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by Kenneth Justice

~ The newly crowned King Salman of Saudi Arabia (am I the only one who keeps hearing Solomon in their head when his name is mentioned?) apparently didn’t attend the execution of a convicted rapist this past week.

The criminal kept attesting to his innocence, right down to the last moment before the executioner did the deed.

Its odd to me that the NEWS media seems to be adding their conjecture on why or why not the new King didn’t attend the event since he hasn’t really given a definitive answer. When I go to coffee with King Salman next week I’ll be sure to ask him.

What does strike me the most is that in Saudi Arabia they kill rapists, and here in the United States we tend to give them a slap on the wrists and a few weeks in jail. Am I missing something here? Why is it that the United States spends more time hassling drivers who are going six miles over the speed limit than we do ridding our communities of convicted rapists and child molesters? Well, that is unless your a Hollywood star and an accused rapist; then we will hound you every day in the NEWS media over and over, because that is what the NEWS media does best.


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  1. There should be a special island for rapists and child molesters… Just send them there and leave ’em.

  2. In Saudi Arabia they also imprison bloggers and sentence them to 1,000 lashes. In Saudi Arabia they stone people for certain crimes. Saudi Arabia has one of the highest execution rates in the world, and uses the death penalty — mostly beheadings — as the sentence for a number of nonviolent offenses, including drug crimes, adultery, and speaking out against Islam.

    I’m not suggesting that rapists should get away with a slap on the wrist (and those who are actually convicted don’t– they get significant prison time), but I wouldn’t use Saudi Arabia as an example of the way to mete out justice, Mr. Justice.

  3. The problem with sex crimes Kenneth – is there’s so many gray areas for one, including having to register as a sex offender and there’s plenty that goes along with that. Second, those who are convicted typically suffer more than you think. As for being shamed in the media, that may not seem like much of a punishment but really, it’s not much different than being bullied and that’s something that sticks with any person for a long time…so it is a form of punishment just not the one we’d generally prefer to see. As for those gray areas, some are pretty black and white yes and those folks definitely need to see justice and even registering as a sex offender is a bit tame. As for the gray areas though, just the registering as a sex offender is beyond brutal. If that alleged crime isn’t really as bad as it seems, that label goes above and beyond punishing a person for a lifetime and can make returning to any normalcy damn near impossible. Now, as for this individual’s attendance to an execution, yeah I’m not real sure what the big deal in that is…hmm. Such mysteries in life.

  4. Why would he want to attend the execution of a convicted rapist? What’s he going to do there?

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