Did Netanyahu’s Speech Convince You Peace Is Possible?

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~ Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before Congress today in a much anticipated speech, perhaps the most anticipated speech anyone will give in the Western World this year.

What did you think? Did he convince you that there is hope for peace in the Middle East? Did he convince you that Israel and the United States have common interests and goals in the Middle East?

We all know that the Middle East has long been a problematic area of the world when it comes to peace, and while there are many different suggestions and ideas at how to bring peace to the Middle East, nothing has worked thus far.

In tonight’s prerecorded Culture Monk Live Streaming Show, our guest is Sahar Sabati from saharsblog.com . Sahar had a front row perspective to the subject of peace and the Middle East as she recently moved to Montreal, Canada after living four years in Israel.

We hope you enjoy tonight’s discussion

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4 replies

  1. Netanyahu spoke of not giving Iran the ability to possess nukes

    And I agree

  2. Netanyahu spoke of several national leaders, none of whom are particularly friendly toward Israel, negotiating a compromise settlement on Iran’s nuclear weapons buildup, a nation whose leaders profess a desire to wipe Israel from the face of the Earth. His concern is valid.

  3. Fact checking services indicate that most of his points where not truthful. What else is new.

  4. There is always hope. Does that have to be said by someone who lied before? It takes one arse of a human to throw in a little bit of chaos. He is just hoping the US or NATO is going to help eradicate his nuisance. Israel and Lebanon are warzones after all and al he need is support for his plans.

    Iran or Iraq it does not matter. Getting help can help you get rid of an enemy under false pretences. It won’t be his first try.

    A thought without seeing the show.

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