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~ Apparently Facebook and Instagram went inoperable last night. Had the NEWS media not alerted me I never would have noticed. Isn’t it interesting that this is a national NEWS story? Or rather, let me ask the question; is this REALLY worthy of being a national NEWS story?

Facebook, more specifically social networks, have changed our lives. At least for those of you who are on them all day long. I myself send Tweets from my phone occasionally, but other than that, I spend NO time on social network sites.

“But Kenneth, isn’t your blog a social network type site?” you might ask. Well, the problem is that the term “social network” is a bit ambiguous. Like other semantical issues there is a major element of subjectivity when it comes to defining what exactly a social network is, and what isn’t a social network.

Suffice to say, I don’t hate Facebook. Yet neither do I like it. I guess you could say its like my Aunt Agatha I see at Thanksgiving every year. My Uncle Bob used to say, “Kenneth, it doesn’t matter whether you like or not, she’s always going to be there so you better get used to it”.


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  1. It is very strange indeed. People are very interested with what is going on in other people’s lives. Often to interested to have an actual life of their own.

  2. Facebooks new policy is the will own every picture you put on there. There is a way though but watch for faceboks dirty tricks.
    Reclaim-online.com is a fast and easy way to watermark your pictures. So facebook has no use for them.
    Faebook dirty trick is to replace an old copy of the pictures if they wanted to.

    Other things facebook or whatever social media we use will probably only abuse here status once they know everything about us. It isn’t sharing with friends only. it never was. But why share so much on there as it puts a lit n conversation elsewhere. after al they already knew.from reading your update or messsage.

    Our need of news while there is a lack f it has us make news of our own. Which will b dynamically told in real time by a reporter who has been out all day. telling the same story over and over.from one location.

  3. I like thinking of Facebook as Aunt Agatha. Ha.

  4. I’m on it on a semi regular basis, but didn’t even notice it was offline…

  5. OH! A friend of mine said this on FB and I thought she was joking!

  6. To be perfectly honest, I had no clue it even happened until you wrote about it. It wasn’t even until about 15 minutes ago I finally saw the “trending” bit on Facebook about the so-called outage. So, I wonder, does this mean you’re just as bad about your addiction to “bad” media as everyone else as it sounds like you’re the one who noticed this and several others didn’t? Hmmm. Oh lest it not be forgotten that your “reporting” on it is yet another article of the very topic you despise…hmm. 😉 That’s a chin scratcher for sure I think.

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