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~ I was sitting at coffee this past weekend with a friend who was sharing with me how much hanging out at coffee had changed his life,

” I’d been suffering from a number of mental illnesses for nearly twenty years, and a couple years back my therapist at the time encouraged me to start going to coffee to meet people. Ever since my life has gotten so much better. You and I Kenneth have been talking for a year or so now, and I know at least fifty to a hundred people here at the coffee shop. I finally feel like I have a real semblance of community” he said

When I asked him what he used to do before he started hanging out at coffee, his face soured up, “Actually, after work most days I would pretty much just sit at home and watch television till I’d go to sleep” he said

The reality of the situation is that Western Culture has moved into a new era; we’ve created a society where the Internet, cell phones, television, and other forms of technology have all but changed the way of life we once knew. Sitting together face-to-face and having a conversation is slowly going the way of the dinosaurs…..but there is still a small remnant who haven’t entirely succumbed to this Brave New World.

Sadly, most people who come to coffee put headphones on and stare into their electronic screens, and cut themselves off from the rest of the community. Of course, they could just as easily surf their social network at home, or whatever it is they are doing when they look at their electronic screen…..but the fact that they come out to a public place to do it, is evidence that there is something within us that drives us to be around other humans.

We are social creatures. We were meant for community and connection. We weren’t meant to live totally isolated and disconnected from the rest of the world.

Today is February 1st. It marks my three year anniversary of blogging. In many ways I don’t necessarily have the right makeup for being a blogger. I’m a very private person and sharing my personal thoughts with the world is not necessarily something that comes natural to me, I tend to prefer getting to know someone and connecting with them before I simply blurt out what I believe about life.

Blogging has also at times been rather overwhelming. In my first year I received nearly half a million visitors to my site and over 15,000 emails and comments (three years later I’ve gone through so many emails from readers that I’ve lost count) and the sheer volume of response to my writings was something I could barely keep up with and maintain.

I’ve taken long sabbatical’s from blogging in order to keep my sanity. During the first year and a half I blogged nearly every day, and after writing more than 450 articles I started to feel a bit depleted when it came to my mental faculties.

At one point I visited 100 coffee shops throughout North America (and Central America) and connected with a couple thousand readers. The response was awesome, and I know that a number of people I met that year will people I stay connected to for the rest of my life.

This year, I’m not entirely sure what the future will hold for my blogging career. I am happy to announce however the publication of my first novel, The Culture. The release date is set for April 1st, 2016 (which is nearly a year behind schedule!!!!).

The book has been proofed and printed, and now all that is left is for it to be put up on my Website and various platforms for consumption. More details will come in the following days.

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  1. I think we are losing more than just social skills as knowledge is also slipping from our grasp as we use those screens more then we are willing to admit.

    As for blogging it is my way to vent share an opinion I made and hope to learn in return from who ever replies. Sure I do not have that many replies to keep me occupied answering them. I keep on blogging, writing, thinking, learning and evolving so I can live life outside disconnected from internet but connected to the world

    Set a path in life you want to walk and stick to it. After all nobody else can tell you what to do with what is your life in the first place. Enjoy every step you take and leave your footprints behind without regret.

    Be well Kenneth
    The Ranting Crow

  2. Congratulations Kenneth, I am so proud of you! What an awesome task you have been involved in and now it is coming to fruition. I chuckled about your April Fool’s day release, but I love it. Let us know how we can help, reblogs, book reviews, promotions, spreading the word.

    This made me laugh, “I’ve taken long sabbatical’s from blogging in order to keep my sanity.” I think it was Carl Jung who said, just embrace the madness. Meh, sanity is highly overrated. 😉

    • Great quote! When one believes in God and lives in this country of ours, one needs a LOT of sabbaticals in order to not lose it….I totally relate to hanging out in the wilderness and/or the desert : )

  3. Looking forward to reading it 🙂

  4. I’m so happy for you that your book finally got approved. You deserve it! Save me a copy 😍😆 Congratulations! XOXO

  5. Congratulations on your upcoming book release. I will look forward to reading it.

    In the Midwestern farming community where I grew up, the coffee shops opened early for he farmers (like at 4-5AM). Farming is isolating and lonely work and most of the farmers enjoyed the socialization with other folks before spending long days tending crops and livestock.

    Today, I find that spending 10-12 hrs a day behind a computer screen to be just as isolating and lonely. Couple that with the text messages, tweets and emails coming over my phone it is easy to forget how quickly time is slipping away. I personally do not want to waste all of my limited time on this planet staring at a screen, large or small.

  6. Well, happy blogiversary Kenneth 🙂 I’ve loved this site since i was first directed here, and haven’t stopped ever since. I’ll look forward to that book.

  7. Good for you Kenneth… What became of the mental illness? You sound fit as a fiddle 🙂

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