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  1. woman d not ruin culture, power dose. blame comes from somebody like you.

  2. Two things you’ve overlooked (I think): One – I have a friend who’s a “stay at home” mom; she doesn’t work but she’s busy involved in volunteering and attending her children’s functions at school – field trips, parent days and conferences, etc. The kids are involved in all kinds of dance, etc., etc. so the house chores have to be done during the day between her other functions because at night it’s dinner, finishing laundry, etc. Big families have a ton of laundry and dishes to do which regardless of machines, still takes time…particularly laundry which doesn’t fold itself at this point. There’s also ironing to be done…for those who still actually iron. Two: I think you didn’t take into consideration is that pregnancy permanently changes a woman’s body. I’m not just talking about stretch marks either. There’s the illnesses, the need to take care of not only your body but of that of the lil’ one inside. What do men do during pregnancy other than take care of cravings and MAYBE have sympathy cravings and pains lol. It is a woman’s issue regarding her body because of all of that. Not to be a jerk, but pregnancy by definition is a parasitic relationship. Until the baby has grown to a certain point, it CANNOT live without it’s host (the woman). Even when a baby is born some time during the second trimester and survives, that baby will always have some type of health issues (at least from what I know and generally speaking). So no you can’t compare cutting off and “killing” a pinkie to abortion. 😛 I understand that men should have some say but at the same time, where’s the consideration that again pregnancy impacts a woman so much more than a man – eating habits, feet swell and sometimes don’t return to their previous size, there’s all the weight gain, the potential for becoming diabetic (weight gain in the middle area is problematic); what if it’s an eptopic pregnancy and has to be terminated; a pregnancy gone wrong can kill a woman and the baby; what about preeclampsia and eclampsia; what about post-partum depression, etc., etc. These things are all related to pregnancy and giving birth that the man does NOT have to deal with but she does. Unless he’s willing to split the bill for medical expenses and what not, then I say he doesn’t get to have a say in it. That’s just for the baby to be born. What about actually raising the kid? Some guys are absolutely against the abortion but don’t want to raise the kid so then that means she has to take it or it’s up for adoption. Well, there are already far too many children who need to be adopted and far to many who never do – they age out and lord only knows what their experience is like – some have great experiences and some really have horrid ones. As far as women being the issue, nope no way. People forget that when things shift, it takes time, a lot of time, for things to even out so whatever so-called economic impacts have been made it will eventually even out and “normalize” if you will. We’re just in flux lol…so to speak.

  3. I had to get used to the live shows and new short article series and such, but I now really love what you did with your blog! 🙂 Keep the videos and articles coming! I won’t be leaving any time soon… 😉
    — Iris

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