I’ve simply had enough



by Kenneth Justice

~ Yesterday ISIS released yet another video of their evilness; a mass execution of Egyptians that they had been holding hostage.

I’ve had enough

ISIS has released videos in which they cut the heads off of people from Japan, the United States, Great Britain, Jordan, Egypt and more. Not to mention last week the human aid worker Kayla Mueller died at the hands of ISIS; a woman who was NOT apart of the war, she was simply helping refugees along the Syrian/Turkey border.


This is getting to be ridiculous. Not only is ISIS guilty of these awful atrocities, they are also guilty of kidnapping women and children, they are guilty of crimes against humanity.

It’s the bloody 21st century and ISIS is definitely one of the worst bloody collection of rejects. What am I missing? Why doesn’t the coalition of European and Middle Eastern countries STOP ISIS?

A big part of the problem is that we are all worn out from war. The dumb Iraq thing went on forever; there were no weapons of mass destruction, Iraq is no closer to being a safe country to live in then if you were to live next door to an ISIS lieutenant.

Another part of the problem is the media. We live in an era when newspapers have lost their influence and mojo. There were more newspapers per:person back in the early 1800’s then there are now.

Journalists back in the day weren’t afraid to REALLY study an issue and then to write a column about what they REALLY thought.

Todays journalists are a cadre of irrelevant num nuts. The leaders of our countries know that the journalists don’t hold much sway and influence over the people; so our Prime Ministers and Presidents spend more time having tea with each other and planning parties then they do solving world problems.

The Internet is our only resort. The Internet is our best option at stopping ISIS. The revolution of New Media has already taken place; more people get their news and information from Internet sources then they do from the TV or a newspaper.

We’ve got to figure out how to end this reign of terror by ISIS.

On my Live Streaming show last week, I suggested that perhaps we need to send more human aid workers to these dangerous zones; perhaps the Muslims in the Middle East need to see European and American missionaries and human aid workers who demonstrate love and care.

All that many of Muslims in the danger zones of the Middle East have ever seen are Brit’s and Americans in combat boots and fatigues. Hasn’t the time come for them to see that the average Western person does not walk around with a machine gun and combat boots all day?

I also believe the time has come for a Gandhi type figure to rise up in the Middle East. We need to find someone over there who speaks a message of peace; we need to find someone over there who is grounded in GOOD theology, not this bull shit message of “kill the infidels” that ISIS propagates.

ISIS is using the Internet to spread its message of hate and terror.

The journalists in the West have utterly failed at pressuring our world leaders to address the problem more effectively….and who knows, perhaps our world leaders don’t know how to address this problem. Perhaps they are just a bunch of dumb num nuts who only know how to spend money.

I believe the Internet is our last resort at stopping this problem; we must put pressure on people in positions of power to make wise choices, we must teach our young adults that “No greater love is this; than a man/woman lay down their life for a friend”, and that Kayla Mueller lay down her life for people on the other side of the world, for orphans and widows whom she had never known before.

We must further this discussion till the world here’s our voice.

just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee this morning,









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  1. I am still trying to figure out how the picture relates to the post…

  2. Do you think that a Gandhi type figure will help.

    • we need to win the minds of the people; right now they are being led astray by religious leaders who are teaching them radical islam. If someone doesn’t convert; they get killed. So my thinking is a religious leader who offers a religion of peace would at least be an alternative

    • There is a theory that implies that the jihadi movement started in India around 1857 due to the British genocide and religious interference in India

  3. Yes, a man of freedom and peace will emerge in the middle east. At first he will seem that way, until he shows his true colors. No, no, no we must keep our children home. No aid work unless they want to end up murdered like the last girl. No more young men sent over their. Let the soliders come home and protect us at home. The borders and the ones that are already over here saying death to America.

  4. Grim stuff we’re facing. One thing that makes me crazy is that our leaders and our media won’t stand up and say this is an abomination, this is wrong, this stuff is appalling. Instead we are subjected to lectures about tolerance and comparisons to the alleged Christian crusades.

    On the flip side, there are missionaries reporting that many Muslims are having profound conversion experiences, converting to Christianity, and many are re-evaluating their faith and declaring wait a minute this is not what I believe in, this is inhumane and appalling.

  5. I worry that humanitarian aid workers would just become targets for the extremists. The idea of shifting from combat roles to aid roles makes sense on one level but how many of them would end up like Mueller? The more that do, the harder it will be to find more willing to go at all.

