17. I think we all ‘mistake our own particular tastes’, beliefs, experiences, etc. onto others. We are only human. Hopefully we realise what we are doing before we make harsh judgments.

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