Don’t trust women who DON’T get boob jobs…REALLY???


~ Yesterday I was sitting at coffee and three women were chatting at the table next to me. One of the women had stopped by the table to “show off” the recent cosmetic surgery operation she’d undergone; breast augmentation. After the woman with new breasts left, the two women immediately began gossiping about her,

Why would she go and do that! They look ridiculous and fake!” said woman number one

I know! Now she is scarred for life. Her children probably think she looks ridiculous! I feel so bad for them, their mother going through a midlife crisis, and now the whole world knows! I can’t wait to the girls at work how awful they look when I see them tomorrow, they’re gonna laugh about it so hard!” said woman number two

In many ways the whole scene that played out in front of me was pretty ridiculous. When the girl with the new boobs was sitting at the table, her friends went at great length to tell her how good they looked. Yet the minute she left, they immediately started ripping her. What did they really think; I’ll never know. Stranger still was how much delight the two women got from ripping on their friend. I guess it makes people feel good to make fun of others behind their back.

I’ve often thought to myself that it seems like it is much more difficult to be a woman in the world than a man. It took women thousands of years to merely get the right to vote, and even still there are a lot of men in other countries who still refuse to allow women to vote or hold political office. For most of humanity’s history women have been second class citizens, and even in the modern Western World, women are in many ways discriminated against; they are judged by their appearance much more than men, and they are looked down upon as being inferior to men in many instances.

When women are portrayed in art, they are almost always objectified for their physical appearance. If you see a woman in a painting, a movie, or a photograph, your first observation (albeit unconsciously perhaps) is to ask yourself whether or not you think the woman is ‘pretty’. Yet men in art and film are portrayed in an altogether different manner; the viewer is encouraged to look at the man as being physically strong, or intellectually smart. We are taught to view women differently than the way we view men.

I recently got into a conversation with a dude who believes women should NOT be the primary ‘bread winner’ for a household, “Men are the ones who should earn the most money, that is the way it should be” he said. Perhaps it is from a sense of fear that men say things like that; perhaps they are afraid of women being in charge for fear of women doing a better job. After all, most wars are not fought or initiated by women; it is men who are the primary causes of stupid conflict that wages throughout the world. Perhaps if women were in charge there would be less war and needless death.

It is sad that so many women feel compelled to undergo surgeries, like breast augmentation. Are they really undergoing these surgeries because “they” want to do it, or are they getting these surgeries done because society makes them feel “incomplete” or “not pretty enough”?

The women at the table spent a good twenty minutes or so ripping on their friend until they changed the subject to clothes and makeup and going to the spa and other physical enhancement subjects. It seemed odd to me that they could spend so much much time making fun of their friend for her boobs, when it seemed to me that they spend just as much time on their looks as well.

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee,


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    CRAZY people ….

  2. Ha! You need to move to a lower end coffee shop, Kenneth.

  3. I have always said that women and girls will never rule the world, we are too cruel to each other, rather than standing together…What a great example!

  4. As long as women measure themselves by the size of the orbs they carry on their chests they will not be taken seriously as equals, all in all. I think our evolutionary roles (men go hunt and women tend to the babies) which results in our current income and rights inequalities, are fighting our ethical push to make women and men equal. We’re probably in the minority in the developed world in this effort. I am pretty sure that women in Asia and Africa aren’t thinking about making as much money as their men, and they are certainly not giving much thought to having their breasts enlarged artificially.

  5. Does it mean I am in the weird zone for my disinterest in spa and all those make up stuffs? Hmm . . . I begin to understand my friends more and myself too.

  6. LOL!!!
    Still celebrating St. Patrick’sday?! 😆

  7. It is interesting indeed, that quite often in the human history maternal societies were prosperous, ans even today there are countries/tribes where women are the key leaders, since they give birth and they can maintain bloodline.
    And man can support it…

    Maybe, balance and equality do not mean to do everything exactly the same way, more of a harmonious resonance, unique for every couple and family.
    And instead of talking behind someone, first we should think of ourselves, then talk bluntly, plainly and in an encouraging way.

    God has never gossipped man, though He has every reason to do so…

    Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!

  8. “We are taught to view women differently than the way we view men.” By whom?
    Kenneth, you are behind times in this post. Today many leaders of countries are women. The same with major corporations.

    • Agreed. Perhaps that view was taught to your generation, Kenneth (and admittedly, quite a few that came afterward), but it’s a difference that is no longer perpetuated. Children today are taught equality. There are vapid and vacuous women consumed by obsession with their appearance everywhere, same as there are chauvinistic, sexist men everywhere. Neither are adequate representatives for either gender.

  9. Women need to stop using the Real Housewives (of anywhere) as the standard and compass.

  10. I blame the state of womenhood directly on the state of menhood . . .

    Manup? who the hell in the men crowd even know what that means? . . .

    A natural women is beautiful enough in her own right . . . if she is wise enough to womenup and ignore the slobbering cave-men-children following her behind, that is.

    and women who try to act like men? WHY???

  11. I remember wondering why girls are told to ” Smile” all the time, even when they aren’t.

  12. Relationships have never been discussed more openly than they are today and seems more confusion and failers about how to make them better than ever.
    Amusing reading your stories Kenneth 🙂

  13. As for me, I would never get a boob job because it’s just not a big deal to me. We all have things that we ‘feel’ or ‘think’ we need in order to be more ‘happy’. The spa thing, however, sounds awesome to me. I think girls will always like ‘pretty’ things. Even tomboys. I used to be one, but thought it was pretty cool when I did actually look good in a dress. The spa thing also sounds great because it can make a weary person feel alive again. I would love to go and get one of those hour long massages and be pampered. And I would absolutely love to do lymphatic massage and peels and float in one of those soothing float tanks. I guess it’s a whole ‘how-we’re wired’ sort of thing. Men and woman are wired differently, right? I mean, we’re not really the same.
    Hope you’re doing well Kenneth.

  14. Reblogged this on Make Your Own Peace and commented:
    Coffee and Conversation nailed it.
    The way people are to see others is crucial to making a better world.

  15. wow, an eye opener. two faced, we used to call it. mean gossips, we call it now. the things you overhear, being a writer in coffee shops. and nobody seems to care who hears them!

  16. and i’m not so sure being a woman is any harder than being a man… i think being a man must be pretty hard, too. rigid stereotypes are the enemy… sexism, racism, “social class” issues, nationality, religion… you name it, we can find a way to hurt somebody with it. i wish it weren’t so. be the change, right? well, you are doing your part. illuminating something usually helps. thank you.

  17. My 15 year old daughter and I were just talking about something similar a couple days ago. We were wondering why guys just have to be who they are, but girls feel like they have to wear makeup and have their hair just right…and shave, because 5:00 shadow on a woman’s legs is not attractive much less a couple days of scruff. Society has programmed us, men and women, as to what is acceptable and attractive. Every woman I know seriously cuts back on shaving during the winter because no one sees their legs so it’s not a priority for US, it’s a societal standard. Luckily, we’re pretty independent thinkers and see the beauty in what God created over what man creates. Thanks for your daily thoughts. They keep me on my toes.

  18. Low self-esteem and self worth are probably the reasons for both the boob job and the gossip.

    Agree with Lolsy’s library. This is why we will never rule. Sad but probably true.

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