Virgin girls can NOT get pregnant…REALLY???


by Kenneth Justice

I thought babies could be conceived through oral sex so you can imagine how scared I was of doing anything during my high school years” she said

~ Last week I was sitting with three acquaintances of mine at coffee and the subject of miracles came up. I’ve had a couple friends at coffee tell me that as teenagers they used to believe babies could be conceived via oral sex, which would truly be a miraculous event.

With Christmas only a few days away much of the world is wrapping up the celebration of advent and of course the subject of miracles comes to the fray front and center. For many people, miracles present the greatest barrier to their belief in the supernatural or simply their belief in anything other than themselves. As with my friends who thought oral sex could lead to pregnancy, some people believe in miracles that are simply a tad farfetched.

Of course, other people believe that a stubborn relative apologizing to them would be the greatest Christmas miracle of all. And while I would definitely be pleasantly surprised if certain people who slandered and gossiped against me suddenly called and apologized for all their nastiness, it would be difficult for me to point to that as proof for the miraculous (I suppose the explanation is better described as these stubborn people had finally come to their senses).

I’m one of those sorrowful individuals who tends to skeptical toward the miraculous,

—-) Someone once told me God audibly talked to him on three different occasions; oddly enough God never told this person that they aren’t very nice and direly in need of an attitude change

—-) Someone once told me that God allowed him to levitate and instantaneously transported him to Russia and back; my dad told me later that this dude did a lot of Acid back in college which explained quite a bit

—-) Someone once told me that God had promised the birth of her first child to be entirely pain free; unfortunately, she forgot to tell the doctor to give her the Epidural shot so that when she was yelling “GOD” in the midst of 7 hours of labor, it was NOT because she was free of pain

Like David Hume, every time I’ve ever bothered to research the miraculous claims of friends, acquaintances, and fellow Christians, I tend to come up empty handed; such claims are often dubious and entirely subjective in nature.

My father was a firm believer in the miraculous. Shortly before his death he wrote an entire manuscript of his life in which he detailed all the miracles he believed to have experienced. I’ve read his manuscript a few times, and sadly, after each reading I become less and less impressed with his claims.

For my close Christian friends, the lack of enthusiasm I demonstrate regarding miracles tends to be a downer. I’ve had many a friend ask me, “Kenneth, how can you be such an intensely devoted Christian and not believe in the supernatural?

Of course, I never said I don’t believe in miracles, I’m merely skeptical regarding all of the various claims that have been presented to me. The simple truth of the matter is that the very basis of Christmas is upon the foundation of a miracle; the Virgin birth.

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace”

When it comes to the principal of the miraculous I am entirely passionate; I believe in miracles. And when I’ve been asked, “Kenneth how in hell can you believe in miracles”, I often think to myself, “How can I NOT believe in miracles”

In order to ‘prove’ that miracles have never occurred, will never occur, and can never ever occur, you would have to prove the improvable. Of course, that may seem like a tongue twister, so perhaps we should break it down just a tad; the only way to prove that miracles can’t occur and have never occurred, would entail being present in every single situation throughout history (past and present) and weighing the various factors present (a herculean task if I might say so myself).

The dude who led me to blogging, Matthew Arnold, once told me, “Even if your God spoke down to me from heaven right this moment and struck me blind, I still would not believe him to be God, because how would I know that he’s not merely a more evolved human that is lying to me?

Arnold’s statement always struck me as very honest, and very sad. What a lonely world it would be to always suspect others of lying. This isn’t to say that others don’t lie, bloody hell; people lie all the time! Yet to live in a mindset where even if the miraculous happens before your eyes you are forced to deny it, seems rather depressing.

A dude walks on water, the dead come back to life, a spoken word calms a storm, a mysterious star in the sky, or a virgin birth. They all seem rather fantastic. They all seem like stories larger than life. They all seem like stories disconnected from the world that you and I live. Yet that is how life is I guess. Each of us have to come to terms with how we view the world. Each of us has to ultimately decide if we want to believe in the improvable, or hold out hope, like Fox Mulder, that there is something more out there.

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee,


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  1. God comes like a cat. He’s on your lap and you’re stroking him before you realize it. That’s a miracle.

  2. As an aside, I broke up with my good friend in second grade because I thought girls could get pregnant if you liked them. I called her a “birdbrain” and wouldn’t talk to her. (What can I say? I was fearing the social opprobrium.)

  3. “Someone once told me God audibly talked to him on three different occasions; oddly enough God never told this person that they aren’t very nice and direly in need of an attitude change”

    I have had the same experience. I think that rather than god, it is an internal voice within their own mind which tells them what they want to hear. This would explain why the voice never tells them to quit being a jerk or to seek help for their alcohol addiction. They won’t get information they don’t like unless it comes from an external source such as another human or experience that leads them to change.

