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  1. we go live at 7pm! eastern standard time

  2. I get the impression what Rebecca and Lee are really saying (at least what I’m getting from what they’re saying) is that it isn’t religion that’s the issue (at least not in of itself)…it’s how it’s been mutilated, mutated, warped by people and it’s become this fire and brimstone deal and who is going to like that? Fire and brimstone would make anyone depressed and hopeless lol. The idea of religion is to provide hope and if it’s done right, it can be very positive and uplifting. Great conversation tonight! I think this has been my favorite so far, though I’ve enjoyed them all. 🙂

    • Hi stormy1812,

      Yes, that’s what I’m saying. Institutional Christianity has become so warped by many centuries of its leaders grasping for money and power instead of serving the people with love and compassion that it isn’t even recognizable as the religion Jesus Christ preached and showed by his own example.

      It’s no coincidence that many atheists grew up in fundamentalist and evangelical households. They have rejected a harsh, illogical, and in the end unBiblical version of God and Christianity that deserves to be rejected. Unfortunately, the baby gets thrown out with the bathwater.

    • P.S. For my take on institutional Christianity as it has existed over the ages, see my article:
      Christianity is Dead. Long Live Christianity!

    • I will look into that! Thanks 🙂

  3. I just watched and I was most impressed with Rebecca’s take. And by the way, Atheism doesn’t say that there is no reason to your life. Atheism says that you create meaning and purpose for your life by how you live it and what you do. It is not something that is handed to you by some supernatural being. And again, atheism is not a philosophy, it’s not a religion. It’s simply a disbelief in the existence of gods or deities.

    Good webcast.

  4. Very interesting discussion! Great to see people with such different viewpoints discuss religion and atheism without biting each other’s head off. Respect is so important. The world would be so much nicer if we could start by respecting each other’s beliefs instead of immediately going into fight mode when someone disagrees with you. We can learn so much from each other!

  5. Can one be a hedonist when there isn’t a God. Without a good there is no wrong. Talking about standards one first need to find who ever made it a standard. God or not.
    Would one believe in a God being a caveman. Did they worship something or someone. And if so did they not create a standard for themselves That worked in their own community.
    Was it wrong to worship a sun or bleed a virgin for better crops. It was what once believed to be true. It was once a standard given what we think we know about history.
    Talking about history one or the other, We can only guess.
    Would we make it without a God, pretty sure we would. As ethics right or wrong have been written by nature. And who ever wrote those was pretty much the smartest of them all.

    When one thinks about right or wrong, can we truly teach right from wrong? Taming a wild animal is like killing his soul. There needs to be some defiance if you will to keep something alive. An atheist of Hedonist keeps God alive in others. And vice versa.

  6. Excellent questions and discussion. Great topic. Keep up the good work.


  1. GOD GIVES US A CHOICE | Citizen Tom

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