Teens love to shovel manure!!!


by Kenneth Justice

~ I was talking to two young adults at coffee the other day; both are still in high school and we were discussing our observation that some young adults end up getting into trouble (alcoholism, drugs, mischief) and others do not.

I suggested that one of the keys in raising children is helping your children learn a skill. Whether it is playing an instrument, wood-working, art, writing, etc; having a skill gives you something to do and helps you from getting bored.

Idle hands are the devils workshop

This isn’t to say that musicians and artists don’t get addicted to alcoholism and drugs. Obviously, one merely needs to check out a book from the celebrity section and you’ll be sure to find the raucous lifestyle that so many professional musicians live.

My point has more to do with boredom; too many young adults (and adults) are simply bored.

Modern technology has eliminated the plethora of chores that used to take all day; washing clothes, cooking, preparing food, all used to take an entire day, but you no longer have to catch and scale your fish, you no longer have to go down to the creek with your clothes and washboard, you no longer have to slaughter and pluck a chicken.

Many jobs these days are NOT intellectually stimulating. Sitting at a desk for eight hours, or staring at an assembly line simply don’t compare to the satisfaction our ancestors got from growing vegetables on their farm or in their backyard.

While farming and agriculture was hard work, and at times the storms of life could wreak havoc to the crops; nonetheless, back when 95% of all humans worked in agriculture no one had time to say “I am bored”, and there is something awesome about working in agriculture and feeling more connected to the earth.

Modern day young adults are bored. They spend more hours staring at electronic screens than any other generation in the annals of human history. They tend to work jobs that are unfulfilling and do not compare to the satisfaction of agriculture. Let’s be honest, shoveling cow shit is a hell of a lot more fulfilling than zoning out in a cubicle for 8 hours a day, 40 days a week, and 52 weeks out of the year!

Because we can’t turn the clock back to a time before the smart phone, we need a different philosophy in raising our children. Unless you are among the less than 1% of society that has the joy of working in agriculture; chances are you live in the suburbs or an urban area where there aren’t enough chores and satisfying work for your young adults to participate. Thus, perhaps the answer is teaching our children skills that bring them satisfaction; music, art, construction, etc. Perhaps the answer is instilling within them a sense of pride in those skills so that they don’t waste their lives away playing video games and watching television.

Hasn’t the time come for us to admit we don’t live in the same world as our parents and our grandparents? Hasn’t the time come for us to come up with new answers to these new problems?

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee,


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  1. I love this. Feels like your blog and my thoughts have been on the same wavelength lately. Great post to read this morning with my coffee 🙂

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    I absolutely love this. These thoughts have been on my mind so much lately! As today is my chosen day of rest, I am so happy to have found a great read for you all to enjoy. Go visit Kenneth’s blog, it is insightful and intellectually stimulating in a way few blogs are. God bless you all!

  3. Even I miss the good old days. I run away from computer and choose arts. I thought I can do it manually. In the end, I am totally devastated with the need of using computer to create digital artwork 😦

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    Kenneth has explained about the enjoyment of doing manual work compared to digital work.

  5. “You know why I love pencil and paper? Because no one can hack into this shit.” – Valentine (Kingsman)… which I did not particularly enjoy watching last night but This quote just seemed to apply.

  6. Well, as manure goes, I remember pig shit as being particularly engaging. 🙂 Whew!!!

  7. “Let’s be honest, shoveling cow shit is a hell of a lot more fulfilling than zoning out in a cubicle for 8 hours a day, 40 days a week, and 52 weeks out of the year!”

    Okay, I’ll be honest — No, it’s not.

  8. I loved this! Great thoughts to have while pounding, I mean, sipping coffee.

  9. Unless we learn to be self Content within ourselves, we will never find peace externally.
    All the problems people dealing with as young adults is all because they don’t have enough courage to sit alone in a room and reflect.
    They don’t have hobbies anymore.
    Neither they share true connections with others anymore.
    Unless they learn to live within this own head and vicinity. They will get into substance abuse and depression.
    I wrote something similar on the subject few days back

  10. I shoveled shit for 8 hours one time. It’s no better than sitting at a desk and much worse depending on the weather. Almost any job would be fine if it was for only 4 hours instead of 8. Who does anything for 8 hours a day? Bowling is way more enjoyable than work but even bowling would suck after doing it for 4 hours.

  11. ‘For when we got bored, we’d start a world war, happy but poor’
    Blood on the Rooftops – Genesis


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