  4. I like this definition of a miracle: God acting in a surprising way to make people take notice and give him honor and glory. God is always at work through his providence, but in a miracle he acts in a less common or unusual way. Notice that it is just as important how someone reacts to the miracle as what miraculous thing happened. Passing a test in answer to prayer can be miraculous if it makes me notice God and praise him. “A miracle is when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A miracle is when one plus one equals a thousand.” ― Frederick Buechner, The Alphabet of Grace

  5. I to am heavily skeptical of the modern day miracle. A lady once told a story in church about God selling her house. What she failed to mention was she had told the most prominent sales broker in town of her intent to sell and HE found a buyer before she actually listed it. Sounds like a savvy salesman to me… Not God. But I am learning ever so slowly that it is better to be kind, gentle and wise than right and maybe allowing people to hold their story is more kind then calling them out. It is more important for me to have relationship than be right… But I am a skeptic.

  6. Meeting you would be a miracle. lol
    Profound insight!

  7. I agree with your perspective, especially your relation to David Hume’s observations; it may see like a paradox, but it isn’t. The miracles that others claim to have experienced are very difficult to hold up as proof of miracles in general, but the lack of proof is not enough to dismiss the possibility of miracles altogether. I like to keep a “headologist” view, I do believe in miracles, because that is the only way I will know a miracle when it happens, but I am not willing to become gullible in order to “prove my faith” in them- I don’t have to prove anything to anyone other than the divine.

    There are times when I thought I had just witnesses something too amazing to be a coincidence and I thought I felt the divine smiling through the event, but were I to record all these details in a manuscript…I would probably feel a little silly.
    I think a miracle is, in a sense, an exchange between me and the divine. I believe it is meant to be a personal experience, not something to wow crowds.

  8. This is probably one of my favorite posts from you in a long while (granted I haven’t followed as religious as I used to lol – no pun intended). I don’t mind being skeptical of how people DEFINE miracles as it can be pretty loose at times, but I absolutely believe in miracles. I do think that sometimes that relative who finally comes around, can be something of a miracle because otherwise, that person may not have EVER come around. It would, for me in my humble opinion, be a small miracle if my sister finally figured her crap out because otherwise, I really don’t see it happening. My brother’s whole being is a total miracle. Many would say it was science that saved his life. Yes it’s true that fortunately he had good doctors who recognized his issues immediate and kept him alive, but to me the miracle is that we happened to have THOSE doctors – had we been somewhere else, there’s no guarantee those other doctors would have known what to do. My brother’s condition is quite rare so in 1984, there’s a good chance he never would have made it had he not been in the care of those particular doctors. The fact he’s done as well as he has is another miracle given that doctors told my parents he’d be blind, severely mentally handicapped, would hardly grow, they even wanted my parents to change his sex, etc. Having just noted the above comment – please know I don’t share this to wow crowds…it’s just my proof for me that miracles happen. While I agree the definition of miracle is loosely defined at times, sometimes miracles can be small. It can be a flower blossoming that really should have died due to a quick weather change; it could be getting a smile from someone who very rarely smiles; it could be recovering a lost heirloom that there was no way it could have been recovered or a pet who wandered off a long ways but somehow managed to come back. In those instances, it was a miracle because it defied the odds. It meant something happened when all reason and logic said it shouldn’t. Is that not a miracle…allbeit small?

  9. I believe in miracles – we have all these scientific laws of nature, around which we build our expectations of how reality operates, but there is one thing that ever scientist has to acknowledge the existence of – outliers. As confident as we are that under known conditions, things typically behave in this way or that, there are always exceptions. Does it make them supernatural? Possibly- it is possible that an outlier could occur as a result of supernatural intervention. Or maybe not. Or maybe in some cases but not others. In any case, I don’t discount the potential, since we can’t prove or disprove the supernatural (being that proof relies on natural evidence). #mytwocents

  10. We have just had our fourth baby born this night (so, a bit more than half day old he is by now), and though we thought we knew everything about delivery a baby, it seems we were arrogant a bit…
    For me, it is always a miracle, how a beautiful person can be born, from elements invisible to the eye, changing the world forever…
    As for the people, it was the longest time ever (almost three days), we did not get on well with the doctors, and all of a sudden, at the very last time, a fantastic medical team was present, they were attuned and harmonized with us, and helped the most natural birth ever (what we experienced). The hospital was so crowded that it is a magic we got a free room, and everyone’s attitude has changed in the last couple of days.
    Our community prayed and helped to look after the children at home, though, we had challenges, “shadows of misunderstandings” earlier. What I would like to say here, for a higher, a greater purpose, what is beyond the “self” we can unite, that can bring a new world of hope, love and wonders.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  11. Hey Kenneth, I know this is a day late, but Merry Christmas 🙂
    As always, I love this post. Hope you had a beautiful day.

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