Cultural Insanity……REALLY???


~ “You’re nothing more than a damn conservative!” said someone to me at coffee recently,

It was rather ironic, because a few hours later on during the same day, a different person at coffee said to me,

“Oh, I see where you’re coming from, you’re one of those leftist progressives!

We live in a unique era in human history. The industrial revolution and then the technological revolution literally turned the world upside down. The break between how we live now, and how humans used to live in the “old world” is massive. The chasm that separates our normal day-to-day lives with how our great grandparents lived has become so deep and wide, I doubt that we could ever go back.

In the midst of these massive changes throughout Western Culture, we are experiencing the greatest swindle in the history of swindles; more than 70% of Americans are taking prescription drugs (because their psychologists, therapists, and medical doctors have instructed them to do so) which has allowed the pharmaceutical companies to literally make trillions of dollars.

Do you see why that statement of mine enrages both the left and the right?

Nothing I said in that statement is  incorrect (unless you have a problem with me using the word “swindle”. But loaded within that paragraph are what conservatives and progressives believe to be targeted attacks against the religious ideology of both the progressive left and the conservative right.

—) Conservatives don’t tend to like anyone that infers that private corporations are making trillions of dollars through nefarious practices

—) Progressives don’t tend to like anyone that infers the medical community is being used by the pharmaceutical companies to hoodwink everyone into believing they should be taking all those pharmaceutical drugs.

People don’t like anyone that rocks the boat, and more importantly, people don’t tend to like anyone that questions the status quo. You see, that is the true difference between this new world we live in, and the old world that no longer exists; in this new world we are not supposed to question the status quo.

The Old World was a bit different;

—) Back in the time of Jesus, he and his disciples who were teaching some very radical things, were still welcome to enter into the Jewish tabernacles on the Sabbath and teach.

—) During the era of the Greeks, before the Spartans went to war against Athens, they allowed Athenian businessmen to speak before the Spartan assembly and argue with them against going to war against Athens.

—) During the colonial era, American politicians like Thomas Jefferson and John Adams absolutely despised each other, but they corresponded with each other for decades in often heated exchanges, but they kept on talking, and eventually became friends.

Our new world is different. In many ways our world has become totalitarian and dictatorial.

—) In progressive college classrooms if you have beliefs that question the status quo you are generally shunned from challenging the educational authorities

—) In your typical conservative churches, if you don’t agree with the theology, doctrine, or way the church is being run, you’re typically encouraged to “take it or leave it”; dissenters aren’t welcome.

—-) Politics in our day and age has become more like a religion. People who are conservative or progressive tend to adhere to their political beliefs with religious zeal; they talk about the other side as though they are talking about violent enemies. 

Of course, it’s not like the old world was perfect. They killed Socrates for questioning the status quo, and well, as to Jesus, I’m sure you know what happened to him.

Was the old world perfect? Not by a long shot. But somehow, despite all of this grand technology and innovation we’ve created in this new world……we still suffer from authority figures who demand we not question the status quo.

What is wrong with asking questions? Well, the main problem seems to be that people adhere to their beliefs, no matter what those beliefs are, with religious zeal;

—-) Atheists like Richard Dawkins demonstrate more religious zeal in their ideology than baptist pastors do on Sunday morning.

—) People who believe in pharmaceutical drugs as a cure all demonstrate more religious zeal in their ideology than Gandhi and his belief in a free India.

—) People who believe in socialism or people who believe in free market capitalism demonstrate more religious zeal in their ideology than Buddhist monks in Nepal.

We live in a hypersensitive culture. Everyone seems to be hopped up on religious-zeal-steroids. Some days, it seems like if I simply ask one little question, it sends people spiraling into a tizzy. Of course, perhaps the reason everyone seems so temperamental is because of all those pharmaceutical drugs they are taking; maybe those drugs are screwing with everyone’s brains….. 

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee,


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  1. Kenneth, this post is great. Obviously, you are not taking medication with your coffee.

    It seems more and more that people are unwilling to have calm “discussion,” to have an open mind about other views and practices, to answer questions that make them uncomfortable. Why is that? Part of the answer may lie in that people don’t take the time to commit to knowledge, research and practice about things such as alternative medicine, political views from an unbiased source, the teachings of religion without human judgment, etc. It’s too easy and doesn’t hurt to remain status quo, to shuffle along with blinders on. And then, because every human tends to think they are “right!” about whatever, heels are dug in, anger rears its ugly head, and beliefs are clung to like the last chocolate bar (or beer) on earth. It’s why others give up on their religion, take 15 prescription drugs, or don’t go to vote. The status quo have made it painful for them to be their own special person.

  2. Preach it brother!!! We can’t have conversations with people of differing opinions, because we have closed our minds to what they have to say.

  3. But it is zeal that gets things done! It is passion and opinions and beliefs that set captives free and put murderers in jail and help homeless people have a meal and a place to stay. Religious zeal cannot be discounted.

  4. 🙂 Very simple thoughts for a Coffee.

  5. I think maybe people find it too painful not to have the right answer. Uncertainty is frightening and frustrating. But it seems some philosophers get pumped up by uncertainty! Uncertainty can be fun! Or, it can be extra frustrating when everything else in life has come so easily and conveniently.

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