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by Kenneth Justice

~ What is up with our obsession with talking about the weather? Maybe I’m wrong, but I swear, it seems like 50% of all coffee house conversation is about the weather.

I’ve lived in the South and in the North and no matter where I live people talk about the weather; sometimes I feel like we are not far removed from the ancient human cultures that worshipped the sun and the four seasons. Hell, we talk about the weather so much we might as well worship it!

Does the weather affect your life much?

According to psychological studies; people who live in warm weather climates tend to have lower levels of depression than people who live in colder climates. Much of it comes down to sunshine; the sun has an effect on our psyche. Perhaps it has less to do with it being cold outside, and has more to do with whether or not its a cloudy day.

I’m not a big fan of being super cold. Is anyone? But this doesn’t mean I allow the cold weather to weigh me down. Part of the reason I enjoy getting up early, is because I have so many projects I’m constantly working on, and the only way I can get in my reading time is to wake up early. So for me, whether it is cold or warm, I try to keep focused on my goals.

Isn’t that what is most important; to have goals that we are trying to accomplish? For the majority of us, our daily vocation kinda blows. Most jobs are not as exciting as being a Secret Agent and battling Captain Evil. The typical job tends to be monotonous and repetitive. The average worker spends more time during their work day doing non-work related tasks than their actual job.

Whether you ski, take photographs, blog, have coffee or tea with friends, play an instrument, or fill-in-the-blank, it is those extra curricular activities that are the true spice of our lives, right? It is finding the things we enjoy that give us a greater sense of personal satisfaction that help to give us a sense of accomplishment.

It’s not that I hate talking about the weather, it’s simply my least favorite topic (right behind being yelled at by fundamentalists). What is there to really talk about regarding the weather; “It’s hot”, “It’s cold”, “It’s icy”, “It’s balmy”, and all of those observations lead me to wonder if we all have an inner desire to be a super hero called Captain Obvious, in order to make the most obvious comments imaginable yet feel that we are sharing something deep and profound.

Last week it was cold here in the Mid West, but out of seven days, we had 6 days of bright blue sunny skies. I loved every minute of it. At coffee though, worry wart coffee regulars were all complaining about the cold weather, and in a cheery voice I said, “Yea, but look how beautiful the sun and sky look!” Everyone looked at me like I was nuts.

Hey, I realize we’re all going to keep talking about the weather, its in our genes. But perhaps it might not be a bad idea to spend a little bit more time pursuing our passions once in a while. Hell, you may even enjoy it.

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee this morning,


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  1. I’ve lived in a few different places around the country, and one thing I’ve noticed… no matter where you go, people thing they have the craziest weather. “Don’t like the weather?… wait a minute!” is the unofficial motto of every city I’ve ever lived in.

  2. What is there to really talk about regarding the weather; . . ..

    How about geo-engineering and weather manipulation?
    and these . . .

  3. I was going to say I think people talk about the weather since its probably one of the very few non-controversial subjects we can talk about (until I saw jjwalters’s comment above). 😉

    I would LOVE to find people I can have a respectful conversation with about other things. Things like politics, philosophy, religion, current events (and yeah, even stuff like weather modification), but those kinds of conversations usually wind up with a lot of pissed off people.

    I do get tired of limiting my friendly conversations to weather (and sports-even worse!)

    • being pissed off is childish . . . that’s because most people in America are having an identity crisis.

      Fact is we are ALL in this mess together and we SHOULD be talking about it instead of taking for granted that some enlightened leader is going to take care of us. . .

    • No leader is EVER going to do the right thing for us. Yes, we definitely need to stop thinking that they would

  4. Talking about the weather is often a conversation ice breaker, no matter where you live you can’t avoid the weather, can’t then avoid a conversation 🙂

  5. I noticed that after we had moved from the city to the countryside, that the weather figured to be of much greater importance. The seasons created the scenery of where we lived, whereas in the city, not so much.

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one annoyed by this! I think weather is something people talk about often because it’s an easy small talk conversation. We can discuss it with strangers and it’s something we have in common when we’re living in the same place.

    Some people get so intense about it though. They’ll go on and on, analyzing the wind chill and seven-day forecast. I can only listen for so long before I tune out. I keep thinking, “Yup, it’s cold. I get it. Let’s talk about something that’s NOT the weather?”

  7. Weather! A conversation, a reason, effects our mood..and so on. Almost refused to meet up with my friend last week just because I had enough of this freezing weather; I decided to go anyway.
    Let it snow , let it freeze
    Let the roads be like swiss cheese
    Let’s drink coffee or tea with lemon squeeze!
    😀 Stay warm! 🙂

  8. I also think the weather is a nice way for strangers to bond. We’re all human and all vulnerable to whatever Mother Nature throws our way.

  9. If folks complain about cold and sunny have them try cold damp and cloudy here in Seattle 😄

  10. Weather affects our lives whether it is heat, cold, or nice weather. Storms bring in pressure changes that cause pain to arthritics, cause pain to migraine sufferers, and cause pain to those of us with pins, screws, and rods in our bones. Heat and humidity can drag a body down. Recently a 3 year old boy of my acquaintance told his mom “the air makes my legs heavy” referring to heat/humidity. When the weather gets too cold it can literally be too cold to breathe (try -55 sometime).

    I pay attention to the seasons, the weather, what plants (if any) are growing because it is how I recognize the passage of time. Weather plays a part in the wheel of the year. We look forward to nice days, we dread or pray for rain. We’re human animals and no matter how disconnected we are from Mother Earth we will always pay attention to weather because it affects how we dress, our moods, and even our pain levels.

    I keep in touch with family and friends on FB and in areas of the country with wild weather I watch for reports to make sure all is well with them. Weather is a part of human existence because we live in it every day and so it is a topic that is generally of universal interest. 😉

    • great comments anotherboomer 🙂

      btw) on our YouTube show and videos, turns out all you have to do is click CC on the bottom of the video, and YouTube translates our conversation to text. Sometimes it gets the words wrong, but some videos are 99% accurate 🙂

    • check out and see if your CCs are accurate. In most cases CCs that are generated by YouTube are sort of like watching Klingon. 🙂

    • Oh, and you speak to the camera so I can usually lip read you pretty well so that with the effects you sometimes use and with the sound I can hear I do pretty well, but not well enough that I’d recommend your video log to my deaf friends (yet).

  11. I could never keep the conversation flowing when the “weather topic” comes in. How was that even labelled as a conversation starter ! I live in a hot-hotter-hottest part of the Earth (India) and we mostly have the sun. Just a tiny bit of rain in November and December. So I love your weather and pictures! x (finally look who spoke about weather ! *sigh*)

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