“Kenneth you’re stupid!” — My readers respond!!!

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~ Yesterday was a flurry of activity on The Culture Monk. It was my single highest day of traffic in my two years of blogging; I received more page views, comments, tweets, and emails yesterday than in any day prior.

My favorite email of the day was short and to the point,

Kenneth, your show on religion and conflict sucked. You suck. Your an idiot. Arabs are crazy and we should blow em all up. Clearly you’re a damn left-wing liberal, cuz you sound like an idiot”.

Apparently my gentle reader didn’t agree with me, when I said on the show, “The answer in the Middle East is NOT nuking the region!”

Perhaps I’m a wacko, but sometimes I enjoy the “Kenneth you’re stupid” emails more than the nice ones. As Steve Martin said, “I’m a wild a crazy guy!”

As part of new features on The Culture Monk, in addition to shorter commentary on daily cultural NEWS, I’m also providing more lengthy essays that I’ve written on all things culture. With a bachelor degree in psychology, a master degree in liberal arts, and two master certificates, I’ve written nearly 600 essays, the vast majority of them heavily focused in cultural studies.

The fact of the matter is simply; Western Culture has changed dramatically over the course of the past generation. As evidenced in my article today about grocery shopping and going to the market; the simple things that connected us in face-to-face interactions are dying away. Religion in America is becoming less and less relevant.

While the Internet has become a great way for us to connect, too often studies find that people are suffering psychologically from a lack of face-to-face, in-person connectivity. All the Internet interaction we enjoy can never truly replace the spiritual phenomenon of being with a person in-person.

Join me this year on The Culture Monk as we take a deeper look into Western Culture and the problems that plague our society, as well as the positive signs of rebirth.


p.s. tonight’s live show is “My life sucks: why are people so upset in the West. Is the problem capitalism? Is the problem socialism?” Join us tonight and watch the sparks fly. The video will be live streaming from my page at http://culturemonk.com/culture-monk-videos/

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8 replies

  1. Well, (tongue in cheek) for a stupid person you have an awful lot of followers who agree with you. So we are all stupid with you (although, for sake of peace, I will only speak for myself at the moment!) 😀

  2. It’s a pity I can’t watch your videos (my hearing is very bad). I am interested in what you say in them.

  3. I think you are smart cause I agree with much of what you are saying and that must make me smart, right? 😉

  4. There’s not much you can do about people who are unwilling to be part of a solution or unwilling to at least listen to the possibility of being wrong or that there are differences of opinion; people who are willinginly, and even defiantly, ignorant are more dangerous than anyone else. That said, it’s been an interesting ride so far lol, but then again, this blog always has been interesting. 🙂

  5. If someone isn’t upset with, you aren’t being effective. Rattle those trees, Kenneth.

  6. I’m guessing the writer of the hate letter isn’t too well versed in irony!

  7. As for the changes in the blog – on one hand, some interesting ideas you’ve got going on! On the other, it’s a bit overwhelming being greeted by multiple posts each day. Maybe some people dig it, but I would rather see some sort of weekly schedule incorporating the different items. But hey, you’re trying new things and I’ll be curious to see how it works out!

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