Deflate the NEWS and Scientists please…REALLY!!!

age of the internet


by Kenneth Justice

~ Over the course of the past week

—) a MAJOR election took place in Greece

—) Yemen is under siege

—) Boka Haran keeps murdering, raping, and pillaging

—) ISIS (now DASH) continues their reign of horror in the Middle East

—) and a ton of people are still dying of Ebola

So what does the American NEWS media report on every day; the New England Patriots and what they have happily coined, “Deflate Gate”.

To perpetuate American nonsense, wannabe Rock Stars (but really just your typical school yard nerds) Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye the Science Guy have chimed in their own comments on this whole deflate gate nonsense. If I were to comment more deeply on what Tyson has to say on the subject I feel I would be stooping down to his neanderthal level. So let me just say this; I’m always suspicious of any scientist who spends more time Tweeting than they do writing scholarly articles #justsaying


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  1. But if all we see in the 24 hr news is the unrest and violence and horror, you aren’t really reporting either. Those things are happening in other countries. Here we have football. I’m not saying we should ignore the plight of 3rd world countries but a little discussion on something lighter can’t be all bad. Right?

    Missed you!

    • no not bad….perhaps i should have emphasized how many stories they are doing on this football thing 🙂 I listen to CNN in the car all day, and gosh, yesterday in an average hour, 10 minutes were being spent on inflate gate, and less than a couple minutes on any other story. thank you, i’m glad to be back; now a lot of work to be done! A live show tonight at 7! Holy cow, I’m amazed the technology exists that lets me stream a live show straight to my website…what a crazy world we live in now-a-days 🙂

  2. You know, I was with you until that last paragraph. I’ve never understood trying to make a point with insults and condescension, and I had hoped for better from someone who values philosophy and meaningful debate and conversation. Also, from a “typical school yard nerd,” the nerd hate just isn’t cool.

    • ha ha, I just did that for when Bill and Neil read my article, cuz they are always saying things like that abut people they disagree with 🙂

    • Yeah, I don’t like it when they do it either. *sigh*

    • I like both of them in a lot of ways…but dude, they can be really degrading to people they don’t agree with! Is it a science nerd thing? I dunno.

    • I think it’s more of a people thing. Some people (from any profession or area of study) feel the need (for a multitude of reasons) to be insulting toward people who hold differing opinions. I think it gets especially heated when people “disagree” with proven facts because that’s a frustrating situation. Regardless, degrading people and insulting opponents and talking down to (or about) people are all really quick ways to discredit yourself as a defender of your philosophy…and as a nice person. Resorting to name calling and personal attacks indicate, to me, that the person is not able to (or not willing to) defend their stance with reason. It also, in general, indicates that there is little reason to participate in a discussion…people who speak with prejudice (against any group) usually have little interest in actually openly discussing a topic and exchanging ideas and points of view…their minds are already made up, and they normally are more interested in “preaching” their beliefs than discussing them. That’s been my experience anyway. But I’m absolutely certain that this form of behavior is not distinct to scientists.

  3. The issue has been blown way out of porpotion.

  4. I’m not really sure why they report on most of the things they report on. Is ANY of it really useful to anybody (other than the weather)? I don’t watch much TV. I’ll see the major headlines on the internet when I check my email. If I want more information, then I can get it myself. Seems like a MUCH better way to get the news, self-directed, less stressful.
    I think we would all probably be better off just getting rid of our TVs. I don’t miss it at all when I go out to work. I never see it from the time I leave home til I get back a month later. It might be a week or 2 before I get bored enough to turn it on again once I do get back home. For almost $75/month, I really have a hard time justifying why I keep it.

  5. the news is a real time mock up of old news. Walking journalists, telling the same story over and over from different locations. It is news. it. Our need for news is so big and t does not matter whether there is no news at all. we simply create it

  6. Oh Kenneth…our old argument is reignited…so happy for past times come back lol. 🙂 The whole deflate gate is getting a lot of attention, BUT, it’s far from the only thing I see in the news. There does come a point when people only see certain things. I have seen articles on the Greece election and so on and so forth. Sometimes it’s a matter of what people pay attention to…the media has it’s flaws to be certain but again it’s also a reflection of society. Those are the things people tend to pay attention to and news organizations use those topics to get traffic. If people didn’t pay attention to it, it would go away because like any other business, they are trying to survive. Again, that’s not to say the news organizations of this country are without faults and flaws – that would be naive of me to say. I’m only suggesting that it’s a bit of a two way street.

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