A REALLY special New Years message!!!

happy new year

New Year’s Day is almost here,

Will you be drinking coffee, vodka or beer?


Will you be spending time, with people who are nice?

Or will you be hanging, with people cold as ice?


As for yours truly, I know where I will be,

When the clock strikes twelve, then one, and then three.


I’ll be asleep, sound asleep as one can be,

Dreaming of warm beaches, along a crystal sea.


Because I’m exhausted, it’s been a long year,

I’ve worked and I’ve worked, and I write as you can see.


There has been little rest, for The Great Culture Monk,

Though some say I’m not great, they call me a “punk”.


And to my detractors, to those who say I suck,

I’m not going away any time soon, you can go…..cluck yourselves.


Sadly I fear, philosophy is dying,

People don’t give a shit about it, and it leaves me crying.


My life has been spent, pursuing my love of wisdom and reading,

Yet books grow dusty on shelves, and it leaves me seething.


I wonder if there is a place, in the world for me,

A coffee house philosopher, who’s not very fond of tea.


This year I’ll pursue a Doctorate, in philosophy a PhD,

But is it all a waste of time, in a culture of triviality?


I don’t really know, all the answers are beyond my reach,

So I will just keep espousing philosophy, it will be wisdom and ethics I teach.


So on this Monday, a few days before the end of the year,

I want to wish you the best of days, to you I send some New Year’s cheer.




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27 replies

  1. Happy New Year Kenneth! I wish you the best and most wonderful for 2015!

  2. Happy New Year Kenneth. 🙂 May all you days be happy ones.

  3. Ho! Ho! Ho! Who’s running the show
    Happy New year I have to go! 😀😘

  4. A happy New Year to you! Hope 2015 brings you wonderful things!

  5. There was a philosopher from Cognito Ergo Sum,
    who doggedly pursued the quotidian.
    But the solace he sought
    had already been bought
    and sold to a coffee emporium.


  6. Happy New Year, Kenneth! Good job on the “Really?” series in 2014… I’m looking forward to reading your posts in 2015! You always give us something to think about! And we’ll be proud to congratulate you on getting your PhD soon! Hugs from your old neighbors- Ed & Shirley

  7. How many times throughout history have people really appreciated philosophers? They still seem to do their thing and enjoy themselves. Keep it up Kenneth. 😉

  8. Heyyyy, I’m a fan. I give a s#*t. And I’m thankful you’re not going away. Never thought I’d see a poem here on Culture Monk. 🙂 Happy New Year to you!
    p.s. the beaches here in Brazil are spectacular. Hint, hint. 🙂

  9. Well said! Congratulations of pursuing your PhD. I say that anything that further’s one’s talents or education is worth it. Happy New Year…almost.

  10. Holy hell…poetry on The Culture Monk page…the Mayans were off by two years…the world is ending now! LOL. J/k!!! I love it. 🙂 I’m glad you’re not going away. We don’t always fully agree but it’s good to engage in “feisty” conversation from time to time. I hope you’ll have a lil’ more time for me this year…I miss your face on my blog (even when you’d post comments that made me blush when I was talking to my dad LOL – he read your comments too fyi). I hope life only gets better for you and your loved ones in 2015; that your detractors become fewer and that no matter what you pursue whatever it is that will make you happy. It’s your life and it’s about what makes it most fulfilling for you (loved ones included). The best wishes always friend! 🙂

  11. The philosophy you speak
    deserves a repeat
    Don’t get lost in deconstruction
    Interferes with capitalist production
    I think God is the key
    And, I suppose, so would he,
    So do what I wanted to and get the PhD
    But only if you share knowledge ain’t free
    I’ll be asleep, too, and coffee I prefer
    And to the birdies outside I will say burr
    My cats will pur
    and I’ll wait for words from yur

  12. Happy New Year, Kenneth. Yes, philosophy still matters! What is most important is not determined by popularity polls.

  13. Philosophy does matter, in fact in the end it may be about all that matters.

    That said, I have enjoyed reading your work here for quite awhile. You have written some good pieces this year. Your coffeehouse blog posts have sometimes made me smile, always made me think and occasionally made me reconsider my own views. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more from you in 2015.

    Happy New Year, Kenneth!

  14. Knowing me I will be drinking all 3 but please don’t judge me
    I try to surround myself with positive but from time to time haters slip in like little mice
    I too dream of the sea as I grew up on them but now I get to see trees of all colors around me
    You were so appropriate when you said “cluck yourselves” but at times I am not so politically correct so I will say to my haters “FUCK yourselves”
    Yes philosophy is dying because our new generation is stuck in technology and can only theorize on the next the video game.
    My husband thinks I am crazy or just archaic because I still go to the library to be able to flip the pages of books between my fingers vs on my tablet.
    At times I feel there is no place for me in this world but I fight to stay where I may not be wanted.
    Continue to teach your “wisdom” and “ethics” there are those of us that are listening and not tuning out in front of the boob tube.
    I hope you realize all of your goals in 2015.
    Happy New Year to you!!!

  15. Happy New Year, Kenneth! And all the best for 2015! 🙂

  16. I will drink to all of the above and keep you in mind when I raise the glass.
    A happy new year to you dear sir and till we meet again discussing what was is or willl be.

  17. There will always be room for the philosopher and dreamer, for those called to make us think and rattle our complacencies. Keep on rattling.

  18. Not a waste of time at all! All the cool people I know have studied philosophy at some stage (I did a little too ya’ know). Happy New Year and best of luck with your studies – sounds like a challenge!

  19. I’ll be drinking milk, thank you. Happy New Year to you too. Philosophy is dying only to those who are dying inside and can’t reason, period, I always say. Humanity has lost touch with BASICS. When it comes to Philosophy, most are using it as a beauty product. 😛

  20. Kenneth, I wish you the success in your pursuit of your PhD., and very happy new year.

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