  6. “Religious Extremist: Someone who actually does all the crazy evil shit their ancient holy book says they should do.” – Ricky Gervais

    (T)hey are being led astray by religious leaders who are teaching them radical ______.

    No, they’re not. The leaders are trying to teach others to do what their holy book tells them to do. This is no different in principle from what you’re trying to do. Only the effects in practice are different and this is not indicative of any truth value to the teachings.

  7. I agree with you that the Muslims are being led astray by their Imams who like the Christian side can find something in the bible to cover whatever they say. Most people don’t read and write and have to rely on their teachers, I’m not sure how many non-radical ones remain. Their holy book is also peaceful and says to be tolerant of other faiths. Maybe we can find the peace loving Imams in the Mosque’s of our own back yards and perhaps one or more would be willing to go over and broadcast message of peace from the Q’uran.
    Since the Saudi ruling house declares friendship with the West ( though they have been accused of funding Isis as well as the Taliban) maybe they would provide escorts for all aid workers from their Army. Maybe Isis would think twice about offending the Saudi’s. Maybe other countries of the Middle East who declare themselves against Isis can do the same so there’s a combination of Mid-East and Westerner’s to provide aid together. I think the ordinary people over there would stand against Isis if they knew so many wee with them..

  8. I understand why you’re frustrated with the media Kenneth but you have to stop doing nothing but the blame game!! For someone who is constantly talking about how society has changed so much you constantly want to make it just about the media. Yes there are flaws there undoubtedly but it’s not necessarily JUST the journalists – it’s the organizations (aka corporate versions of the media the reign in the journalists – they do need to support themselves too you know!). The number of regular ol’ citizens greatly outweight the number of journalists and those folks are the ones CHOOSING to not pay attention to what’s going on…journalists can only do so much. They can’t be at a person’s computer forcing them to click on that important story instead of the one about the Grammy’s, etc. They can’t be there to force people to look at multiple news sites to get all the different points of view on a story, which is what any person should do because let’s face it…everyone will look at any given article just a bit differently…that’s not always a bad thing. You want change…it must start on this soil first! People here have to start being interested in the world so they will put pressure on the appropriate people. You want change…then start leading a group of people to make that happen. Wasn’t it Gandhi who said: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world?” I agree there needs to be a change in philosophy if things are to change. It can’t just be missionsaries…it has to be about education – about what the Western world is really like versus the images ISIS/Al Queda/Taliban/Boko Haram, etc. It has to be just general education – that will lead to wanting to think for themselves instead of allowing fear to force them to follow bullies. You also make it sound like it’s that easy to get that kind of movement going. Kenneth – have you sent messages to your representatives with your ideas? Have you formed a group of people where you are to start in on this type of thing? Look – I agree this whole thing is BS and I’m awfully tired of it too. As people change and start paying more attention to those important things, then so will the media. I agree the Internet will help force the issue – to some extent. Right now it’s also hurting people because it is so open you have so-called journalists writing extremely biased articles and people will only pick the articles they fully agree with. There are trolls out there who comment on stories simply to pick a fight with people. They don’t help either. The Internet is still very young and so it’s really still just abused at the moment. There is significant potential for it but until people start using it fully as a tool, you have to be careful! There is a lot of BS out there on the Internet that people CHOOSE to follow including freelance “journalists” who don’t necessarily follow basic journalistic standards. Does that mean I let the national media off the hook for their problems? Of course not. The Brian Williams bit is a prime example of the BS that’s been getting into so-called reliable news sources, so yes I agree there are problems there, but viewers/readers have been allowing it for so long just like voters do when they CHOOSE not to vote! It’s the same principal. There is so much information out there about truly biased news sources such as FOX News and yet they have significant ratings…why is that I wonder? Oh that’s right…people are CHOOSING to listen to that rubbish! You do know who owns FOX News don’t you? This problem isn’t one way. There are many facets. The media is a problem but then again so is society. So when that happens, it lends itself to only the “leaders” to make decisions and we all know that’s not always the best.

  9. I sit here also with my coffee and agree 100 percent with u but what can we do really look forward to ur chat every morning!

  10. I am glad you are bringing this up though I agree with others sending in aid workers could easily be a death sentence. I do think we have to have armed reaction to this horror that is taking place. Those living in the area are not able to rise up they have no power. Gandhi was not the same thing. You cannot equate the British empire with ISIS. That would be logically untenable. ISIS. would simply behead him and that would be that. Just a few thoughts

  11. Please check your facts. ISIS is a terrorist organization funded by US government to keep killing people. More Muslims are being killed than people of other religions. The mercenaries recruited by ISIS may have Muslim sounding names but they are not Muslims.
    Muslims all over the world are sick of what is happening in their countries, and other parts of the world.

