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  1. Okay – first – I think I was secretly hoping this wouldn’t actually “run” ..lol. Second – I really hate seeing myself on camera lol. Horrifying experience. Third – again – talking in that really low register…I sound like a dude…shameful lol. 🙂 But onto the real material (and more important comments): I was so glad Rebecca made the comments she did about the media being a private industry. That alone contributes to a lot of why things work out they way they do because in order to report the news, you need to have paid individuals to do that reporting and photography, do the editing and layout, the printing and delivering of the papers – that takes money. This whole “new media” bit is also changing how people look what what it means to be a “professional journalist.” I just read the most fascinating conversation on the Society of Professional Journalist’s LinkedIn page about that very topic. The idea of what it means to be a professional varies so much especially now when just about anyone can be a “journalist” via blogging, etc. That alone changes what people consider media and what is professional. That would be an interesting topic to explore…just saying. It definitely had my wheels turning thinking of how it applies even to me and what I do daily. You also commented on socialising the media. Um no way! I have a quote from Thomas Jefferson that I love and it’s: “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” I’d agree. The problem is we need to remove the government (aka corporations who are in league with the government) out of the media. As for newspapers shutting down… lots of things have changed in the time newspapers have been around and they’ve always managed. I think they will be limited (as I said – perhaps only small/rural towns will really have them) but I think they’ll remain in some format – Internet or otherwise. Papers are adjusting for the Internet finally and they’ll make their way through the interwebs…I hope anyway. It was great chatting with all three of you! It was a lot of fun. 🙂 Maybe I’ll get brave enough to do it again lol. I picked print media for the sole purpose of avoiding being “live”…lol go figure.

    • p.s. – I hope it’s not too egocentric/egotistical/self-righteous to have watched the episode I appeared in lol. Hmm. Just know that when I liked this post it wasn’t about me…it was about the comments made by the other three 😀 just to be clear.

  2. News media is not the wrong here or the one killing America. We are the ones killing the news.

    No matter how we look at it we are addicted to news. it is thanks to the online world we are getting addicted and have a need for real time fresh of the press news. We do not want to wait for the local newspaper the next morning any more. We want a beep and click and read what is going on NOW.
    Then there is the mater that there is not much news to report another read on why so much is constantly repeated.

    News is becoming more like fashion a trend. And the news agents, channels who do not jump on the bandwagon miss out viewers. And miss income.
    It is thanks to the mobiles that news is brought real time or with a 5 minute window.

    One should also remember that celebrity status is sought as well by the ones filming. One second of fame if your video is selected by the media to be shown on tv. The best is last Hebdo murder. That people are filming and only after, think about calling police. Or help or even think about what they had been filming. I had a video up, on a kicking of a woman where the one filming is saying “Maybe someone should call 911” While people film and just watch. He could have stopped but we don’t.
    Two days after Hebdo we watched an entire day of police getting ready for a raid. Though very little happened other news was put on hold.

    News these days is real time and we make it the way it is. We create the trend. We choose what we want to see based on what is brought fresh of the press. And world news is only as big as the trend is and have loads of replays.We can’t keep up. And the youth does not read local news in a paper.

    • Let us face it if we push the like button it becomes the news for that day. ANd doesn’t every news story online have the option to like share on twitter and FB. We create the trend we create the news.

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