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~ Last night we recorded the second episode of Culture Monk LIVE. Our little experiment in LIVE streaming video content; our topic was “Religion and Conflict: What to do about the Middle East”.

My co-host Catholic John and I are still working out the bugs getting past the learning curve of producing a LIVE streaming show, yet for only our second episode I’m excited with how things are coming along.

Our goal in Culture Monk LIVE is to bring to the Internet the types of conversation I have with people at coffee everyday; and in the long run, we hope to bring our LIVE show to coffee shops around the world. Wouldn’t it be exciting to film LIVE from a coffee shop in Seattle or London? After the success of last year’s Drinking in the Culture Tour, I wanted to take the experience of visiting with readers and bloggers to the next level. So hopefully, as we fine tune our LIVE show, we will soon be ready to take the show on the road.

Tonight’s episode will be live again at 7pm EST (6pm Central), and our topic will be “My life sucks”. Building upon the theme of the many people who have talked to me about hating their job, or hating their life, we’ll explore this growing phenomena in Western Culture; is the problem capitalism, is the problem socialism? Join us and see the sparks fly!

The show can be streamed right here at http://www.culturemonk.com LIVE at 7pm EST.

Here is last night’s show;

culture monk tv


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  1. Isn’t an identity crisis nothing more than where you put the most importance to. Are we not ALL HUMAN before anything else.Why do we create conflict over a colour, belief or god knows what.

  2. Send in the Smurfs with hats of Cyanide and poison them at IS.

    Explaining the Koran is never in a right way if there are so many possible explanation by the Muslim community themselves. It is what is taught and what than creates that identity conflict again.

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