Single men are our GREATEST problem…REALLY???

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~ “Kenneth, what is the real problem with Western Culture” someone asked me at coffee the other day,

If you haven’t noticed, there are major problems in the USA.

Crime is literally out of control in urban areas

New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Los Angles, the list is endless when it comes to shootings, stabbings, murder, crime. We are kidding ourselves when we go about our days pretending that a little boy or girl isn’t about to lose their mom or dad to a senseless crime today.

Not a day goes by that children’s lives aren’t ruined by the out of control crime going on in the United States.

Politicians have been clueless when it comes to solving the problem, because the problem can’t be solved via taxes, regulations, or more bureaucracy….the problem is single men.

Consider some simple realities;

–) The overwhelming majority of crime is committed by single men

–) Single men earn a massive amount less than single women

–) Single men graduate high school at much lower rates than single women

–) Single men represent the majority of people in prison and jail

Single men are the main culprit to all the chaos going on in our society…..yet practically no attention is given to this subset of American society.

If we were to eradicate all of the crime and malcontent committed by single men in one fell swoop, the United States as we know it would suddenly look like a utopian science fiction novel.

Yet how many times in the past year have you read anything in academic literature, the daily news, or any legitimate form of media outlet about the problem of single men?
Most likely, my little post today is the first time you’ve heard anything about the problem of single men in the year 2016…..why is that?

Throughout the month of March I’ll be exploring the issue of single men and the great cultural chaos of the United States…..

And don’t forget, on March 15th my book The Culture goes on sale!!!!!


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14 replies

  1. One of my favorite problems.. LOL
    You keep us hanging, for what’s to come 🤔😊
    Reminded me: Gods of Egypt 😍

  2. Interesting, Culture Monk. I’ve been researching that for a few years now. I call them the Lost Boys. Men are vital to a culture and somehow we’ve gone and pulled the rug out from under them and the results are really tragic.

    • I guarantee that more time during this year’s election cycle will be devoted to women…..yet single men are committing almost ALL the crimes in America, yet we don’t even address the question of; why?

  3. The category of ‘men’ can be closely associated with ‘white men’. We arent allowed to talk about white men.

  4. It’s the swing of the pendulum if you will; all this backlash about now “whites” are being discriminated against, etc., and so I’ve heard this argument quite a while ago actually by my mom. That it seems like white men are starting to lose out but it certainly doesn’t have to be about race really because there’s plenty of “minority” men who are having the same problems. It’s difficult because there’s a need and a desire to try and bring up those groups that have been discriminated against (and really still are – there’s still examples of such things happening) but in the shuffle there’s been this phenomenon that’s created this new “group” of people (men) who are starting to lose out. It’s crazy. How much of it is tied up in economics is key, I think. I could be wrong. It’s like most things – isn’t as simple as it seems as so many of these issues are connected to others.

    • well, I don’t know about white men being discriminated against…but I do know that single men are the single major culprit when it comes to crimes in the usa; murder, rape, robbery, etc….overwhelming majority of those crimes are committed by single men, no matter what color they are.

    • Well, I backed off that a bit because I’m not as certain about that but it was noted to me by my mom years ago, which either way I found interesting.

  5. Obvious when you point it out, but as you say, chronically ignored. Is it the same in other western countries?

  6. It is easy to say this. But as a single man I have a choice. And being it low grades or anything else. We are blind sighted by what the media holds in front of us. That has us go for easy money.
    We might be a lazy bunch with example of people ding nothing and being rich. Second might wel e our stupidity to do anything for a pretty single lady. (she does and can be demanding)

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