  12. I agree with you, not “others” but “we” can do anything/everything.

    Actually, there is the MEPI, the Middle East Peace Initiative what truly unites people of the Abrahamic root.
    When I was there (in the beginnind, 11 years ago), once I asked a mint tea at the hotel. Two bartenders were, for me looking like the same. After a short discussion it turned our, one of them was a jew, the other is palestinian, they were friends. They shared, their people used to live in the same area for thousands of years with no problem, however, there is always 10% who is militant, and unreasonable even to talk to and they cause the troubles. There was no chance for the 90% to be shown in their real character for the world because of this minority.
    They also noted, how interesting it was, that nobody speaks about the disappeared forests (never made railway to Egypt and so on), and that their land once was different…
    Interestingly, at the very same place young “party-faces” went to the Disco of the hotel with machine guns on their shoulders, because they can do. And it was and international, 5 star hotel…
    The other day I watched the CNN broadcasting the events of Jerusalem in flames, live.
    I looked out the window, walked to the balcony, and from the top of the hotel I saw the peaceful city, with blue sky and green trees…

    There are hundreds of millions who do good, however, they feel isolated due to several reasons…

  13. While I agree that there’s a lack of nuance and good journalism in media reporting and the internet is an important tool to combat ISIS, there are a lot of points in this post as well as the comments that ignore or oversimplify some critical points about the legacy of US foreign policy in the Middle East, Islam and the role of religious leaders and theology in Muslim communities, who ISIS actually is, the importance of having MUSLIM contributions in combatting ISIS (not just missionaries and aid workers), etc. There’s also quite a bit of paternalism and Western white savior complex going on here that isn’t helpful. All of that is part of the problem, too. Also, it came out only 2 weeks ago on CNN that ISIS doesn’t even have Qur’ans nor do they engage in any religious discussions, only politics and military strategy. That’s important to understand in these conversations about ISIS and how to handle them. You can’t have religious discussions and appeal to someone’s sense of religious duty to deter them from certain actions and behavior, if they don’t even follow the basic tenets of the faith.

    • Every video made by agents of ISIS killing people begins with religious reasons and justifications for these actions.

      But let us put aside this bizarre notion you introduce that true islam has anything to do with ISIS (a ludicrous assertion when the stated reason for ISIS is to create an islamic caliphate) and look at your main point: that because these agents are not following the basic tenets of the right islam, it then follows that they do not represent the real islam.

      The important point here is that these guys say they are implementing the central tenets of islam (and put sharia and its courts into effect wherever they gain political control) but you suggest they are mistaken… presumably because you know better. In support of this claim, you assert that the leadership and membership who constitute ISIS “don’t even have Qur’ans.” I know the local boys who went and joined were never without their korans so I suspect your claim here is without merit when spread across thousands of such agents busy enforcing sharia law and fighting those who would deny them to do so.

      Let’s consider that you’re actually right, that what they say they’re following isn’t the right islam. You imply that what these guys are following is an incorrect and violent unjustified version that makes it the wrong one. This raises the question, what is the correct version? After all, you say it exists. Where? Point to it. More importantly, how do you know which one you’re pointing at is the right one?

      I don’t think you can point at the right one because it doesn’t exist. That’s a clue…

      I think what you’ve written is typical apologetic crap that attempts to shift blame for the barbarity of ISIS away from where it properly belongs – on the koran first and foremost and throughout the religion from which it arises and continues to exert global influence on recruitment – and to the West.

      Not gunna fly.

      Note: the executioners themselves do not grant this supposed Western imperialism cause to their actions but refer always and directly to Islam, utilizing passages from the koran, quotes form the haddiths, and from broadcasts and written works by islamic ‘scholars’. That behaviour, too, is a clue you seem to have missed…

  14. On PRI there was discussion of an apocalyptic bent in the ISIS folks. They WANT the US to invade to fulfill a prophecy, so they will do more and more and more to get a response. Not sure of the validity of that information, but it kind of makes sense.

  15. ‘We need to send more human aid workers’? They have been killing human aid workers, cutting their heads off. Easy to volunteer other people to go, I wonder how fast you would be willing to.
    There is only one solution to this and we all know what it is.
    We need to get our of the religious debate and focus on human rights debate.

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