Are books, poetry, and art dying? LIVE TV SHOW!!!

Culture Monk TV LIVE goes on the air at 6 PM Central (7pm Eastern)

special guest: Rebecca Myer from

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  1. Hi Kenneth, I’m sorry I’m not able to open the videos on my computer… I’ll have to get someone to help me with it, but I do prefer to read the posts… so do you ever have a text of your video scripts after they’re done? I’d enjoy keeping up with those, but I’m just not a video guru!!! Congratulations on all your efforts to make it more interesting and encourage more participation from others, too! Blessings for a great year, Shirley B

  2. Approximately 2.5 million new titles were published last year and between the US and UK they published 600k +/-.

  3. There is nothing wrong with encouraging kids to dream and to want to be certain things, but yes I agree you can’t JUST encourage a child to pursue…as an adult/a parent it’s important to be clear that to be those things, you need to work hard for it; you have to be willing to put in the time. You can be whatever you want BUT you have to put the time and effort in and yes that does need to be told to someone. I think if we stop encouraging kids to do things then we won’t have them aspiring for anything because why? It’s a bad idea to discourage kids because then they won’t want to do anything. The only reason those folks are “special” is not JUST because of a natural talent or affinity for something but because they worked hard for it. Anyone can work hard they just have to WANT to and that’s the difference. Encourage kids to want to work hard to pursue their dreams. When kids stop dreaming, advancements quit being made. Will all kids be astronauts? No. It’s good to dream, it’s best to have a back up plan and it’s always good practice to work hard for whatever it is you want – that’s what needs to be taught (at least in my humble opinion). I do absolutely agree that an undereducated society is much easier to control…hence taking money out of public education…hmmm. So, what happens to any or all of those so-called pre-recorded shows? Anything? Nothing? Good show! Too bad your guest couldn’t make it.

  4. I bet you ate Rebecca.. pretty sure Jay bird went missing to dispose of the bones -fill in evil laugh here-

    It is not that we are getting less intelligent. But they will be a select few in time. It is more that we are stupid enough to think there are smarter people out there ho will do the thinking for us (Google anyone)
    There was a time we had to do our own research now we just type in a word and ASSUME the first link is the best and right answer. It is not that we think for ourselves to read on or a little bit further.
    Stupid we are not, dumb we are if thinking a phone knows all your answers. The time reading multiple dictionaries and encyclopaedia is no more. Just do a search online and you get a wiki page in which you hope is correct an the next is most likely holding even more answers. after that we can go back to our games.

    School start doing that now to. Kids age 6 pushed to compete with one and other having to keep up or pretty much get lost. In my time a teacher spend time on those who needed extra help. Now it is push follow a program and stuff it. It is school following the internet and electronics age. (that said I forgot to mention we did drop 3 places in school ranks. Go figure) There is no room for dreaming as kids just are taught to join the program for best possible future jobs.

    In the old days they would have called this kind of teaching separating the mishaps from the potentials. Only making gaps between what we might call rich or poor, right or wrong. Maybe it is all connected.

    More and more our lives turn into programs of routine made up by someone smarter (if they are) since most changes do not always work out. We are being taught from a young age now to follow a path set out for you. NO more thinking of you own. And I think John said in post of his before. Free speech becomes less and less. free thinking does not exist as we all think as one like Google. Just to name one.

    Reading is important and If anything one should. I most of all listen. observe and create opinions after some extra research. I am not a big reader any more. But I try to keep up with the world. Making sure I can still make use of that little brain I got.

  5. The password for the newest post is…Auddie. Now delete this, as it has nothing to do with how awesome you are, Mr. J.
    (I cherish your support. Thank you.)

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