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  1. Whatever I make it. Pure and simple.

  2. Why don’t we love more if life is so short? Because sometimes love is hard. Because REAL love doesn’t ask anything in return and what is the point of living a life of selflessness if there is no more than this short little time on this earth. Remember what the fly said on A Bug’s Life? (Can you tell I have kids?) “I only have 24 hours to live and I’m not spending it here.” (Yes, I’m well aware of how many holes there are in my logic.) Think about if new you were going to die tomorrow? No one says, I’m going to volunteer at the homeless shelter for the rest of the day and then send all my money to Syrian missionaries. Everyone says they are going to Disneyland or to spend time with family. I mean, let’s be honest, peoples motives for what they would do in that last 24 hours are mostly selfish. Am I wrong?

    BTW – Kylie, I also love you and I’m not an applause track. I miss your podcast and I’m sooo happy you are still a regular on Culture Monk Live. I love it!

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