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  1. Thanks again for having me– hopefully the next time around, I’ll have my technical setup together.

    Lots of good points on the show. Many are inded concerned about the broad allowances pharameuticals have in advertising, now; such is heavily restricted in the UK and Europe, but yeah, it seems over the past few years, we’ve got drug ads all over the media now! TV, definitely radio, Internet, and probably satellite and the others, too.

    The example I put out (although it didn’t get mentioned) was the animated Abilify TV ads. I was in touch with at least one person online that thought Abilify was another anti-depressant, and it’s not. But, I think the pharma company that produces it thinks people will freak out if they say the words “anti-psychotic”, which it is.

    Thank you for pointing out that although there is a lot of bad, harmful things spread on the Internet, that a lot of good, especially for mental health, is to be found and had online. I really do mean it when I said that I’d learned more in one week than in 30 years of therapy… and this was concerning the very fine folks at nomoreshameproject.com! I mentioned Bobbi- Bobbi Parish, who along with Athena Moberg does live video streams too. I will forward this show on to them so that they know they were mentioned a little bit.

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    I got to be a part of a broadcast with Kenneth “The Culture Monk” Justice and his media/blogging partner/co-host Kylie:

    A Serious Discussion Regarding Mental Health.

    along with previous guest Dee, only for a minute. But please, dear readers, check it out, because I think they all really hit on some of the concerns we have with mental healthcare in the Western world.

    If anything, I have more to say in the comments, so, I’ll stop here. I did get a chance to mention Bobbi (Parish), and make a subtle reference to Trauma Recovery University/The No More Shame Project, if not by name.

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    I don’t think this topic is talked about enough…

  4. I’m an ENORMOUS believer in positive thinking, exercise, and diet being used to aid in the control of mental illness. However, some illnesses truly need medication provide the sufferer with less symptoms.
    My youngest daughter has type two bipolar disorder. It took two years, and a great deal of research on my part, to get a proper diagnosis. Once she began lithium therapy, she became nearly symptom-free. It takes constant, vigilant monitoring to stay healthy with a mental illness, but it is possible to live a good life. My daughter is real proof of that.
    Kudos to you, Kylie, for sharing your story. 🙂

    • A low dosage of lithium works well for me (I also deal with bipolar type II). For many people I know, though, brain chemistry is such a unique thing, that other drugs are needed. It can be a tough go because we don’t have personalized medicine yet, and existing medications don’t fit everyone well.

    • I’m glad lithium is working for you. My daughter also takes a low dose with no other medications. She does take, I think, 4800 mg of fish oil daily, as well as B-100 and a daily multivitamin. She exercises daily, is a very healthy eater and never drinks alcohol.
      It’s a shame that medication is so “trial and error” as so much living time is wasted until it’s adjusted properly.
      I wish you good health! 🙂

  5. A very interesting discussion


  1. A Serious Discussion Regarding Mental Health | the tao of jaklumen
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