What are you reading this weekend?


by Kenneth Justice

Here’s the books I’m reading this weekend, what are you reading?

I started Christopher Hitchens book years ago, but I never finished it. So this weekend I’m starting with his little ditty “God is not great”, throwing in a little ancient Greek democracy, biography of Castro, a book that compares and contrasts Marx with Kant, and finishing the weekend up with “Patience with God” by Frank Schaeffer.

I’m always annoyed when people get locked into reading only one kind of genre;

—) Fundamentalist Christians tend to only read books by Fundamental Christians

—) Atheists tend to only read books by atheists

—) Creationists tend to only read books by creationists

—) Conservatives tend to only read books by conservatives

—) Liberals tend to only read books by liberals

This way of reading tends to isolate our mind; it traps us into one dimensional modes of thinking. I suspect people have narrow reading habits because it reinforces their belief that they are “right about everything” . However, the reality of the situation is that none of us are “right about everything”.

So what are you reading?

I’m going to get back to my books and my cup of coffee,


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  1. i’m reading God and Explanations -Aquinas.True multidimensional reading genres leads to a much needed acculturation and enforces your hold on reality,knowledge and most importantly truth.

  2. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and Factotum. I don’t consider the religious affiliations of the author, I just like to read books concurrently, that are complete contrasts in tone and subject… Keeps my brain on edge.

  3. I love to read about history, cultures and many other genres.

  4. Still wading slowly through Triumphs of Experience. Getting very board with yA in general so I sort of abandoned the Divergent and Maze Runner series mid way through. Working on a bit of Portugese conversational stuff and reading a Spanish children’s book. I find the more I learn other languages, the more I understand my own.

  5. A spy novel…”the Soul Of Viktor Tronko.” “Fateful Lighting,” a recent, and one volume history of the American civil war. “James Bond And Philosophy,” for some fun trash talk, and “Creating The National Security State,” for a few more giggles betweens pours of bourbon. Politically, I’m a pubic hair left of center, with pre-GOP Whiggish understandings, and a snob in my appreciation for Madison/Hamilton civil/civic virtues. As an autodidact (eighth grade formal education) I learned early one needs to read as much and as diversely as the eyes allow. Nice post and thanks for the opportunity to chirp in.

  6. I’m reading Lincoln: a life vol. 1 by Michael Burlingame.

  7. wilderness medicine by william forgey MD (in the morning)
    The bushman winter has come by paul myburgh (in the afternoon)

  8. I love it that everyone seems to be reading several different books. I am reading Henri Nouwen: Seeds of Hope and The Mysts Of Avalon. I have plans to read another John O’Donohue and The Cloud Of Unknowing…so I guess being a somewhat Christian Mystic, I am now mainly reading books by other mystics. The difference is they are not all Christian. πŸ™‚ You are challenging me to find a book by an Atheist though!

  9. I’m reading flash fiction by various writers because that is a balm. That’s why people read people who are like minded. It’s enjoyable. But I see your point. One needs to expand one’s horizons and explore. I wish you could come to my argument class this summer!

  10. I’m reading Martin Short’s autobiography.

    But I have to question the assumption that atheists tend to read only other atheists. My experience is that all the atheists I know have a rather deep reading list of many theologies and philosophy and history and science (including science fiction that explores many human themes), which is why most have arrived at non belief. I do not find this is true of the theists I know.

    Sure, many non believers will be interested why someone else doesn’t believe – or what arguments have been refashioned against the standard religious claims – because before the internet identifiable non believers were few and far between (Ingersoll’s writings are a hoot-and-a-half) and it’s refreshing to read why and how others arrived at their non belief.

    Just my two cents worth.

  11. The Fall of Hyperion by Dan Simmons and lots of blogs…

  12. The Salmon of Doubts – it always reassure me…


  13. Psychology!!
    “I am because I think”

  14. I will be reading “Erasing Hell” by Francis Chan & Preston Sprinkle. I agree that we should read more out of our genre. Like, this year, I decided to read more of classic literature. πŸ™‚

  15. Working my way through the Hellblazer comics (well, the multi-issue paperbacks anyhow).

  16. I’ve been reading a couple of psychology studies (article length works) and I started John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress.

    I’d be careful with some of those generalizations. It is likely true that many fundamentalists won’t read anything except the approved literature of other fundamentalists. Many extreme conservatives and radical liberals, the same. However, there is a middle ground here. I know plenty of more moderate types of people that still identify as liberal or conservative who read a wide range of literature and subject matter. The same goes for atheists. Not to mention that some types of writing don’t have ideological biases in any concrete sense.

    You may not be aware, but there was recent research done that identified different “types” of atheists. (link). One of the types called a “Non-Theist” simply doesn’t care about religion or atheist movements or so-called secular agendas. It’s a complete non-issue for them. I doubt these types spend much time reading other atheists.

  17. I am reading CS Lewis’s. Abolition of Man then the Art of War and after that Candide I will not get them all done but those are what I am working on

  18. Silk for the feed dogs by Irish author, fashion designer & lecturer, Jackie Mallon. It’s about her growing up through the ranks of the fashion industry in Milan and an introspective view of the fashion industry. I’m absolutely loving it because Jackie’s writing is exceptionally brilliant πŸ˜ƒ

  19. The Wounded Healer. The Gospel of Mark. But I did read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and some of Aristotle recently. I’ve also been reading some more technical stuff on Biogas.

  20. Battle Royal and God is Disappointed in You

  21. I had a weekend off reading to knit something for a baby. I’m a terrible knitter and it took me all weekend to knit 4 rows. Looking at these books makes we wonder if it was time well spent after all. Back to the books this week, I think.

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