Bitching about the election…REALLY???


By Kenneth Justice

~ So I just finished voting. I’m something of a political nerd and I haven’t missed voting in an election since I turned eighteen and became legal voting age here in the United States.

Do I think the people I voted for are going to make the world a better place? Well, since I vote third party I doubt that anyone I just voted for will win. The third party candidates I vote for every year rarely even garner 5% of the tallied votes.

I spent the better part of three years working in politics back in the day. I worked on over 35 different campaigns in a whirlwind period of my life. It was good experience. I’d love to return to campaigning, but the two major parties in the United States have a stranglehold on the political scene since they’ve turned politics into a numbers game; whoever has the most money tends to win.

Recent polls indicate a large percentage of America agrees with me; our country needs a major third and fourth party to rise up and take over Washington and local governments.

Yet despite so many people thinking a third party is a good idea; very few people actually vote third party, and many people don’t bother to vote at all.

If you’ve read anything I’ve written, I’m a big proponent of; helping the poor, single mothers, orphans, fatherless children, and focusing on better public transportation and local infrastructure. Neither of the two major parties in the United States give a damn about the things I care about.

In the United States we spend more time talking about war and health care. It’s really sad. After all, health care wouldn’t be so expensive if everyone took better care of themselves, and why the hell do we constantly need to be at war?

Studies have demonstrated that nearly 70% of Americans are overweight and nearly one third of Americans are obese. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that people simply don’t walk anymore; virgin sidewalks litter the suburbs of America (sidewalks that nobody ever walks on). People shop at TARGET at a massive strip mall, and instead of walking along the sidewalk of the strip mall to go to the next store, they literally walk to their car, drive their automobile a hundred and fifty feet and then get out at the next shop. American’s are bizarre. We treat walking like it’s the Ebola virus; we stay away from it as though we will die if we do it.

American’s throw away more food than the entire country of Nigeria produces (don’t quote me on that because I made it up…..and who knows, I might be right!) We waste so much food in America that it’s insane to hear stories of children in the Western Hemisphere going without food.

People complain incessantly about the problems in our country, but they simply don’t do anything about them; most people spend more time surfing porn on the Internet than hanging out together and coming up with ideas to make a better world.

Facebook has become an awful crutch that persuades people they are making the world a better place by typing out a status update. Don’t delude yourselves; you would do more good for our country if you simply stopped eating Ho Ho’s for breakfast and reduced our overall health care expenses.

Yesterday I received 35 phone calls from friends. People want to talk about the things that matter most. People want to make their lives count for something. People want to make the world a better place.

Can we actually bring about positive change in the world? I think so, but I’m something of an idealist. I’m working a ton of projects……’s almost time to start publicizing them. But whether my projects all fail or succeed; what gives me hope is that others are joining me in them, and that we are trying. After all, you can’t succeed if you don’t try.

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee this morning,



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  1. I don’t sip. I guzzle… Vote third party! Have you ever seen the movie Brewster’s Millions? “Vote None of The Above!” Hilarious…

  2. I witnessed the two party strangle-hold you mention the last set of local elections. I made a comment that indicated my support for third party candidacy, and I was terminated from a job because the comment was ‘disrespectful and insubordinate’ – since I wasn’t marching in lock-step with the political party in the town, my position with a local government agency was liquidated. The experience sort of soured me on voting. On a grander scale, in my state, Independents have no say in primary elections either. Then you have the two major parties changing the rules on the fly to prevent third party candidates on a national level from entering into debates. The political system in our country has become more about self-preservation than public service. While I advocate third party candidates where I see fit, I’m also burned from having been chastised for it, and worry that this sort of thing will prevent the dismantling of the two major party control for a very, very long time, and we’ll march on red complaining about blue and blue complaining about red for a long, long time.

  3. Yesterday at school had a discussion about voting and majority of young generation admitted that don’t care about politics or voting; such a lazy generation. Btw you are bizarre too, walking through Ebola sidewalk Kenneth 😀

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    We have to try and sometimes that is all that matters.

  5. I think part of the problem, inside the voting matter, is that most people simply feel as if they can’t make a difference with their vote. If enough people went out to vote, it would probably impact it.
    These days though, the US public education system doesn’t really focus on teaching young people to educate themselves and make an informed decision- learning to do that has to come from other people or on the personal choice basis. If you ask me, some reforms in education (local infrastructure) so there’s less focus on testing scores and more on forming educated young people are sorely needed to address many of the issues you discussed here.

  6. I loved this post today. I have voted third party for over 20 yrs now, and each time I hear people say there is nobody worth my vote, I remind them of the (at least 5) other canidates running for office that are not in the news every night. Most people don’t even realize that there are other options available to them. We need to stop complaining and get educated about the voting process again.

