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  1. Discrimination is definitely taught at home and in the community but it can be at school also…not intentionally though. Teachers are humans who have their own prejudices and end up passing that along – that’s another thing I watched firsthand with a teacher I used to work with. The stories I heard about this sorry excuse for a teacher was too much (she made comments like you have to go back to Mexico if you want to speak Spanish or that’s why I hate Mexicans and then wondered why the kids (who most of whom had Mexican roots) didn’t have any respect for her and she was known for crying in class…I wonder why). Kids are very observant…they know when teachers don’t like them even when it’s much more subtle than that. Kids also observe these things and will pick up those traits. It’s crazy. Kids are born curious and observant but not necessarily with prejudice. That’s taught. And Kenneth – get off the pot!! lol Marijuana and continually repeating the quote about entertaining ourselves to death are your most favorite things. 🙂 There are more quotes and other things to discuss than marijuana my friend.

    • What is even worse that we sometimes do not even see it any more as discrimination or even worse racism. Maybe because it has become so custom in our behaviour. Than there are the history books as well where names and people though bigger of themselves and thus subjected other people, in their eyes lower class or less smart.
      I won’t say I hold all answers but if one person starts off with: My way is the best way, is when it all starts over again and as you mentioned it is the young who are susceptible to it the most.

  2. I loved watching Ranting Crow. It was interesting to me to hear that healthcare is an issue there when there are SOOOOO many American’s who hold up socialized medicine as the ideal. I wonder if it is really all it is cracked up to be. Ranting Crow… what is your take on that?

    • healthcare was working just great until hospitals became more of a money making business ( to be a bit disrespectful). they should not be upheld to competition between other hospitals, in who can give better care the cheapest. It is however an effect that has its cause back at the insurance companies who as ever want to spent as little money as possible.
      Having an insurance is a good thing it does help out though if everybody go see a doctor over a fart that is hurting or in the way of some crap things can t out of hand.
      It can be fraud sensitive which is another case that proofed to be unhealthy for those who pay on the dot. SO if everybody chips in it is great.
      Second ad last we made a mistake by having the rich the same low priced insurance where as they used to have a 5 times higher rate.

      So it has proven over the years if one would ask me we made mistakes.and are paying the price for it now. As where insurance premiums rise to a 100 dollars a month per person and less from that money can e spend.
      Let us say grandma needs an eye lid correction in order to see again. She now she will not be helped any more as the operation is said to be deemed unnecessary according insurance agents. As she can still see. Apart form over hanging eyelids.

      Healthcare fr the elderly in care homes has been reduced to one person on 3 older people. Though they are already giving their last penny to the home it is pretty much stolen as they to are told to make a profit. So slowly you see those older people pretty much home bound behind their window as nobody is tehre to take them out. Or even take care. Their are stories out there that tl that an older woman had spend half a day in a shit diaper because they were short on staff.

      It used to be way better. And it is not just all that. The government is at fault to. Because in the 80’s they said we could do with less tax and lower bills. Knowing full well that the baby booming era was still coming. We are getting older, not so much healthier though. as we are kept alive by meds. ( i think)
      So mistakes have been made on more than one front. we never looked ahead and now we pay the price.

      There was a time when people just filed their pockets and still do and it is our younger generations that will pay the price.

      I can go on ranting for hours on this

    • At the end of the line a man who is really ill like cancer has a great benefit not having 10 of thousands of dollars on bills which is spread across al people having the insurance. And that is a comfort for the family and a thing less to worry about. And that is worth ten times more than wondering if it is a good thing.

      It has great benefits if mistakes are kept at minimum. If the rich still has higher insurance as they can pay.and most the time they can spend the thousands of dollars. Even if they can ask the tax return and get back a 30% it is all do able. .

  3. Oh, mercy Ranting Crow. I love it that you can rant. I’m also a ranter… LOL!

  4. Thanks Ranting Crow for giving Kenneth more realistic views of the Netherlands! 😉 It seems you really see us as the pot smoking people, don’t you Kenneth? 😛 Haha, just kidding….
    Great conversation with interesting thoughts ^^ So weird to hear that America and the Netherlands are so different from each other regarding several topics… Really look forward to your live shows every time!
    – Iris

    • I for one was surprised as well about the differences. And it crazy to think that a small country like ours is so well known and even an example on occasions.
      And true we are seems as drunk potheads used to be one. But we are open minded. So Hope I brought that to the table. It was a pleasure. LOL And to think I came on to talk about news.


  1. Imperious! | Ranting Crow

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