Why aren’t we next to Kayla helping her????

helping the children

by Kenneth Justice

~ Every coffee shop I hang out at recently, the topic of conversation is the same; “We’ve got to do something about religious extremists! ISIS, Boku Haram, and other groups are out-of-control!” is what people are saying to me every day.

Extremism, especially religious extremism, comes in many forms, and sometimes it’s not quite a cut and dry case in regards to how we should deal with the problem.

Take North Korea for instance, this country has enslaved generations of it’s own people in concentration camps. North Korea is an atheist state. North Korea is perhaps leading the world in the level of evil and vileness being committed against humanity; they have a practice in North Korea in which they punish you to your third generation! So if you get thrown into a concentration camp, they encourage you to have children while in camp, and then your children and grandchildren are all raped, molested, tortured, etc….all while never seeing the light of day outside of the concentration camp!!!!

You see, extremism comes in all forms; and the Atheist State of North Korea is just as EVIL as Boku Haram and ISIS, if not MORE evil.

My intention is not to harangue the atheists in this post, but to point out that the problem we face in the world is not merely with ISIS and Boku Haram; there are fanatics all over the world. What are we to do? Are we really expected to go to war with every single fanatic who is torturing, murdering, raping and killing people?

I honestly don’t know what the answer is, and I’m not sure that I believe the United States, Great Britain and our allies should be expected to go to war with all of these countries.

Yesterday I had a lengthy conversation with a friend over science, he suggested, “The only objective scientists are atheist scientists”  in response to me having sited a Christian scientist in our conversation. Apparently for my friend, if you’re a Christian, than you can’t possibly be objective in your scientific study. I thought his premise was rather far out since the Atheist State of North Korea is perhaps one of the most un-objective and EVIL countries in the world. Why would my friend think that atheists have the intellectual high-ground when it comes to be objective?

One of my problems with Western Culture and the fact that we are amusing ourselves to death; is that major acts against humanity are going on and you and I are doing so little to change things. I am not suggesting I have the answers on what needs to be done; but if you and I REALLY care about humanity; shouldn’t a larger national discussion be taking place on how to help all of the people who are suffering at the hands of Boku Haram, ISIS, and the atheist State of North Korea?

Shouldn’t we be meeting together at coffee houses and public meeting places and having major levels of discourse on what we can practically do about these problems? Instead of allowing ourselves to be amused by John Stewart’s retirement, shouldn’t we be talking about more serious matters and coming up with solutions?

I’m sick of throwing my hands up in the air and saying “Oh well, what can we really do”, I want to be apart of the solution; I want to help those who are dying, being tortured, and suffering at the hands of extremists……

Isn’t this what spurred Kayla Mueller to go to Syria? Isn’t this what spurred Kayla Mueller to give up the posh confines of her suburban community in exchange for the front lines near the extremists; she wanted to help these children who were suffering, she wanted help the hurting, and Mueller lost her life in the process.

Isn’t Mueller the real person that we should be teaching our children about? Yet this morning, John Stewart got all the headlines on every NEWS show I watched; John Stewart has less than 2 million viewers……that isn’t even 1 bloody percent of the American public. Mueller was helping children who were orphans, and who were suffering in the midst of chaos…….

Is it too much for me to suggest that at the very least we need to be sitting down together and talking about solutions to these problems?

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee,


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  1. No, Kenneth, we should stop discussions in coffeehouses and comparing apples with oranges. North Korea is a country and we can’t go at war with it before Congress decides so. ISiS, Boku Haram, Al Gaeda and other groups are not countries. They want to destroy us and our allies. Our leaders must simply do their duties and make us safe from them.

  2. Religious or atheist, I want to know what thought process goes on in someone’s head that leads them to a place where they think raping, torturing, molesting and killing other people is not only acceptable but a fun pastime. What has caused so many people to take on the us or them mentality? We can’t even begin to start changing things until we get to the root of the psychological reasons motivating these actions.

  3. Actually, terrorism works because we do discuss it. And our armies can’t fight that.

  4. The only thing I would say about Jon (not John just fyi lol) Stewart is I think many people felt like he had a better pulse on what was going on and talked about those things versus other media which did not and that he was more “truthful” – viewers trusted him (something people are losing in the media these days). Whether or not that’s true, I don’t know; it’s just what it appears to be to me and that would explain the obsessions with his retirement. Regarding discussing solutions – I agree! I think part of the problem you’ll run into though is people saying we have no business interferring with other countries or their problems. The problem is – when we have interferred it’s never been for the truly purest reasons. Economics has almost always been the guiding force and why these extremists have such excuses for hating us (some are legit reasons, but the reaction is above and beyond). If the so-called interference were something of genuine value and NOT about money, it might have a very different outcome. In that sense, I absolutely agree that stepping up to these “bullies” is what’s needed and quite frankly, education is key. They operate on fear, we need to operate through education, not force of arms. They are all over; they don’t have one country as you pointed out and they don’t all have one agenda per se other than to keep people in line via fear. These terrorists, in whatever form or in whichever country, get arms from us and other similar countries! All for the sake of money! Until or unless most people understand that, fight against that right here and then move on, I’m not sure much will change. We need to fight against our own ignorance first and then help others. Kayla was killed because she was educating people. Malala Yousafzai was attacked for the same or similar reasons. She is a huge activist for education, particularly females in an area that’s very conservative and doesn’t want females educated. Heaven forbid these ladies think for themselves and want more than to just be objects for males to control. Education is a weapon and all bullies hate that! Seems like the only way to silence intelligence/information is to kill. Is educating people the only way to change things? I don’t know…probably not, but it certainly would go a long way.

