The Government Can’t Save You…REALLY???

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~ I was sitting at coffee recently talking to an acquaintance of mine about the current Presidential election cycle, and people at four other tables joined our conversations,

Donald Trump is a bozo!” said one lady

What are you talking about? They are all bozo’s!!” said an older gentlemen

No! Hillary is a great woman, she’s the only chance we have at continuing the legacy of President Obama!” said another

It doesn’t matter who wins, they all end up doing whatever the machine wants them to do anyways!” chimed in a younger person

While on one hand, this year’s election cycle is one of the most unique that I can remember, there are nonetheless common trends in what all of the candidates are saying, and which have been said by politicians throughout history and throughout the world.

Politicians going back to the early 1900’s have always promised to make the country better. It is in the politician’s interest to convince the electorate that the world will only be a better place if they elect the right candidate. Do you really believe them?

Do you believe the world has been getting better over the last 100 years?

What does that even mean; “the world is getting better” or “the world is getting worse”?

How do we even quantify what a better or worse world is and how to identify the characteristics?

—) On the one hand we could say; we’ve abolished slavery throughout much of the Western World, but what good does that do for the child slaves in the Ivory Coast or the children born into North Korean concentration camps?

—) We could say that in the Western World women are no longer treated like cattle the way they used to be second class citizens in the past, but with staggering rates of depression, anxiety, mental disorders of all kinds among women (depression rates are substantively higher among women than men), it makes me wonder if we didn’t just exchange one bad thing for another.

—) We could say that there aren’t as many babies born to women who don’t want them. But the fact that most of those babies are killed in the womb, and that there are so many broken homes in which the fathers aren’t there to help raise the children, what have we really gained as a society?

It’s popular in Western Culture to believe we have progressed from the evils of past eras, but I am more and more convinced that we are merely pulling the proverbial wool over our eyes; we are seeing what we want to see…..rather than seeing the truth.

We’ve created a world where nearly everyone is connected through Facebook (except yours truly) yet people by and large feel more disconnected than ever!

The simple truth which so many of us refuse to acknowledge, is that the government can’t save us. No politician holds our salvation in their hands. No politician has the ability to make the world we live in a better place. If you believe that than I have some land in Iraq and Libya I’d like to sell you.

Politicians over the course of the last 100 years have brought tragedy and turmoil as much as they brought peace and blessings;

—) If you are an American you might think that President Bush protected our country after 9/11….but if you are a Muslim living in Iraq or a Christian living in Kurdistan you likely believe that President Bush destabilized your country at the cost of innocent lives being lost.

—) If you are an American you might think that President Obama gave the U.S. a better form of health care than what they previously had….but if you are a Muslim living in Libya or a Christian living in Syria, you likely believe that President Obama destabilized your country at the cost of innocent lives being lost.

Politics is an ugly game. It is built on a web of deception and propaganda. The people who like a particular candidate are the people who have bought into the propaganda and have turned their eyes away from the other side of the story.

It doesn’t matter who the politician is; Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, FDR, Tony Blair, Winston Churchill……..for every “good” thing people attribute to them, the other side of the coin involves a lot of injustice towards innocent people.

Modern politics is based on a simple premise; sacrifice the innocent for the good of the many. It is an ugly reality. It doesn’t matter if your candidate is a free market capitalist or a old world socialist; their agenda will inevitably sacrifice the rights of people in order to help someone else out. That is how modern politics work.

Instead of dialogue and conversation until the entire country and the entire world agrees, whoever ends up in power does what they want…..and what they want always ends up in innocent people being killed, persecuted, marginalized or disenfranchised.

The government can’t save you. As soon as we accept that reality, it will open the doors of our souls to realize that there must be something more to this life than the nonsense of modern politics.

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee,




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  1. just after sipping a coffee and watching the sky, the answer is over head, and over our heads if you get my drift, by the way, why does Donald trump want to build a wall across the Mexican border, who will tend the flowers in southern California?

  2. “As soon as we accept that reality, it will open the doors of our souls to realize that there must be something more to this life than the nonsense of modern politics.”

    Well, we can always look up, which is sure to change our perspective. 😉

    There’s a funny thing on facebook, a couple of cartoon characters lamenting, “the internet is down again and now we’re forced to examine this alien world all around us. What are these strange flying creatures?”

    “They’re called birds,” the other guys says.

  3. This is such a conservative brain at work here conflating politics with government, politicians with governance and assuming their are cumulatively bad, for lack of a better word..

    So stand back and look at the social aggregate to compare and contrast whether government and those who hold these offices are a general social negative or social positive.

    Where government is least – from the micro to the macro – injustice and inequality is greatest. Where regulation is lowest, wealth disparity is highest. Where governmental services are rarest, basic problems are most dominant. Where governmental authority is lacking, lawlessness is most rampant. Where government is weakest, privilege is greatest. And so on.

    This robust correlation translates between and throughout nation states. Does this mean more governance is always better in that it promotes social function? No. There is a balance to be achieved. How do we meet this balance? By keeping in mind the principle of what good governance is: equality law.

    It’s not ‘government’ that is the problem nor is it ‘governance’; the problem is establishing and enforcing equality law for all, creating a level playing field for all those who consent to be so governed, establishing equality rights, equality freedom, equality services for all at a basic and sustainable level. The problem we face achieving this is a kind of stupid and basic selfishness, thinking its right and proper that to take care of one’s self means it must be achieved at the expense of another.

    This is the great perversion of the American system that warps individual autonomy established and protected by all for all (an individual autonomy that is the basis for all law) to mean rugged individualism, to mean that cohesive and mutual factors and shared concerns are somehow a bad thing. But we know perfectly well – again, from the micro to the macro – that social cohesion can only occur when all are included. It is this sense of entitlement – that government somehow owes us as individuals some kind of privilege – that is the problem If the governance cannot be justified on behalf of improving the welfare of all, then we know it is poor governance. Government of the commons is for the commons so any law or any agent who holds a public office and advocates for the privilege of the few is acting contrary to the principle of equality law. This is bad for social cohesion.

    The next time one thinks of ‘government’, think of the fire department. Are we better served by cutting its funding, contracting out by local residents? Are we threatened by collecting taxes and paying for a service that makes available a blanket protection regardless of who they serve? That’s socialism in action and regulating it serves all of our best interests.

    • Hmmmm, the fire department in my community is a volunteer organization…THAT is actually communalism…

      Government in the modern era, whether Reagan, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, or fill-in-the-blank….involves never ending domestic and foreign infringements on people’s lives that often involve the deaths of the innocent.

      Who is the government you know of that hasn’t killed innocent people? Perhaps Canada? they are generally nice people, Whoops…nope not Canada,they had troops in the Middle East

  4. Oh, young padawon…. Here me Aniken when I ask what happens when people don’t agree? We will never all agree on how the world should be run.

  5. Thank you for visiting… read above with interest and couple of thoughts… am pretty sure from second hand experience of visiting mental health hospitals (in UK) – there are as many men as woman struggling but wish this wasnt so and read somewhere that 1 in 4 people (men and women) have mental health problems of which 75% get no help. Staggering.

    About Donald Trump… speaking only as an interested pom 🙂 if you think DT is a Bozo – why are you voting for him? If he gets in – be prepared to water own flowers and turn down own sheets.

    But thought provoking writing

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