Is Pentecostalism a Cult – Kenneth & Kylie LIVE


This morning I wrote an article with a few of my thoughts on the subject of Pentecostalism, in tonight’s show Kylie and I discuss the subject further,

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  1. I think this conversation would be better served if you had a Pentecostal in it. Otherwise all that it was was bashing of one sort or another. This was not a serious discussion at all. I have come to expect more. I realize you have had bad experiences but that is only anecdotal evidence. If you look at the actual Theology and what backs it up you may not agree with it but it is not just off the cuff. I wish that you would revisit this with a more serious discussion and less based off of the poor experiences you have had. I believe the reason for different church’s within the whole of Christendom is that there is not one size fits all. Christendom cast a wide net and should be allowed to follow the tenets as long as it does not contradict the direct teaching of Scripture. That is all I am going to say. I could refute much of what was said in Scripture but I see not benefit in that. Again Kenneth even though I do not always agree with you I was disappointed in your presentation this time.

  2. I can’t watch the video right at this moment, but I will. I was in a Pentecostal church…and yes. I think it falls under the fundamentalist category, which IMO, is a cult. So yes, I think Pentecostalism is a cult. And the one I was in was 100% a cult in every single way minus the Koolaid.

  3. I was a Pentecostalical numb brain my very own self so i can speak with complete authority on the subject and will to anybody wanting to discus the tenants of mind control and ease in which it befalls all of us . . . even the strong willed individualistic types among us.

    To point to a group or a particular church is not what we should be focusing on though . . . rather the flaw in our human conditioning that causes this virus to take hold and affact us in so many ways . . . today we are drowning in mind control tactics and we need to learn to recognize and reject each and every one not just the more obvious . . .

    • Please don’t be so hateful. I am a Oneness Apostolic Pentecostal. As for me I grew up in the same church and yet at one point I became an Athiest. Not because I thought it was brainwashing. My Parents urged me to check things out for myself and not just take it as it is so when they would teach me they always would show why. When I was an Athiest I studied the Scientific Theories of Evolution and Creation. I came to the conclusion that there indeed was a divine creator. I then had to choose what Divine Creator I would believe in and the Doctrine they provide. I studied the Doctrine of this church and found it to be solid in its Doctrine and opposing Doctrines didn’t have much support Biblically. Not to mention that I took my own Eye Witness Testimony into consideration. For things such as healings, speaking in tongues etc.

      So in one sense I do agree with you in the sense that everyone should avoid brainwashing. But I also disagree in statements such as how you are “complete authority”. Sorry no.

      If you do read this, Thanks – Neptune
      FYI 19 Years Old

  4. to be clear we are talking about ‘mind control’ not whether being pentecostal christian is right or wrong . . . right? . . . Now if you would like to further that discussion I will engage at . . .

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