  5. Thanks for lifting people like Kayla up as heroes.

  6. On what basis do you define North Korea as an atheist state? It is a totalitarian state… not because it is atheist but because it is totalitarian. Defining it by the term ‘atheist’ is like defining the US by the term ‘armed’. But neither the term ‘atheist’ or ‘armed’ describes the basis of the government. It’s simply an attempt by you to frame the negative effects of totalitarianism with non belief in your god you wish to criticize. But non belief does not lead to imposing tyranny on others; if anything at all, atheism leads people away from granting confidence and privilege and respect to causal claims about reality untethered from the reality it purports to describe. Religious belief, in contrast, very often does support tyranny directly and by commandment… just look at parents who think they have to religiously indoctrinate their children in order to be ‘good’ and ‘moral’ parents (the exact religion doesn’t matter for this claim to be strongly supported by reality, does it… as long as indoctrination is carried out)!

    You say Why would my friend think that atheists have the intellectual high-ground when it comes to be(ing) objective? Perhaps it’s because non believers don’t first filter their opinions through some belief erected frame as believers do (as if seeking permission from the divine to believe something about reality that seems to be true) but look to independent testing by reality first to see how much or little confidence to then grant to various claims? Yes, many religious people can also do this (by imposing through disciplined methodology the same order) and be excellent scientists but it takes that extra effort to compartmentalize religious beliefs from inquiry into reality. That’s why believing or not believing is not reason enough to support the claim your friend is making; I know lots of lousy scientists who are also atheists but their work is too often and too easily done poorly for lack of scientific discipline and rigor and too much self-aggrandizement for supporting pet hypotheses.

    From the non believer’s point of view, there is no difference in principle using the so-called ‘divine’ justification get-out-of-moral-responsibility-jail card for sanctioning radically different kinds of actions. The claim that such divine justification is necessary for, let’s say, charity towards the less fortunate is in principle no different than claiming divine justification towards burning a Jordan pilots alive honors god’s wishes… is in principle no different using the divine justification for keeping girls out of school or shutting down abortion clinics or throwing gays off tall buildings or erecting a monument of the ten commandments on a court house property. Just following your orders, Dear Leader, is the common refrain. Only the specifics are different but the respect granted to carrying out actions for the same reasoning – to implement some god’s wishes – remains identical… and absolutely useless in differentiating some imaginary divinely sanctioned ‘objective’ morality from the baser human kind. But what is obvious to the non believer but not the believer is that what is being implemented is done so for really poor reasons – and very often tyrannical – that don’t withstand even cursory critical examination about its supposed exalted moral stature. What we do see and all the time is the same justification used by the pious for for morally incompatible actions.

    Tyranny is tyranny… and there is little difference in principle no matter what kind of label you want to slap on it. Recognizing tyranny in action, however, is often far more difficult for the believer who excuses it in the name of piety than the non believer… unless the non believer also excuses it in the name of something else. Both are equivalently guilty but only the religious try to promote it in its own name. No tyranny is brought about in the name of atheism.

    • Excellent comment. I think you said what had to be said perfectly.

    • I provided a link in the article for the reference; here is what the online encyclopedia says,

      North Korea is an atheist state where public religion is discouraged.[2] Based on estimates from the late 1990s[3] and the 2000s,[1][4] North Korea is mostly atheist and agnostic with the religious life dominated by the traditions of Korean shamanism and Chondoism

  7. Kenneth you are hitting the nail on the head

  8. We are already talking.
    It might only be a mere virtual travel and meeting, however, it is definately longer, and deeper than most we can have in person with people around us…
    These are the Last Days.
    And will go away when we will act, too, with unselfish lve and absolute values in the center.

  9. A powerful post Kenneth but sadly I don’t have any answers. The silent majority are at a loss as to why the world is as it is. Humans makes technological progress and scientific progress but humanity , justice and compassion are all too rare still.

  10. Here is a question, who is providing all these weapons to ISIS?? They are buying them from somewhere.
    War is profitable, religions are and always be the leading cause of war. Get religions to turn on each other and watch profit margins increase.
    Maybe instead of buying more weapons from the weapon manufactures to fight ISIS and other radical groups, we should name and shape the weapons manufacturers who keep supplying them. Force them to cut off the supply.
    We keep getting into wars because we keep chasing the symptoms and no the causes.

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