  7. I say bring the Bull Moose party back!

  8. hmmmm The things I care about is getting people to help themselves; it sounds like you and I would disagree politically, and that’s what the two-party partisans want us to believe. This is simply because if you and I aren’t speaking and negotiating solutions to problems, they are still in control of “political science” part. I would say that I my political alignment is centrist; therefore at this time I really have no good representation in government, I honestly think that greatest social program that would eliminate all other social programs (mostly) including the ACA would be make higher education either free or at a very low cost. The University system is multi-billion dollar industry collectively that forces people to take out loans on their life, most of the time putting them in the chains of modern slavery which is debt. Allow a citizen to be educated without this pecuniary obstacle; and watch a radical transformation of our nation. I say find away to make STEM degrees at a lower cost, there has to be a solution to get this done; let’s find it!

    Education, Education, Education. People can then help themselves; People won’t have to rely on government because they lack skills for the new century, they can get educated, and get working. When they’re working they can have the funds to pay for their own healthcare reducing the cost of government in that sector, maybe freeing up so more funds.

    It’s a bit of an incoherent rant; but I do believe education the key, one of the major complains of those who lead the manufacturing sector is that we as a nation lack the fundamental skills to have those jobs here. Let’s turn that around!

  9. “People want to make the world a better place.”

    Ah yes, everybody wants that. The thing is, everybody always wants to change the world but nobody ever wants to have to change themselves.

    Perhaps it has something to do with getting older, but I now look at the world and wonder what in the heck I was thinking when I was so full of idealism. I remember these old guys sitting on a bench in front of a grocery store long ago and my father explaining to me that what they were doing was watching the world go by. That’s what you do when you realize the world doesn’t belong to you anymore. At the time, I thought that was terribly sad, but today I’m starting to catch on. That’s not sad, it’s actually awesome.

    Obviously I am not yet content to sit back and watch the world go by because I voted, I blog, and I speak up about things I care about, but the idea that the world is going to do what the world wants to do with or without me doesn’t feel so sad anymore, it’s actually kind of neat.

  10. I have to say I am a proponent of a multi party system. The problem though would not change just because we get a third or fourth party. It may make a difference in the beginning then again so did those in power now. Our country has had more parties and it always comes down to who has the money. If the media were not so in the pocket of their flavor of the day politician then the fourth estate would be the best help but they are lost completely (which is why most newspapers are near going out of business or out of business) I think a real revolution is being made the problem is I do not think it is one we expect and in the end will be bad.

  11. “helping the poor, single mothers, orphans, fatherless children,…” Just look through the phone book at all the government agencies focused on this already. Then surf the net for all the non-profits collecting donations to do the same. The market share in this has been gone for decades (or longer). You want to lead a movement you’d best choose someone else to help. But, if you want to get your hands dirty immediately there is probably somebody like this just down the street. Go offer to clean their eves. Get involved in just one of their lives. They’ll keep you busy.

  12. Congrats on few among the few that bother to vote and may your projects be successful. It is hard to not throw your support behind one who acting and not talking about. You are an inspiration. Blessings, lydia

  13. The election here in Brazil just happened as well. And you’re right, whoever has the most money wins. I personally think it propostorous that the same President was just re-elected. But then again, the poor on the outskirts of cities were paid for their vote supposedly. Hmmmm, buying votes? Oh yes, we live in a democracy down here.
    Great post Kenneth.
    p.s. Can’t wait to find out what these projects are you’ve been working on. 🙂

  14. 35 phone calls from friends? You ARE connected.

  15. I guess we get the politicians we deserve! But they seem so disconnected from the rest of us 😒

  16. We all have this blasé attitude about health and wellbeing, the starving/poor/war etc but if everyone did one small thing every day towards the world’s problems, imagine what we could do collectively. I mean to say, look at how YouTube clips go viral. The messages can get out there if the right words & scenes are creatively put together.

    I’ve taken care of my health for 30+ years, but I still have an inordinate amount of serious health issues at 60 (2 of which are genetic – one each from either side of my parent’s families).

    I’ve always voted for the ‘other’ guy, but the top 2 political parties in Australia still ‘run the show’.

    ….and at one time, when I was working full-time, I supported a couple of local charities and UNICEF (my favourite). In fact, I still managed to find a sizeable donation to flood victims from my frugal Disability Pension last year.


    ……the reality is, we need a monumental shift of thinking (in order to improve or resolve world crises).

    Only POSITiVE THINKING and POSITIVE ACTION now (will create a better future).

  17. As I voted this morning, I considered several things…who would best consider what I was concerned about, who would do what was in their heart and not for the party in which they were affiliated and who would stand up for what was right for the people that they represented…I voted with those things in mind…

  18. nothing happens in the real world of politics (even if we have 6 parties) until money is controlled and lobbying is controlled (and they both are in the process of strengthening) . . . . today these politico guys are bought and paid for at the starting gate . . . red or yellow, black or white, don’t matter . . . dem/replub don’t matter.

    The only joy I get out of voting is raising my middle finger to the whole sham scam.

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