The State of Women in India


Tonight’s Culture Monk TV show features Guest Kruti Mehta from 10 Evening Flowers

Kruti works for a NGO in India and has some great perspectives on Eastern Culture versus Western Culture.


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  1. I enjoyed listening to it. I have a number of friends from india and I live in a small apartment complex where about half is filled with folks first generation from India. I understand the struggles they are going through and I am pleased that things are moving forward even if it may seem slow to us but they are moving forward. Thank you for your time on this.

    Philosophically I have to say that many of the comparisons that were made by us westerners will not stand up to scrutiny. I would say to Chandler that fundamentalist Christians enslave no one. Someone who is a fundamentalist simply means they believe in the fundamentals of Christianity. Basic fundamentals are grace, mercy, truth, love, hope, faith. There are others but enslavement is not one of them. In fact if you read what Paul writes he says in Christ (Christianity) there is neither Greek nor Jew, Slave nor Free, Male nor Female. This was the first time in the Roman world that humans were stated to be equal. Like Kruti said there are many who make things say what they want but that is not in the fundamentals of Christianity.

    I think that there is a strong argument to say the struggle that the LGBT goes through is not equatable to the struggle of race or the male female struggle. Science does not back up the equitableness of these arguments. They are surely having a struggle but I would not put it on the same level or even the same importance. Statistics also do not back it up.

    Okay now that I have offended many I shall end by saying once more I enjoyed this conversation you folks had. Thanks.

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